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DIY Lavender Pomander Ornament | Victorian Christmas

Today I'm making homemade lavender pomander ornaments fashioned in a traditional Victorian style. The Victorians loved to use natural scents with their holiday decorations and these ornaments are a fragrant delight.

To make this ornament, you will need:
Lavender flowers, twine (or any ribbon that you like), green dry foam balls, quilter's t pin, modge podge, glue gun.

This is a really fun craft to do with your children. I made the one in the video and the girls did the rest. The children's ornaments had some 'bald' spots where the lavender did not stick, but that is OK. When you use a green ball, it looks natural, as though moss is peeking out underneath the ornament.

I often forget I've made these ornaments and when I walk near our tree I am pleasantly surprised with their amazing lavender scent. I hope you enjoy today's video.

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I hope you enjoy today's Christmas ornament tutorial... See you next time!

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Live Chic and Well said...

This looks amazing, I love the scent of lavender! Thanks for posting 😊
Sarah www.livechicandwell.com

Ladylike said...


Your pomanders look much easier to make than the clove-apple pomanders which I've made in the past. The clove-apple variety is very time-consuming, which explains why I haven't yet made one this year! I appreciate your reminder to make a pomander, if I can. As you say, they are so fragrant. For now, I have to make dinner, which will be your broccoli cheddar soup recipe!

Many thanks,


Vicki Zimmerman said...

It's Christmas Eve and I'm catching up on your recent videos and what a treat before we go to dinner.  This is such a wonderful homemade craft project and you've made it so easy with your video showing all the items needed.  I love the smell of lavender and have lavender sachets in my drawers and closet.  Your music was lovely and how do you get those pretty floating snowflake lights?  It was enchanting!