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My Interview with TeriGigi + Marie Antoinette & The Hidden Door of Versailles

Today I'm interviewing the fabulous Teri Reynolds on her new book,Marie Antoinette and the Hidden Door of Versailles.

Here is the book's description:

Follow Marie Antoinette on an unexpected journey where she must choose between love and duty. Place: The Palace of Versailles Date: November 1773 A young Marie Antoinette has left her home in Austria and fulfilled her duty to marry Louis XVI. Late one night she steps through a hidden door and enters a world she does not know or understand. She must find courage and resourcefulness in order to survive. On her journey she encounters 2 strangers: a young man who seems honest and trustworthy, and an older, sinister man who looks at her with knowing eyes. When she inadvertently finds out her future fate, the stakes grow high. Her very life hangs in the balance. Marie's sense of duty and loyalty demands that she find a way back to her former life, but she is torn. She has a choice to make. The door stands open... but time will not stand still.

Teri has a wonderful YouTube channel called, TeriGigi.

I had the opportunity to read Teri's rough draft for this debut novel and I found it unexpected, fun and intriguing. Well done, Teri!

Mentioned in the video: Teri's Review of Polish Your Poise with Madame Chic and Teri's review of At Home with Madame Chic.

I hope you enjoy today's interview with Teri. We discuss writing, Marie Antoinette, what it's like to be YouTuber and so much more.


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This comment was taken from my author guestbook. Gail writes, "Dearest Jennifer,
I am 61 and just found you last week! I reserved all three of your books from my local library and read them all in one week. Then I purchased your Lessons From Madame Chic in hardcover for me to keep and reread! You have rocked my world, you darling girl. You have me thinking about my presentation in a way that I never have before. I realize now that my mother completely embodied the grace and poise and chic that you describe. As for me, I settled for yoga pants and worn out jeans. I am now curating my wardrobe like never before and giving it a big upgrade and am so excited about the changes. I only wish I had found this advice as a young woman. I cringe when I see some of my young life photos! You were lucky to have gained this knowledge and insight at such a young age. I am so grateful to you Jennifer …better late than never! I look forward to a chic last act for myself and to visiting you often on the Daily Connoisseur!"

Gail, thank you so much for visiting my guestbook and leaving me this great comment. I am so excited for you and the changes in your life. It sounds like your mother was an amazing woman. Thank you for your support!

Today I would love to know your thoughts on my interview with Teri. Your comment could be chosen as comment of the week on the blog! See you on Monday for skincare week on The Daily Connoisseur.

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Ladylike said...

Hello Jennifer,
Thank you so much for introducing us to Teri Reynolds. You said in your e-course not to purchase everything you recommend, and I didn't end up buying the rebounder after all, but I did order Teri's book immediately! We are going to Paris in three weeks, and it'll be the perfect book to read on the long flight, especially as we plan to visit Versailles. I haven't been to Paris in 25 years, and it'll be my children's and my husband's first visit.
I want to mention a book for children about Marie Antoinette which my 10 year old daughter loves. It's "The Royal Diaries: Marie Antoinette, Princess of Versailles" by Kathryn Lasky. Perhaps your older daughter will like it. Also, while I'm mentioning children's books, since you love aprons, I will alert you to a picture book called "Ma Dear's Aprons" by Patricia C. McKissack. Maybe your younger daughter will enjoy it.
Warm best,