Summer Chat |Favorites + Taking My Summer Break

Dear Daily Connoisseurs,

The time has come again for me to take my annual summer break. I look forward to this break each year because I am able to devote more of my work time toward writing projects. I also come back refreshed and renewed in September for another great season on The Daily Connoisseur.

Before, I go on my break, however, I wanted to have a chat with you about various things that have been happening this summer. When I return from my break, I will have at least two major life updates for you (maybe more)!

Today, I'm sharing an amazing story about what happened when I got a flat tire, some ten-item wardrobe observations for summer, an album that I have been loving, what I've been watching, the trouble with being a minimalist and so much more! Intrigued? I hope you watch today's video!

Mentioned in the video:

My favorite summer album has been Bach for Breakfast, as recommended in At Home with Madame Chic.

My favorite song on the album is the Sinfonia from Christmas Oratorio. So good!

Congratulations to my YouTube friend, Kathryn Morgan. I love both of her YouTube channels, Kathryn Morgan and Forever Youngs.

MiniCelini a wonderful business that makes girls dresses from Dad's old shirts. Problem is, dad (my husband) is such a minimalist, he doesn't have any old shirts! :)

I also discuss two recent articles on the casual nature of our everyday clothing: Verily Magazine's piece Why I No Longer Wear Leggings In Public, and Tom Ford's interview on leisure wear.


My TEDx talk on the Ten-Item Wardrobe has received over 1 MILLION views. Thank you to all of the Daily Connoisseurs who helped to make this happen!

Actress Naomie Harris (Skyfall, Pirates of the Caribbean) takes inspiration from my TEDx talk and the #TenItemWardrobe

On Instagram
Pinc Flamingo shares her #bookgoals picture from Rizzoli Bookstore in New York and I spy The Madame Chic Collection...

• This is what I like to call #bookgoals 💕@rizzolibookstore

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Comment of the Week
Lynn T. writes: I have had your first two books for about a year now and just started reading them this weekend at leisure. I always listen to your YouTube videos and thought what could I be missing? Well, it appears a lot! Your books are little treasures. I just ordered your third book today. I am 56 years young but you have definitely taught this old dame some new tricks ❤️ I recommend these books to women young and old.

Dear Lynn, thank you for your great compliment about the Madame Chic books. I really do appreciate your support!

Even though I will be taking a break from the blog, I will occasionally post on social media. You can follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay au courant with all things Daily Connoisseur.

Today, I would love to know your thoughts on any or all of the subject I discussed in today's video. If you have any requests for the upcoming season, please leave them down below. When I return, I am very excited to share my life updates with you!

Have a wonderful summer and I will see you soon...

With love,


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author said...

The music in your video is very distracting and it's hard to concentrate on what you're saying, especially in the middle portion. Maybe you could have the music be quieter?

karen said...

Have a wonderful, joy filled break Jennifer. Love your story of answered prayer-God is good!

karen said...
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Robyn said...

First, your hair looks nice straight. My hair stylists told me to switch the direction of my part every now and then- for various reasons. Also I'm looking forward to the discussion about your linked articles. I think there are strong points on both sides of the discussion. My aha moment is when I was complaining to a friend of mine who is a judge about how people come dressed to court. She said to me, for some people this is their best, from their point of view what they have on is appropriate. She doesn't look at the clothes but at the person. Wise words from a judge.

Gigi said...

Any stylist I have ever gone to always tries to part my hair on the wrong side - I've always assumed it's because they were looking at me in the mirror...now I have to wonder, DO they know something I don't?!

I love the story about the flat tire; not only was it an answer to a prayer, it shows that there are still kind and decent people in the world. Something that is easy to forget sometimes these days.

Have a wonderful break!

Tami Mills said...

I understand why you don't often speak about your faith, however, I want you to know that your story was an absolute blessing to me today. Thank you.

Wellyboots said...

Jennifer, your hair looks great like that! It makes you look very fresh and young. Happy holiday x

Helena Oops said...

Really enjoyed reading this post !
Really interesting !
Thanks for sharing

Susanne S said...

Dear Jennifer,

I loved your story about the flat tire and laughed because I could relate. In February, Mom and I were picking up my father from having his second knee replacement, and the car wouldn't start. It was cold here in Maritime Canada in February and CAA was backlogged. And then along came a truck from the local fire dept, and we were on our way in minutes. Again, an answer to prayer.

I also love Bach for Breakfast--such a leisurely way to begin the day.

Thank you for sharing your insights and lifestyle with us. You have become a regular part of my week, and I'll miss you during August. Have a wonderful break!


Susanne S said...
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Ellen said...

Get AAA! It is an amazing service in that it covers the person and not the car so you can be a passenger and still get the needed help. I buy coverage for my family of 6 drivers every year because although they are adults, it gives me a mom's peace of mind. Also, you get discounts at hotels, car rentals, and area attractions. Oh, and no, I do not have any affiliation with this company!

Edna Grace Cubillos said...

Hi Jennifer!

I was actually expecting you to say "Au reservoir"! How fun it was to share a laugh with you while watching your video :-)

Thank you for sharing your experience with the flat tire. I appreciate your honesty and boldness in sharing your faith, and I'm excited that your daughters were able to witness your answer to prayer!

I look forward to September...have a beautiful, relaxing summer!


Edna Grace

Deana B said...

Dear Jennifer,

I wanted to share something heartfelt and honest about your recent video. First, I must say thank you for being so enriching and influential in my daily life, and for sharing so much with us. I've loved ALL of your books, your videos, your passion. I know there was a mixed reception of your recent summer break video, particularly about the prayer story that you shared.
I must admit that my initial knee-jerk reaction was one of distaste and surprise that you brought in an element of religion, something that is and can be controversial, like politics. My first reaction is often fear when someone begins to discuss their faith, as I've had numerous experiences in my daily life of people telling me I am going to hell because I'm married to a woman, that they do not support my "lifestyle," that I should not have rights. I was raised Catholic, I believe in God, I am a spiritual, good, kind person who helps others when I can. My spirituality is private and personal, since regionally, in the Northeast in an American-European family, it's how I was brought up. I've been so often judged by so many overtly pious people, so I am often wary and put-off when the subject comes up.
This is not you, and I see this. I got initial nervousness, but after consideration, I am happy for you, and what I took from it, myself, is the kindness in others.
I want you to see where some of the comments are coming from... not a place of trying to censor, but a place of emotion and worry that runs deep, and for very specific reasons. I think it's important to be open, and for persons of all faiths to celebrate differences of opinion, belief, and living, and not oppress or deem less worthy.
I saw that this really affected you, and I don't want you to feel that it's because of anti-Christianity or that you should be silenced. It is a subject, like politics, that can be touchy and personal, because it is what people live every day and can save or ruin a life in an instant. What is important is that we uplift and empower one another, and I support your faith and your happiness, and will continue to enjoy what you offer.

Best, and enjoy your much-deserved break,


DeannaS said...

What a lovely video post. Thank you for sharing your experience with the Goodyear "angels". God truly does provide what we need, at the perfect time. I have been following The Daily Connoisseur for at least two years and I have read all three of your books. I am re-reading them through again. . . . so much great information. You are truly an inspiration to me in several areas of my life. Thank You! I wish you a wonderful vacation and look forward to your return.

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh about your part; not only does my current hair stylist always part it on the wrong side, but every stylist I've ever had did this! I always correct her when she does it, because my hair is cut in such a way that it makes a difference where it is parted. One day, when she did this yet again, I asked her why she always parts it on that side, because every hair stylist I ever had did that as well. She told me that it's where my natural part is, so she just reflexively parts it there. However, she added, parting it against the natural part as I do gives one more height. That may also explain why your stylist parts your hair on the "wrong" side.

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Sylvie said...

Dear Jennifer, I'm Sylvie and I'm writing to you from France. I really enjoy your blog, books, and video but to be honest I must say that the "religious thing" upsets me.
After that I watched your video, I wondered what would have happened to you if you hadn't prayed at the gas station, and I quickly came to the conclusion that yes, the exactly same thing would have happened.
Because it was a fortunate combination of circumstances and it happens to everyone, everywhere in the world, whether one is religious or not, whether one prays or don’t.
Of course, as you have already told us many times before, it's your blog and you're free to talk about what you want and I totally agree with that.
Best wishes

Amy said...
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Amy said...

Aloha, Jennifer-
My friend recently had surgery here in Santa Monica and I am here from Colorado helping her recover. She lives in Hawaii which is where I met her when we were both living there. I had to move last summer and this is the first time I have seen her in a year. Although the circumstances are unusual, we are so happy to see each other again. And beings we are staying here in Santa Monica, we thought who better to contact for a recommendation for your favorite dinner spot! We both adore your blog, you tube videos, and books! In fact, in May 2016, we were at the Aulani spa in Hawaii and heard your name called in the relaxation room. We were both so excited that we might meet you, but it happened to be someone else with the same name. Hope you are enjoying your break. Thank you!
Amy & Claudia

Elizabeth said...

What a wonderful video! I do hope you enjoy your annual holiday! It's very French to take August off and really rest, regroup and recharge!

I have been thinking a lot about the 10-item wardrobe and how much sense it makes, and I am working on purging my wardrobe of items that don't fit or belong to my current lifestyle.

I agree with you about how casual our society has become, and I really notice on days when I don't feel presentable. I also feel quite chagrined at a few items that I am intentionally keeping in my wardrobe - they are painting clothes, and they've become an utter mess! Holes, paint splotches and I really don't enjoy wearing them even at home, but they are a necessity while I spruce up our house!

Looking forward to your return with great enthusiasm!


LeAnna said...

Hi Jennifer! Thank you so much for your flat tire/answer to prayer story. It lifted me up for days!Thank you for your bravery to share what the Lord has done for you, and to inspire us all to trust and believe in God. Thank you too, for your blog.I love your style,decency,kindness... I am in my 50's ,but really enjoy and appreciate your advice on how to dress decently.Can't wait to see your fall wardrobe! Enjoy your vacation!!

With Prayers,