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Ten-Item Wardrobe Talk-Through Winter 2018

Thank you for your enthusiastic response to Monday's ten-item wardrobe post. I hope you enjoy this talk-through video, where I go over my wardrobe choices and discuss the evolution of my ten-item wardrobe.

Today's video discusses this wardrobe in detail, but here are some key points:

* Because I live in Southern California, the way I style my clothing is most likely different to how you will style your winter pieces. For colder climates, it's all about layering: fleece leggings or tights, shearling boots, layers of sweaters with coats and scarves, gloves and hats might be required. All of those items are considered extras. When curating your extras, tailor them to your specific life (and climate) needs.

* My wardrobe is heavy on the dresses again. I just like wearing them and feel most comfortable in dresses (even more so than jeans!). So I stick to what I like.

* At this season of life, with three children, including an active toddler (and homeschooling), I need pieces that are easily washable and require minimum maintenance. My baby loves to cuddle me and nuzzle his head into my shoulder. I love this and don't want to worry about ruining a dry clean only outfit. Sadly this phase won't last forever, but as for now I like jersey fabrics for washability and wearability purposes.

* We are on a budget this year and most likely will be for a while. I discuss the details of this in today's video. I am still able to look presentable and be creative through the styling of my extras with my budget clothes. This proves that looking presentable always has nothing to do with money.

* Four of the core items are returning from past seasons: the blue Boden dress, the burgundy blouse from Loft, the AG jeans and Loft fluid ankle pants. Past ten-item wardrobe items that you did not see in this video have been donated. Either the item was worn out and no longer presentable, or I simply didn't like it anymore/ it didn't work for me. Also keep in mind that with the pregnancy I went through a major transition with my wardrobe.

* Because many of these pieces were purchased months ago, they are no longer available. I am listing the brands here as follows for all new items. Unfortunately I am not able to provide direct links as the items are no longer available. If you wish to search the brands on zulily, you might find something similar: the midnight blue floral dress is by Reborn J, the olive green tunic is by Zenana Premium, the navy v-neck maxi dress is by Annabelle USA, the long Burgundy cardigan is by Lydiane, the Burgundy maxi dress is by PinkBlush, the short-sleeve neutral blouse is by Pops Basic.

This year I have nine core items (not ten):

Here is a look at some of the extras shown in the video.

If you are longing for more ten-item wardrobe inspiration, enroll in myeCourse on the ten-item wardrobe. With over an hour of never-before-seen video instruction, notes and quizzes, you will feel prepared to create your own ten-item wardrobe. For those of you who already do the ten-item wardrobe, this course will keep you on track and provide further inspiration. The course is self-paced and includes a lively comment section with other ten-item wardrobe enthusiasts. Enjoy!

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This is such a fabulous picture from Poland...

Comment of the Week
Toni M writes: I love this video! This is a beautiful and practical wardrobe! I know that you suffered some negative commentary about this year's wardrobe, but wowzas, seeing you in the clothing makes all the difference. You look beautiful and those commenters were way off...I think all of the looks are lovely, and of course, your beautiful family is a sweet bonus. Also, I'm enjoying all the still shots on the blog. Thanks a bunch! Blessings!

Toni, thank you for your kind words. I knew that many of the past critics could not visualize how the outfits would wear so I hope the fashion show cleared that up for them :) Thank you, again!

I would love to read your thoughts on the talk-through. Leave us a comment below and your comment could be chosen as comment of the week on The Daily Connoisseur!

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Unknown said...

Love this way of thinking and shopping about clothes. Before I found your tedx video on YouTube I always felt inadequate with my wardrobe because I have never been able to afford many clothes but now I feel I have the freedom to buy better quality and not feel awkward wearing the same thing over and over again! Also I can’t seem to find the brands you zulily!? Thanks!

Sarah said...
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JennaP said...
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Ladylike said...

Hello Jennifer,

Thank you for the talk through. After following your work for 5 years, if I were to add anything, it would be to emphasize to your readers/followers that it is absolutely necessary and worthwhile to put the time and effort in at the beginning of one's 10 core item wardrobe. It must be a thoughtful process. After all, the plan is to live with the set of clothes for six months. I feel it is important to identify one's own style instead of trying the purchase the exact same items that someone else selected. Their colors and styles might not be right for another person.

This winter, I have 15 core items. Like you, Jennifer, I have blue jeans and black pants. Instead of five dresses, I have four dresses and two skirts. Since I live in Northern California, where it is a bit colder than Southern California, I have several more sweaters than you. I have six turtlenecks and crew-neck sweaters and only one blouse.

For my spring wardrobe, which I have already prepared, I drew heavily on a magazine feature from an old magazine which fell into my hands. It is Good Housekeeping from August 2016. Not where I expected to find inspiration, but there it is. This type of article (about mixing and matching, "Just add this") is rare to find since magazines are usually trying to sell you more, not less, clothing. But if you keep your eyes open, sometimes these features will jump out at you. This article was a starting point for me. Since it didn't flesh out as many extras (jackets, shoes) as I will need, I rounded it out with suggestions from Wendy Mak's Terrific 30 item wardrobe. (Her 30 items include extras like shoes, bags, jackets.) She has a video on YouTube outlining the exact 30 items she recommends. I changed her color palette to what will work for me for spring/summer.

Well, this is the best advice I have to share with my sister connoisseurs~
Warm best to all,

Unknown said...

Thanks for all you do! I have purchased & love all of your books. Can you please tell me where to purchase the necklace you have on. Gratefully,

Ladylike said...

Dear Jennifer,

I want to apologize for writing, last week, that you have 4 blue dresses. Of course, you have only three.
I also want to add another resource for those looking for help in creating their capsule wardrobe. It's a book called "What I Wore" by Jessica Quirk. This hand-illustrated book is divided into four seasons with the main emphasis on spring and fall; some clothing items are carried over from the previous season; it's not a completely new wardrobe each season. Shoes, bags and accessories are also suggested. The author offers two different color palettes for spring and fall and presents these on the same page, which can give the wrong impression that you are meant to have all the items. You are not. If you own the book, draw a line across the center of the page on the "spring add-on" and "fall add-on" pages to separate the two color palettes and then pick one. After presenting her check lists, the author hand-illustrates several weeks of outfits for work and weekend that can be created with the items. I've had this book for several years, and I appreciate it now more than ever. As you said, Jennifer, the capsule wardrobe concept grows on a person over time!

Warm best,

DD said...

I've been reading your books and following your blog for many years and very much enjoy them. My life is very different from yours and I lived many years with a capsule wardrobe. I'm not really interested now but can appreciate the concept. Maybe I'll go back some day but right now clothing is a fun, FUN creative expression for me. To be clear, I have good quality clothing, shoes, etc. but I don't spend a lot to get them. I don't spend nearly as much in a year as you said you spent getting your winter wardrobe together -- was it $200 or $250? You said in the past you could afford a $400 dress. People have such different ideas of quality and value, don't we? I can't imagine what could make a dress WORTH $400. I understand there's low quality merchandise out there, but I feel people write off excellent quality out of snobbery. Companies like Lands End, LL Bean offer excellent quality at human prices that are even better on sale. The nautical stripe Ts I bought 5 years ago still look great. The Jean and khaki skirts from 8 years ago are classic and quality. Zulily can be great. Just saw a $400+ leather jacket on Zulily for $88. I wouldn't buy a $10 shirt but I would pay $10 for a $45 shirt. How much better can a $125 cotton shirt be than a $50 cotton shirt be? I am careful about buying quality (not the same as expensive), I take care of my clothes, and they last for decades unless of course I stain them or tire of them. Shopping with a friend who is in a very different economic mindset and situation from me, she picked up a pair of shoes she liked and asked me, "Do you like these? These are worth $600, aren't they?" I looked them over carefully and said, "Yes, very cute. Worth $600? Only if there's $250 shoved inside each shoe." Quality, value, and price are very different things. My only issue with Zulily, by the way, is the no returns. Have to be careful what you buy and how critical fit is. Jennifer, you are fun and normal and reasonable. Enjoy you so much even if lots doesn't fit me and my life.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the updated wardrobe talk through. I always love seeing what you put together for the season. I've been following The Daily Connoisseur and loving your books for many years now, but this was the first time I was able to commit to a 10 item wardrobe.
I am pregnant with my first child and thought this was the perfect season of life to test this out. I LOVE IT! What an amazing freedom I have felt by only have 9 core items: 2 dresses, 5 shirts, 2 pairs of pants. My extras include 2 blazers, scarves, and tights. I also only have 3 pairs of shoes, tall boots, booties, and tennis shoes. I live in Denver, Colorado, so layering is very important.
Having a capsule wardrobe has been easier and more rewarding than I ever expected and I don't get bored with my choices. I am thrilled to have had this opportunity to force me into taking the final steps in adopting a capsule wardrobe. Thank you, Jennifer for your inspiration!

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

You are a woman of class and style. Listen to no one, especially those who take the time to write you and discredit you for maintaining a budget. It is admirable to see someone in your position, change with the various stages of life and share this with us, instead of put up a front. I have always loved your videos and your honesty and your style. Thank you for that. Now if I could only empty my closet of all the “stuff” and function with a ten item wardrobe. It’s still my goal and I’ll get there!

Genny said...

Hi Jennifer,
I loved your latest 10 item wardrobe talk through video. All of the items you purchased fit you beautifully and I was wandering if you could share some tips for successful online shopping. I tend to struggle with fit and fabric quality. When shopping at a brick and mortar store we have the opportunity to try on as well as see and feel the quality of a garment. Would love to hear your advice!

Au revoir,

Katrin said...

Hi Jennifer,

this is not really related to your video but I listened to an interview with German singer Max Raabe on the radio.
He was praised by the host for his immaculate sense of style and he answered that basically he just had two sets of outfits - tuxedos for his shows as well as shirts and jackets for interviews.
Don't you think that his precisely comprises your idea to simply look presentable always?
I will include a link to a video, which fits our weather right now:


Au reservoir,


Ladylike said...


I've had the pleasure of hearing Max Raabe in concert. His concerts are so much fun! I highly recommend his music to everyone.


Katrin said...


thanks for the idea. I will check if he performs at a town nearby.


Unknown said...

This is beautifully put together, as well as practical. I love the concept of a minimal wardrobe for personal reasons, but also because I believe it's a way to be more mindful of caring for the environment.

Unknown said...

Dear Jennifer,
I am following your blog from Denmark and I just want to let you know how much I appreciate the time and effort you put into these videos. It feels like listening to an old friend, when you share your clothingchoices and share make-up tips.
I try to look presentable every day, but sometimes in the weekend I just dont have the time with 2 attentionseeking girls of 3 and 7 years(I know I am lying to myself here :) ) and all day I feel a bit slouchy/with low energy/not as happy as i used to. So, my promise to myself this year is to step up a bit, dress up for myself and my Family and make my home beautiful with flowers and a happy mom :)
Best regards,

Alicia Damron said...

I love your wardrobe this season and I love your honesty about the season of life you're in. Budget wardrobe guidelines are definitely something I embrace. I'm really looking forward to your living debt free series. Please don't let the naysayers get you down!

Unknown said...

I'm glad you don't let the critics bother you. You have your priorities in life right and it sounds like your family is doing great. Your wardrobe is beautiful and looks as classy as the woman it is on.