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Master Bedroom & Bathroom Tour | Jennifer L. Scott

I recently posted a home tour featuring the downstairs portion of our home. Many people requested an upstairs tour as well, so in today's video, I'm sharing our master bedroom and bathroom with you.

I like to keep our master bedroom minimal and serene. Everything is cream and white, which makes for a nice background with the mossy/ taupe walls. You might remember that in our last home we put up wallpaper in the master bedroom. We would like to do the same here one day, but as for now, we are enjoying the neutral and muted color palette.

Our master bathroom is very large and light. It's a wonderful space to work with. I would love to update the bathroom one day with new, well, everything! Countertops, floors and backsplash. Maybe one day. Until then, I am enjoying it as it is.

The following items that are mentioned in today's video aide in creating an atmosphere of calm and relaxation in our room...

The LĂ«voit air purifier is truly awesome. I've always wanted to try a purifier but was skeptical as to whether or not they actually worked. I can tell you after running this now for weeks that the air in our bedroom is markedly different than in the rest of the home. You step in and it's like the air is sparkling clean. I love the different settings you can set it to. I want to put one of these in each of our bedrooms now. Because of Amazon Prime Day, the Levoit purifier is heavily discounted. For more on Levoit, visit their website here.

The sound machine I have is the Brookstone sound machine. My husband gave this to me for Christmas this year and I love it. My favorite setting is thunderstorm and I turn it on every night.

The essential oil diffuser I use in conjunction with my doTerra oils, was purchased from my friend, Antoinette. You can find her information here. I generally like to diffuse lavender essential oil at night. It helps me relax and calm down after a long day.

I hope you enjoy the tour in today's video.

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On the Ten-Item Wardrobe eCourse, Candice writes, "Hi Jennifer! Honesty time...I have known about the 10 Item Wardrobe for awhile, but I have always resisted committing. I definitely struggle to wear my best everyday. I am going through the course as a way to commit once and for all to making a change. I am also working through your financial course. Your books have always been such an inspiration and I am excited to make some changes, especially in my closet!!"

Candice, thank you for commenting for the first time. I applaud your desire to change! Check back in with us and let us know how your progress is going. We are rooting for you!


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Comment of the Week
On last week's Inspired by Nikki interview, Alexandra writes,
Hello Jennifer,

Thank you for introducing us to Nikki. I like her lovely, soft yin energy with her feminine decor, her love of ballet, her appreciation of silence, and how gorgeous she looks in grey. I will be taking a closer look at her blog.
I would like to suggest a couple of books based on the books you two mentioned. If you like "Material World", then I think you will love "In Her Kitchen: Stories and Recipes from Grandmas Around the World". Also, if you like the "The 5 Different Languages of Love", then you will adore "The Child Whisperer" by Carol Tuttle. This book discusses the four different energy types that children (and adults) can have and how to proceed accordingly.

Thanks again for the interview!

Hi Alexandra, you always have the most insightful comments. Thank you for those two book recommendations. I've linked them here for others to check out as well. I'm really interested in the cookbook sharing the recipes from grandmothers around the world. Thank you!

I hope you enjoyed today's master bedroom and bathroom tour. Today I would love to know how you decorate your bedroom. What do you have in your bedroom at night to help you unwind? Do you diffuse oils? Listen to sound machines? Just enjoy good old-fashioned silence? :) Also, do you use an air purifier? Let me know in the comment section below and your comment could be chosen as comment of the week on the blog.

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Sarah said...

Thanks for this tour. I’m envious of your huge bathroom!
It’s such a small world- that Constable painting The Hay Wain I think it is called (plus many other Constable paintings) was painted just a couple of miles from the village where I grew up!
Sarah www.livechicandwell.com

Frenchcaligirl said...

Always love seeing videos of your home. Your bedroom and bathroom are beautiful spaces and invoke a serene feeling. Love the view of your backyard. Thank you for sharing it along with the air purifier and sound machine.

mamalb said...

Thank you for sharing your home with us! Do you still wear a signature scent? What is it!?

Thank you also for the air purifier and sound machine recommendations.

Jo said...

Lovely tranquil setting - very special. Thanks for sharing. I have been catching up on your videos today and just commented on the most recent natural cleaning one.
As I watched this tour video and saw your essential oil diffuser on the nightstand, I had a light bulb moment. I had been researching information on essential oils because of my son's family using them heavily, and one of the things I read mentioned that the oils could be coating the inside of the lungs. I thought of the shortness of breath you've had with this pregnancy. Could there be a correlation? Second part of the lightbulb moment was with the air cleaner - wouldn't it be working hard to remove all those essential oils that you're diffusing?
Please don't take my comments as an attack - they are a genuine concern, just as I have for my own family (especially grandchildren).
Just food for thought...

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Hi ladies, thank you for commenting! Sarah, that's so neat the The Hay Wain was painted near you. You must live in such a beautiful part of England! Frenchcaligirl, thank you! Mamalb, I am not wearing much perfume right now because of the pregnancy... we will see what I return to after I am through nursing this little one. (I don't like wearing scent while nursing either). Jo, thank you for comment and for those points!

I'll see you all on the blog tomorrow.

Love, Jennifer