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Teatime with Jennifer | Royal Wedding Edition

Today's Teatime with Jennifer is a special Royal Wedding edition. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle wed this past weekend at Windsor Castle in England. Theirs was the biggest royal wedding in England since William and Catherine's nuptials in 2011. Over 100,000 people lined the streets in Windsor to catch a glimpse at the newly married royals.

In today's Teatime with Jennifer, we discuss the ceremony, the fashion, and take a look back at the most beautiful royal wedding dresses of all time. My husband, Ben, also joins me at the end for his special marriage advice for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. I hope you enjoy today's Teatime with Jennifer video.

Ms. Markle wore a conservative boat-necked Givenchy gown with a dramatic veil.

Let's take a look at some of the most beautiful royal wedding dresses in recent years.

Princess Diana's ornate dress was representative of the grand 80s style.

Queen Elizabeth ll on her wedding day.

Princess Sofia of Sweden's beautiful wedding dress.

Grace Kelly on her wedding day. Her dress is timeless and stunning.

The Duchess of Cambridge on her wedding day. She had my favorite royal wedding dress of all time.

What are people saying about the bride's wedding dress? What were my thoughts on the fiery preaching? Who was the best-dressed guest? What was my favorite part of the ceremony? What marriage advice do we have to offer the newly married couple? Let's chat about all of these things in today's video.

Mentioned in the video:

The cellist who played at the royal wedding, Sheku Kannah Mason, has a new album out called Inspiration .

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Comment of the Week
Regarding last week's Pregnancy Chat video, Debbie writes,"Hi, Jennifer! I visit your blog from time to time and enjoy it very much. I am a "woman of a certain age" that enjoys it when younger women like you find joy in the simpler (and more important) things in life like their children, their marriages, and making their homes places of order and tranquility. I admire your focus on making the life you have the best you possibly can and by not complaining about what you don't have, counting your blessings and sharing that positivity with others. Thank you for being a great role model for women and I hope that all goes well as you look forward to the arrival of your next baby."

Debbie, thank you so much for your encouraging comment. I really appreciate your support and well-wishes.

Did you watch the royal wedding? I would love to know your thoughts on all of the topics discussed. Leave your comments below and your comment could be chosen as comment of the week on The Daily Connoisseur.

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Casey said...

The only things that irked me about the wedding were 1) the pageboys' uniforms; and 2) the camera cutting away just when they did the bow & curtsy to the Queen!

I loved the rendition of 'Stand By Me', the choir director's fabulous gray hair, and the sweet look Harry gave Meghan during the song. It was SO evident that he loves her very much, and he even seemed to wipe tears away a couple of times. I can't say I got the same vibe from Meghan, but then as an actress, she's probably got it locked down. The other sweet moment that touched me (and maybe I'm reading too much into this), was after Harry and William took their seats, they seemed to turn around and aske a heavily pregnant Zara Phillips how she was doing. I'm sure it was no coincidence that she was seated on the aisle by the door.

I loved Meghan's wedding dress! I thought Doria Ragland was the Best Dressed Guest. It was wonderful to see her get emotional during the ceremony, and I loved the way Prince Charles made an effort to include her. It must have been tough being the sole family representative on such an occasion. The Duchess of York looked great too. Meghan and Harry's clothes for the evening reception were fabulous too, and they looked like they came straight out of a Bond film!

As for the Bishop's address, I didn't mind it. As an American I'm used to a certain degree of liveliness in a sermon. The looks on the Royals' faces though....You've never seen their poker faces slip until now! I'd like to think Prince Phillip got a kick out of it, even though I didn't see his reaction. At the very least, it had to help keep him awake! He'll be 97 soon.

author said...

I was a tad disappointed in Meghan's dress, but just a tad. She did look very elegant, but I would have liked to see a bit more decoration. I've admired her clothing choices on other occasions and knew she had a simple and elegant style.

I thought Doria Ragland looked fantastic and perfectly dressed. I also liked Carole Middleton's outfit. She always dresses tastefully. I didn't think that Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie had very flattering dresses. As for some of the other guests, I didn't care at all for the darker colored dresses that some guests wore. It's spring! It's a wedding! Why wear dark colors?

Ladylike said...

Hello Jennifer,

Thank you for your tea time video. My favorite part of your video was your husband's appearance as well as the review of the dresses from other weddings. Your husband is so charming, and I appreciate your marriage advice (good for everyone, not just the royals). As you know, I've mentioned my own marriage a few days ago and my own advice to others!

As for the dresses, I don't share your passion for royal weddings, and I didn't watch this one. The last royal wedding I watched was that of Lady Diana and Prince Charles~ I was 11 years old. You were most likely a 1 year old toddler; so I am sure you didn't see it! Even at age 11, I thought Lady Diana's dress was a disaster because, when she sat down with her hands in her lap, the dress puffed up around her hands, giving the impression that she was sitting with her knees apart! I remember telling my British stepmother, with whom I was watching the wedding, that Lady Diana was sitting with her knees apart~ She said, "I am sure she is not!"

Since I am coming into this most recent wedding "cold" as it were, it offered some surprises for me. A divorcee wearing a lily white dress? I am also divorced and remarried, and I didn't wear white at my second wedding. Call me traditional, but I agree with the commentary you read that there should have been some adjustment to the bride's outfit with fewer symbols of virginity.

Warm best,

Dallas said...

Jennifer what a lovely tea time I really enjoyed your special guest and seeing you two together. It is obvious that you two love each other and also enjoy each other. My husband and I will celebrate 28 years married in a couple of weeks you and your husband gave good advice. Many blessings Dallas

Dallas said...

Jennifer what a lovely tea time. I enjoyed your special guest and seeing you two together. It is obvious that you both love each other and also enjoy each other. I think your husband and you gave good marriage advice. My husband and I will celebrate 28 years of marriage in June. Blessings, Dallas

Casey said...

I forgot to mention: Watching Meghan get out of the car with the veil that kept on coming reminding me of Diana getting out of the coach with the train that kept on coming.

Frenchcaligirl said...

I looked forward to the wedding and thought it was so beautiful. I loved Meghan’s dress. It had simple lines and was very flattering on her. I love the boatneck style neckline. It reminds me of the neckline on some ballet apparel that I used to wear. The flowers and greenery throughout the chapel and at the entrance looked magnificent. I’m Episcopalian and have met Bishop Curry and attended a service where he spoke. He is obviously very passionate and I liked his sermon. I was a bit surprised that his sermon was as long as it was. It was interesting to see the various reactions to it. Aside from Harry and Meghan, the highlight for me was the cellist, Sheku Kanneh-Mason. I was mesmerized by his performance and also especially love the piece “Sicilienne.” Overall, I liked the guests dresses and would have a hard time singling out just one. Amal Clooney’s was very distinctive and more memorable to me than most.
It was fun to see your husband on the video. You two are a very cute and fun couple.

Frenchcaligirl said...

P.S. I meant to mention that the Kanneh-Masons have 7 children and all of the children are extremely gifted musicians. The family was featured on CBS’ Sunday Morning show the day after the wedding. They’re incredible.

Ladylike said...

Hello Again Jennifer,

After your introduction to the wedding, my curiosity got the best of me, and I took a peek at a video of the sermon. Once again, I was surprised. My own wedding ceremony was "hard" for some of my in-laws to accept because it was not traditional, but then my in-laws were not the royal family, and my wedding was not televised. I think that Meghan Markle took non-traditional to a new level, and she may have made a strategic error in choosing a Reverend who clearly made her royal in-laws feel uncomfortable. They had probably trusted her to choose someone who would respect their traditions. They looked caught unprepared for this Reverend who spoke in a way that was repetitive, political and, in my opinion, inappropriate. The wedding was an occasion to promote bonding, not for mentions of slavery and poverty, both of which represented pointed barbs at the royal family, since the slave trade was legal in Britain until 1807, and the royal family is one of the most wealthy in the world. I'm not saying these subjects shouldn't be addressed, but a wedding is not the appropriate forum. I also wonder about Meghan's sincerity in choosing a Reverend who brought up these topics since many of her guests were extremely wealthy celebrities, not the poor. I am sorry to predict that Meghan has probably damaged her relationships with her in-laws, and this development doesn't bode well for her marriage.


Niculina McClanahan said...

Hi Jennifer and Ben, your video has been again like a breath of fresh air! Funny, lighthearted and plain enjoyable, so thank you both for that!
As for the wedding, it brought up everything: the good, the bad, and the ugly.
THE GOOD: The fairytale of Prince Harry who loves Meghan. He looked great, she looked elegant and stayed true to her simplicity. Her vail brought enough drama to make everyone gasp. The guests looked well dressed, the hats were quite spectacular, and I must admit that Pippa’s, Amal’s and Queen’s outfits were remarkable. The music was well chosen and together with the flower arrangements, created that ethereal atmosphere so appropiate for a wedding.
THE BAD : The reverend’s sermon. Since both Harry and Meghan didn’t want any politics involved with their wedding ( no politicians were invited) why in the world would anyone disrespect their wish and bring all those slavery and MLK Jr. topics into their ceremony? I thought it was too long, too frantic and too politically charged.
THE UGLY: All the hater’s comments on all pltforms.

The wedding was beautiful, like every wedding should be. It brought together 2 different families as it always does. It was an elegant, well organized and festive event, proper for the people involved and the place. I was impressed by Meghan’s mom demeanor, she showed class although she’s not part of a royal family. Which is something that we all can use as an inspiration.

I wish the newly married couple a long and happy life together and in the same note, to you and Mr. Connoisseur many more years of happy life together!

Wellyboots said...

This makes me want to see YOUR wedding photo! You and Mr Connoisseur 😊

ICU aus B said...

Hello Jennifer,
thank you so much for this especially wonderful video. I enjoyed it very much. I have always liked your teatime-chats in particular. So refreshing and delightful. It was wonderful to watch you and your husband interacting so kindly and funnily, just lovely. You seem to have a very happy marriage, congratulations to that. And it is so true: a happy marriage is work, sometimes even hard work. But it is always worth it. Have a wonderful rest of your week. All the best from Germany says Inga.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Ladies, thank you for commenting and for watching my Royal Wedding recap. I had a lot of fun shooting this video and my husband appreciated all of the kind and supportive comments. He promises to make a return visit to the channel soon! See you tomorrow. Love, Jennifer

Sarah said...

This was such a fun video! I especially loved that you included your husband. You two obviously keep each other laughing, which is so important in any relationship!

I loved Meghan’s dress, but I do wish it had been a bit more fitted. As far as the guests, I absolutely LOVED Amal Clooney’s dress and hat. The color was so gorgeous, and really “popped.” I also appreciated that George’s tie matched Amal’s dress. ☺️ My second favorite dress was Serena Williams. That blush pink color was just so gorgeous, and perfect for a Spring wedding.

I absolutely adored all the sweet children who were able to participate in the wedding. It was so precious how they all held hands as they walked down the aisle. I do wish the page boys’ outfits didn’t have to be all black, but since they mirrored Harry’s uniform, I know it made sense. I also thought all of the children were remarkably composed. If they were nervous, they certainly didn’t show it!

Overall, I loved every moment of the wedding. It was so beautiful and heartfelt, and I think it was a true reflection of Meghan’s personality, style, and cultural and familial background. It was just a lovely day all-around!

Kgirl said...

This was one of my all-time favourite videos of yours, Jennifer. And so lovely to see your special guest commentator, ha. I was really looking forward to watching this one and it totally delivered. I thought your husband would say little and be a reluctant visitor but it was great to see him get right into it with a bit of comedy. If you haven't already (I am a few months behind on my posts, clearly), I would love to hear your own story on how the two Connoisseurs met (from both perspectives would be fun too, but no pressure on Mr C).
I don't post much but I feel you have really influenced my life in a lot of ways, especially on how to bring poise to difficult situations. I find when I do get the time to watch your videos regularly that it brings an element of mindfulness to my life that was otherwise forgotten, enhances my attitude to others and gives me greater grace. Thank you for all that you do and the time you sacrifice (that many don't realise) to do it so well.