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Mulled Cranberry Tea | Holiday Recipe

Angi, from A Return to Simplicity, and I have collaborated to bring you a recipe for our favorite holiday teas. She has given me her mulled cranberry tea recipe and I've given her my vanilla chai tea recipe. Be sure to check out Angi making my tea in her video.

The following is Angi's recipe. Please note: I brewed the tea bags in the slow cooker the entire cooking time, wheras Angi's recipe suggests you take the teabags out before starting the slow cooker. My recipe turned out great so either method is fine.

Mulled Cranberry Tea

2 black tea bags
1 cup boiling water
1 bottle (48oz) cranberry juice
1-3 Tablespoons honey (to taste)
1 large lemon sliced
4 cinnamon sticks
6 whole cloves

Place tea bags in crockpot. Pour boiling water over tea bags, cover and let steep 5 minutes. Remove and discard tea bags.

Stir in cranberry juice, honey, lemon slices, cinnamon sticks, and cloves. Cover, cook on LOW 2-3 hours or on HIGH 1-2 hours.

Strain before serving.

This tea was so delicious and easy to make. I had unexpected company the day I made this and it was so nice to offer them such a special drink. This would be excellent for any holiday gathering. Thank you, Angi, for the recipe! Don't forget to check out her channel where she is making my vanilla chai tea.


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Evelyn P. writes, "Jennifer, I LOVE your cooking videos, especially the freezer meals. I have tried several of your recipes and they have turned out great:) It is so nice to have a meal all set to go in the freezer and then the crock pot. Keep these coming, please."

Thank you, Evelyn! I really love doing cooking videos. In fact, we have a bonus video coming tomorrow for garlic shrimp fried rice. Thank you and see you tomorrow!

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Ladylike said...

Hello Jennifer,

Thank you for the recipes! Angi's cranberry tea recipe reminds me of the "wassail" recipe in "The Heart of Christmas", which book you recommended and which I ordered. I made the baked apples from that book last night, and my family loved them. I am planning to make the wassail for my family for Christmas Eve.
Of the two tea recipes, I prefer yours! Let me give that chai a try now. My daughter and my husband both love to drink chai.

Thanks again,

Sarah W said...

Would like to try this. I like how making it would get 2 things done - make the house smell great and have a handy stock of tea!

Ellen said...

Dear Jennifer,
I am a big fan of yours and love your videos and have tried several of your recipes. While watching Angi drink your chai latte with her son I wanted to point out a potential issue. This issue is that the addition of vanilla extract would require a 20 minute or so simmering to evaporate the alcohol. Vanilla extract (even imitation vanilla) is at least 35% alcohol which makes it slightly less than vodka. Failing to adequately evaporate the alcohol could unwittingly affect a child or a person with alcohol issues. Please google the info. This is not a criticism, just a heads up. Thanks, Ellen

Anonymous said...

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Vicki Zimmerman said...

The mulled cranberry tea looks so pretty and that final image of your gorgeous teacup with the red tea and holiday setting was picture perfect and this recipe makes me want to get a slow cooker to make this and all the others you've shared on your blog. Thank you.