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Ribbon Berry Wreath Tutorial | Jennifer L. Scott

I hope you enjoyed the floral wreath tutorial from last week. I'm back with another pretty wreath tutorial... This time we are mixing a simple combination of ribbon and berries. I am recycling one of my favorite Christmas ribbons from last year. Feel free to use whatever materials you have on hand. I have also linked a list of materials below.

You will need floral wire, wire cutter scissors, hot glue gun, plaid Christmas ribbon, green wreath, faux berry sprigs, metal wreath hanger.

To see all of the easy steps to make this wreath, be sure to watch my video.

I hope you enjoy today's video!

Congratulations to Sarah French for winning the Zoe Lariat necklace from Stella and Dot!

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Question of the Week
Mariana writes, "Hi Jennifer, for 2018 I plan to set myself the resolution "Embrace Domesticity." I am a working mom, and my house is usually dirty, though uncluttered. Can you do a video on your cleaning schedule? Do you clean in small increments, like 15 minutes/day or all day on the weekend? If you do a little every day, can you show us what that looks like: Monday: bathrooms, Tuesday: Kitchen, etc... Thanks! Mariana"

Hi Mariana, thank you for the video requests. I do plan to discuss my changing cleaning routine in the new year. Stay tuned!

I hope you enjoy today's wreath tutorial. If you are inspired to make any wreaths, share them with me on social media by using one of the following hashtags: #dailyconnoisseur #MADAMECHIC #jenniferlscott

See you on Thursday for a special holiday tea recipe and on Friday for a bonus video.

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Sarah Deeks said...

Wow, it looks beautiful with the combo of the red berries and tartan. Thanks for sharing.
Sarah www.livechicandwell.com

Ladylike said...

Hello Jennifer,

What I really like about your wreath video is your calm demeanor. It is so important and yet so challenging to maintain a calm demeanor during the holidays. If not, one can really ruin one's children's Christmas season--not to mention one's own. I actually have a health issue that gets triggered when I don't remain calm. I very much appreciate your inspiration in this respect!

Warm best,

Gumbo Lily said...

I like!
Thanks for sharing your beautiful Christmas touches.

Anusha Rai said...

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