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I hope you enjoyed Monday's Royal Wedding Recap. Mr. Connoisseur felt the love and appreciated all of your kind comments about him. He says he will return to the channel again one day soon :)

I have had a terrible cold this week and, as such, have a very short video and blog for you today. My Trader Joe's haul was well-received (it turns out you like knowing what other people buy at the grocery store as much as I do!), so today I'm sharing a Costco haul with you.

Why is it nice to know what other people buy at the grocery store? Because it can give you ideas for your own home-cooked meals. For our family of 5 (soon to be 6), being prepared with the right groceries is a crucial part of running a successful home. I hope you enjoy today's quick video, which shares a sample of what I typically get at Costco. I tell you what I buy, what I ended up making, and the cost of the trip.

Did you know that Madame Chic shopped at a large warehouse grocery store once a month? I went with her and she loved getting items for the freezer and other bulk groceries she couldn't find from her local daily trips. For Madame Chic, a deal was a deal.

In the video, I mention two new items we tried: the omega-3 bread and the chocolate banana crêpes. The bread was delicious and we loved it. The crêpes were not a big hit and we probably won't be buying them again. I don't think the kids liked the texture of the mashed banana in the crêpe. Much better to make our own.

I hope you enjoy today's video.

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On Monday's Teatime with Jennifer, Royal Wedding Edition video, Paula UK writes:

Thank you, Paula! Ben's advice to "let the other person be wrong" was definitely the line of the week. It took me a moment to process what he said and I found it so funny! Wonderful advice we can all learn from :)

Thank you for joining me today. What are your favorite things to buy at Costco? Please let us know so we can get more ideas. Or if you'd like to share your favorite grocery haul items, we would love to hear those too. I'll see you on Monday for a wonderful interview about aging well with Melissa55. See you then!

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Janessa said...

Ahhh! Love Costco! We go once a month since it's a half hour drive. We eat organic on a teacher's salary, so I am trying to make our grocery budget stretch by price shopping. I go to Aldi and Wegman's weekly and Trader Joe's every couple months when we happen to be traveling near one. (Closest one is an hour away.) This post reminded me to order more vitamins from costco.com (free shipping!) I am just copying and pasting from my google docs lists. Handy to have these lists on my phone. This is nerdy, but thought it might be helpful to someone! My good deals at Costco:

Culturelle Kids
Honest Company
Contact Solution
Zarbees Children’s Cold Syrup
Vega Plant-Based Protein Powder
Orgain Plant-Based Protein Powder
Organic Puffed Brown Rice Snacks
Organic Seaweed snacks
Organic Brown Rice Ramen
Lentil Pasta
Organic Pasta Sauce
Pink Salt
Organic Raisins
Organic Figs
Organic Medjool Dates
Organic Chia
Organic Pumpkin Seeds
Organic Hemp Hearts
Organic chicken stock (bone broth)
Avocado Oil
Nature Nate's Raw Honey
Organic Strawberry Jelly
Organic Peanut Butter
Organic Minced Garlic
Organic Maple Syrup
Mayorga Organic Coffee
Frozen Organic Green Beans
Frozen Organic Peas
Frozen Organic Broccoli
Frozen Organic Strawberries
Frozen Organic Blueberries
Frozen Organic Black Cherries
Frozen Organic Chicken
Frozen Salmon
Organic Coconut water
Organic Kale
Organic Baby Carrots
Organic Hummus

Online (free shipping)
Marcal recycled toilet paper
Yummie Bears Organic Vitamins

While on the topic my Trader Joe's:
Jojoba oil
Vit E Oil
Argan Oil
Organic Banana chips
Sprouted super seeds
Red lentil pasta
Organic Sprouted brown rice
Organic Brown rice and quinoa spaghetti
Organic Pickles
Organic raw almonds
Organic raw walnuts
Organic flax meal
Organic Coconut Sugar

Ladylike said...

Hello Jennifer,

Those honey bears look very familiar! I've been using that honey to make your carrot muffins. My children love the muffins for breakfast and for snacks.
I am going to Costco today~ I like to buy meats there, including organic ground turkey; organic whole chickens which I cut up myself; and leg of lamb. We buy organic eggs there, raw and hard-boiled; we love their organic oranges (out of season now), apples and bananas; also organic lettuce, cucumbers, peppers, mushrooms and avocados; organic dog food; organic granola; goat cheese, organic sliced cheddar; organic raw seeds; organic brown rice; organic ketchup; Starbucks instant coffee; organic potatoes.

Shop on!

Ladylike said...


How could I neglect to mention to frozen shrimp we had last night with your curry recipe? The simpler recipe with the potatoes~ Thank you for the recipes! I hope you are feeling better!


freda said...

Costco feeds and clothes my family!

All our pantry staples come from Costco. We also purchase their fresh produce and seafood of all sorts (their scallops have become a special treat for us!). I like to check out their clothing for our little ones, especially during our cold winter months up here in Ohio. Other items include Brita filters, Woolite, diapers, and various forms of napkins/tissue. I've even purchased some items for the garden in the past! Thank God for Costco :)

Hope you feel better soon!