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Ten-Item Wardrobe Winter 2018 | Jennifer L. Scott

It's finally here... my ten-item wardrobe fashion show for winter 2018! I'm sorry it too so long to do this video. With our European trip last fall, my filming schedule was thrown off. I hope you enjoy the presentation of my wardrobe this year. I will be discussing all of the details with you in the next video for the talk-through. Here are a few things to consider:

- I live in Southern California where the winters are very mild. This affects my wardrobe choices and how I style my clothes.

- Right now I only have nine core items, not ten. Some years you'll have more than ten, some years you'll have less. It doesn't matter as long as you keep the ten-item wardrobe spirit while curating your wardrobe.

- I was on a budget this season and did not spend more than $250 to update my wardrobe. Four of the nine pieces are returning from past seasons. Most all extras featured are old pieces, except for the Burgundy sweater and grey cardigan. All scarves and coats are older pieces.

- I do not show all of my extras in this video. I didn't show any tee shirts, for example. I wanted to keep the focus on the core items and how I style those with winter extras such as coats and scarves.

- I hope you enjoy seeing my children in this video! They love it when they get a chance to be a part of the ten-item wardrobe videos. I think this might become a tradition! I asked my husband if he wanted to be in it and he said "no". Ha! :)

- Because I was on a budget and in a hurry to purchase my fall/ winter items before leaving for Europe, all new items featured in this video are from zulily. We will discuss this in the next video.

Please join me for the next video where we will discuss everything in better detail. But for now, let's look at the core items and some of the extras.

The nine core items:

Here is a look at some of the extras shown in the video.

I am working on my next book, CONNOISSEUR KIDS, and am really enjoying it! You can expect to see this published in the fall of 2019 from Chronicle books.

If you are longing for more ten-item wardrobe inspiration, enroll in myeCourse on the ten-item wardrobe. With over an hour of never-before-seen video instruction, notes and quizzes, you will feel prepared to create your own ten-item wardrobe. For those of you who already do the ten-item wardrobe, this course will keep you on track and provide further inspiration. The course is self-paced and includes a lively comment section with other ten-item wardrobe enthusiasts. Enjoy!

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Comment of the Week

K belle writes:
Jennifer, my comment has nothing to do with this post. I just wanted to send a thank you to you. I will be checking out of a hotel today and during my entire stay I have remembered something you said in either a book or video about a woman who was so poised at the breakfast buffet and continued to eat tiny, lady like amounts of food even though she was clearly on vacation. I had never thought about it before reading that, but I definitely overeat on vacation because all the hotel food is delicious, abundant and free. but the last 3 days at the breakfast buffet, I chose to eat my usual fruit, protein and some nuts, just like I do at home. thank you for providing such great content and inspiration - it is so valuable to me!

Hi K Belle, that is one of my favorite observations from Lessons from Madame Chic! I still remember that chic French lady. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

I hope you enjoyed today's ten-item wardrobe fashion show. I'll see you on Thursday for the talk-through. In the meantime, what is your favorite look from this season?

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Toni Marie said...

I love this video! This is a beautiful and practical wardrobe! I know that you suffered some negative commentary about this year's wardrobe, but wowzas, seeing you in the clothing makes all the difference. You look beautiful and those commenters were way off...I think all of the looks are lovely, and of course, your beautiful family is a sweet bonus. Also, I'm enjoying all the still shots on the blog. Thanks a bunch! Blessings!

Ladylike said...

Hello Jennifer,

Thanks for the video. I have already curated my capsule wardrobe in preparation for spring while still polishing my winter wardrobe; so, your 10 item wardrobe is always of interest! Your new home looks lovely, and the children are delightful. It's interesting to me that you wear your elegant maxi dresses on a daily basis. For me, they feel more comfortable as special occasion wear.
I can't help wondering whether your main energy type is type 2 or 4 in the "Dressing Your Truth" world. You seem drawn to both the bold and the muted color palettes. Probably, one of these types is primary and the other secondary for you. I feel you look fabulous in the multicolored scarf, the black coat and the 4 blue dresses, which leads me to believe your primary type may be type 4. No, I am not going to let go of this. Tee hee.

Love you and your work,


Rachel said...

What a treat to see your children in the video! They are absolutely adorable - the girls dancing and I love your son's little wave at the end! Another great 10-item wardrobe video that inspires us all. I have been doing a 10-item-ish wardrobe for a few years but sometimes find that I get caught up in the shopping spirit and my wardrobe starts to grow, so these videos always act as inspiration to thin it out again and focus on pieces that I love and wear all the time instead of shopping just to shop! Thanks again!

NOLA mom said...

I love maxi dresses, but at 5'4"ish, they are always just a tad too long, which drives me bananas. Do you have any sources for average-length Maxis?

I've just rediscovered your blog (an old favorite) and am excited to learn more about your homeschooling plans. I was forced into homeschooling this year because I haven't been able to find an appropriate placement for one of my children, who has autism. It's been quite an adventure! I hope you will do some videos or posts about your experiences.

Donna said...

Hi Jennifer,
Loved the blog today on your 9 item wardrobe! I've read your books and took your 10-item wardrobe course last fall. I'm getting fairly close to 10 core winter items. I've let go of many, many items that were just clogging my closet -thanks to you! I still have more than 10 core pieces but I'm working on weeding out the unused items. Today, I'm taking out any winter item that is not being used or looks tired. On a high shelf I stored warm winter scarves. I actually found a half dozen with the tags sill on -gifts that I never wore -and several others that look like new. I was wondering how to best donate them when I thought about a young friend who is a new elementary teacher. Elementary teachers can always use warm scarves, gloves, hats! I will, of course, wash the ones without tags and donate them all to my friend's classroom! Hope others will read this and donate too. Thanks for sharing your three precious children today!!

Maridani said...

I understand the concept, but honestly speaking - "10 item" wardrobe, I found it a bit misleading.

Bosendorfer32 said...

Hello Jennifer, I left a comment on your YouTube channel and then somehow accidentally deleted it🤦‍♀️. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to create your beautiful 10 item wardrobe videos. I love seeing how the 10 item wardrobe can be done beautifully and practically while raising a family. I've tried 10 item wardrobes in the past but often with pieces that were somewhat high maintenance, such as collared shirts and skirts that needed ironing-that's just not going to happen too often for this mother if 7! I would always end up wearing my more comfortable (exercise) clothes and saving my "nice " clothes for Sundays or I would have a 30 item wardrobe so I wouldn't run out of clothes. Thank you so much for showing that a beautiful 10 item wardrobe can truly be done at every stage of life. P.S. Your family is precious!

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Thank you Jennifer for this video. It is very inspiring! I enjoy so much your seasonal fashion show! I have a question for you: who is the composer and what is the name of the song playing in the background? It is beautiful! thank you!

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Ladies, thank you so much for your comments. I hope you'll join me on Thursday for the talk-through where many questions will be answered. With love, Jennifer

serenity said...

Hey Jennifer,
I think you mean Winter 2017! I love the burgundy maxi dress! It's very different from your usual signature style. Very Jane Austen-ish!

Anonymous said...

Don't you find maxi-dresses impractical for daily wear? For instance, if wearing a long skirt and having to carry something up some stairs, I would have to use one hand to hold the dress up in order to navigate the steps, leaving me only one hand to carry things with... when usually I need two. I never have this problem with shorter skirt lengths.

Diana said...

Jennifer do you ever have items from previous seasons that you decide to store rather than including them in your capsule? Do you only exclude items when you don’t like the fit or if they’re worn out? In your Fall 2015 wardrobe before having your son you had the rose & green dot dress that matched the blue dolman sleeve & the beautiful peacock sheath dress & the navy Parisian floral. Did they all only last one season? Or did you get rid of them since they weren’t nursing friendly last season? I really struggle with getting rid of perfectly good pieces that just might not be what I need at the moment. I’m working on it. It’s an anxiety-filled struggle for me.

joy said...

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Cleaning In The Cold said...

Looking forward to your listing out/linking the items. I love the beige blouse! But I could not find it on my own on Zulilly.

Love your choices!


Unknown said...

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