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My Updated Fitness Routine | Rebounding

It's been several years since I have discussed my fitness routine in detail. My life has changed so much over the past decade and it is only natural that my fitness routine has changed too. In addition to incorporating exercise into everyday life, as I discuss in chapter 3 of Lessons from Madame Chic, I have an additional fitness routine.

For a fitness routine to be realistic and sustainable, one's life circumstances have to be taken into account. The same thing will not work for everyone. In the past I have had a gym membership. I have taken yoga classes. I would go on long bike rides and tried various martial arts. I've done home DVDs and we even have some gym equipment in our garage, like weights and a Stairmaster. Through all of this I have had three children, a pretty demanding career as a work-at-home mom and this past year we have thrown homeschooling into the mix. None of the above listed exercises have been able to translate successfully into my busy life as a mom.

There are two major things that have changed, that I happy implement into my life. The first is a long walk every day. I've actually always done this. When I used to live in Santa Monica and West Los Angeles I would simply run my errands on foot. Now that I live in a more suburban area, I am not able to walk to run my errands. I do, however, go out for a long walk everyday with the kids. Sometimes it's just me and the baby. Sometimes the rest of the family joins me. Sometimes the kids bring their bikes or scooters. Sometimes we all just take a long hike. These walks are often my favorite time of the day. It feels wonderful to be out of the house breathing fresh air, looking at nature and disconnecting from screens and cleaning and work.

The second major change I've made is one that I am so excited to share with you. I jump on the rebounder for a minimum of 5 minutes a day. Many people have heard of rebounding, but many haven't. I hadn't heard about it before last year. A rebounder looks like a mini, low-to-the-ground trampoline. On busy days, I will jump on the rebounder for 5 minutes, but often, I am able to jump on the rebounder several times a day for 2 to 5 minute intervals.

Rebounding has so many health benefits, which I will list below, but one of my favorite things about it is its convenience factor. I don't need to get into my car. I don't need to find a babysitter. I don't need to rush. I don't even need to change into exercise clothes. I often do, but I can't tell you how many times I just decide on a whim to jump on the rebounder for 5 minutes and I'm in my day clothes.

While you're jumping, you don't feel as though anything is happening especially because rebounding is quite fun. But when you finish your session and step off the rebounder, you feel incredible, as though you've run a mile. Many people have said that bouncing on a rebounder for 5 minutes is the equivalent to running one to two miles. The reason you feel so good after jumping is because your lymphatic system is draining and flowing.

I use a Needak Rebounder. I bought this for my husband and he and I both love to use it. Even the kids love it! Rebounders can be pricey so I did extensive research to figure out the best one to purchase for us. Needak had overwhelmingly good reviews online. They are a family company and their products are all made in America, which I love. So Needak it was!

I have the Needak non-folding rebounder in blue but they have other colors and styles to choose from on their Rebounders page.

Health Benefits
The following information was taken from the rebounder Wikipedia page regarding the many benefits of rebounding.
Strengthened Cells: All of the body’s cells are said to be strengthened through the mechanics of rebounding, either because of gravity changes or because of pressure differentials (along with more oxygen reaching cells throughout the body)

Increased Lymph Flow & Immune System Function: Rebounding is said to lead to greatly increased lymph fluid circulation, leading directly to a boosted immune system, greater white blood cell activity, and increased detoxification generally

Cardiovascular and Respiratory Improvement: Rebounding is said to directly yield impressive aerobic exercise benefits in terms of heart strength and functioning, respiration, and related physiological functions; and
Physical Strength, Muscular Development, Coordination, Balance, and Flexibility: Rebounding is often said to improve all of these.

Low Impact, Less Strain on Joints, Soft Tissue, Skeleton: The elastic element of a rebounder, either springs or bungee bands, absorbs much of the impact or shock on each bounce, thereby making rebound exercise more attractive to those who need to avoid shocking or straining their joints, soft tissue, and skeleton.

"Rebounding is a great exercise for the entire body, especially the lymphatic system. Rebounding involves jumping on a mini-trampoline; this promotes circulation. The body contains 5-6 quarts of blood, which is circulated by the heart. But without the lymphatic system, the body cannot effectively eliminate toxins. Exercising on a rebounder for 5-20 minutes at a time will promote the flow of lymph, thereby eliminating toxins... The lymphatic system is a major dumping ground for toxins and waste products. The lymphatic system can only be kept flowing by 3 means:

1. Gravity,

2. Internal massage of the lymph ducts, and

3. Exercise by rebounding or similar means.

When you use a rebounder, it promotes circulation through the body's lymphatic system. As you begin to exercise, the toxins are moved to the lymph ducts, which transport the toxins to the kidney and liver. Rebounding serves as an insurance policy against many serious diseases. Rebounding is not only great exercise, but it is fun too."
- Barbi Trejo, Natural News

NASA research concludes that rebounding is an effective form of exercise, even better than running.

Rebound exercise is the most efficient, effective form of exercise yet devised by man.”
-The Miracles of Rebound Exercise; Carter, Albert E.; The National institute of Reboundology and Health, Inc. Edmonds, Washington, 1979.

“…for similar levels of heart rate and oxygen consumption, the magnitude of the biomechanical stimuli is greater with jumping on a trampoline than with running, a finding that might help identify acceleration parameters needed for the design of remedial procedures to avert deconditioning in persons exposed to weightlessness. “

I hope you enjoy my video today where I discuss my new fitness routine.

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ThriftyGalifty writes, "Jennifer your books have changed me forever! I now have a 10 item wardrobe ( I also own only 1 pair of jeans!) and will never go back! I’m reading your books for the second time right now and have my mom and sisters now reading them! I get dressed in clothes that make me feel beautiful everyday now and have donated everything that makes me feel not so good. I try to look presentable ALWAYS! I’m so thankful Ive read your books and feel like I took so much from them! Thank you so much for your books and videos!"

Thank you so much, ThriftyGalifty... what a wonderful testimony! I appreciate your comment and loved to read what the Madame Chic books have done for you.

Today, I would love to know about your fitness routine. How do you fit exercise into your busy schedule? Have you ever considered rebounding? If you have a rebounder or plan to get one, please let me know if you'd like to see the specific exercises I use on my rebounder. I look forward to jumping with you!

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karla kane said...

Hey, I too love the rebounder!! I use it a few times a week and jump for about 10-15 minutes.
It’s also great for strengthening pelvic muscles and it really boosts my energy for the day:) glad you shared this post.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Hi Karla, isn't it great? I feel like rebounding is a best-kept secret for exercise. Thanks for watching!

Nicole in Michigan said...

I've been thinking of getting one. I have heard about the health benefits, so I think I should give it a try. I would like it if you posted a video about what you do on the rebounder.

Toni Marie said...

Oh my goodness, Jennifer, thank you! I'm getting one of these immediately! For your older readers, this exercise is even helpful for things like sciatica! And it looks like fun!

Live Chic and Well said...

You totally convinced me on the rebounder...I've just ordered one! As a fellow mum of 3 young children I know too well how hard it is to fit exercise in, plus I have a slight knee injury so had been trying to think of a low joint impact exercise to do at home. Thanks for the rec!
Sarah www.livechicandwell.com

Claudia Cruz said...

Hi Jennifer! My kids have a trampoline in the backyard and I have no used it for myself... what a waste!!! Please share your routine... I’ll start tomorrow to use it. By the way... how long are yout walks..30, 45 minutes? Thank you for being presentable even in your exercise clothes!! :)

Unknown said...

Loved the video and blog post. How long as far as time and distance are your average walks in the mornings?

Unknown said...

We got the largest size spring free trampoline for the whole family to use a few years ago. We all love it. Works great to take out extra energy in kiddos since we homeschool too. Thanks for video. Gave me motivation to get moving today, it can be hard this time of year especially living in Seattle area since we get so much rain.

Ladylike said...


Thank you for sharing your fitness routines and for the product recommendation. I love walking, too. I have to get back into my walking routine. The 5 minute efficient rebounder routine and the health benefits are intriguing! I am going to get a rebounder! I like to do my more strenuous exercises in the privacy of my own home. I've never liked sweating and panting in public! Please share the details of your rebounder routine!
By the way, you look wonderful in that icy blue jacket, and your swimming pool looks inviting!

Warm best,

Janessa said...

Thank you!!! We are living similar lives. I have 3 girls, 8,5 and 2 and am 38, I have diastasis recti (ab separation) from pregnancy and have had results with the MUTU system. The program requires walking everyday. Easy in the summer, not as easy in the winter when you live in the country and don't have a sidewalk, especially after it snows. Dangerous! We had an eliptical, but had to keep it in the basement which is the hottest place in the house in the winter because of our woodstove. Though this isn't walking, it's still cardio and looks so fun! So easy to bring this anywhere!!! I love yoga and pilates, but many of the positions aren't the best for diastasis recti (as are traditional ab exercises). I love how I feel after yoga. Looking forward to getting that detoxed feeling you speak of. Side note: still drinking my Glowing Green Smoothies everyday (almost 2 yrs now!). So glad to see you got a Vitamix this fall. It was the first thing we bought after our whole house declutter(KonMari). Sort of symbolic. Got my husband and his family drinking them too! Thanks for all you do!!

Vicki Zimmerman said...

I had one of these many years ago and may have to get this new, improved Needak version of rebounding. May I ask why you chose the non-folding vs. the folding one? I'm sure they're both quite sturdy and one is probably suited to easier storage. but would then entail unfolding. I love the idea of being able to jump whenever you feel like it, from two minutes to five minutes to ten minutes, and yes, I would really like to see a video on your fitness routine. Adding a neighborhood walk as you do, listening to birds and seeing the trees and flowers, is so relaxing. You've got a nice routine going and your backyard, with the pool and slide, is made for a happy, fun family. Enjoy!

Vicki Zimmerman said...

P. S. I just answered part of my question by doing some research and see that the folding rebounder literally folds in half and yet both the non-folding and folding do have legs that fold, making both easier for storage. I'm planning on buying one and now that I know the legs fold under for the non-folding one, I'm getting that one. Bring on the Daily Connoisseur exercise routine! Thank you.

Sandra said...

I have a JumpSport rebounder that I've had for a few years and I haven't been using it! You have inspired me. I was going to ask about what all you did but I saw some of that on the video. I would love to see another video of your routine.

Jess said...

I just asked my mother in law if she still had hers sitting in the basement and she replied "yes, you can have it" - Winning!!!! I am excited to try this. I need something quick and uplifting in this season of life. I would love to see the video of your specific routine. When you take the baby on walks, do you use a carrier, stroller, or let him walk?