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Caldrea Sea Salt + Neroli | Natural Home with Jennifer

In today's Natural Home with Jennifer, I'm reviewing the luxury cleaning line, Caldrea - specifically their countertop and linen spray in sea salt neroli.

Caldrea's products are naturally derived and safe to use. They infuse aromatherapy into their catalogue of cleaning and home products. Sea salt neroli is arguably their most popular scent. It's a strong scent that lingers, so if you do not like fragrance in your cleaning products, you might not like this one. However, if you do like home fragrance, this scent is truly wonderful.

The sea salt neroli evokes memories of the Mediterranean shore. It's salty and citrusy and lovely.

Caldrea's Countertop Spray - Easy and hard working, this quick spray uses a special vegetable protein extract to make odors vanish from the kitchen or bath. Safe and effective on any non-porous surface including natural stone.

- Safe and effective on any non-porous surface including natural stone
- Contains vegetable protein extract, which is a natural odor neutralizer
- Free of Phthalates, Glycol Solvents, Chlorine, Formaldehyde, Artificial Colors
- Plant-derived ingredients

Caldrea sea salt neroli linen and room spray is free of artificial colors, parabens, animal derived ingredients, formaldehyde.

Freshen a room with Caldrea Sea Salt Neroli Linen and Room Spray. Mist laundry on the line, pre-iron or post-dryer. Wake up sheets, pillows and blankets. This versatile essential oil spray is safely used to create a signature scent everywhere or anywhere.

I like to use the linen spray on laundry, in the car, and specifically on our laundry basket that holds our kitchen cloths, which can quickly gain a bad odor. I spray shirts before ironing them. I also spray it in the air in conjunction with the countertop spray when I clean the kitchen. If I do this at night, the kitchen smells so good in the morning.

I have never seen Caldrea in a store (please let us know if you have), but you can find it online at Amazon. It is less expensive on Grove Collaborative, which is where I purchased mine.

Grove Collaborative always gives me great deals to share with new and existing customers and
Grove's August promotion is here!

New customers get the following for free when you spend $20
Mrs. Meyer's hand soap
Mrs. Meyer's dish soap
Mrs. Meyer's multi-surface spray
Grove hand sanitizer spray
Grove walnut scrubber sponges

Anyone who spends $39 with Grove will be receiving a Grove cleaning caddy automatically added to their cart.

Existing customers receive a free set of walnut scrubber sponges.

(valid while supplies last)

*With Grove you have the option to get your products by subscription, or turn off auto-shipments and place orders as needed.

I hope you enjoy today's review of Caldrea sea salt neroli. I would love to know... have you tried the Caldrea spray? Have you tried any of their other scents?

I'll see you on Monday for the Mapp and Lucia book club LIVE at 11am pacific time. Have a wonderful weekend!

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Frenchcaligirl said...

Sounds nice Jennifer. I will likely give it a try. I joined Grove after you introduced it and just got the almond wood floor cleaner product that you reviewed and love it. I like all of the products I’ve tried so far. Thank you for these reviews. Wishing you & your family a happy weekend,

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Thank you! I love Grove and really think they are a great company. Let us know how you like the Caldrea line!

Unknown said...

Hi Jennifer. I'm new to your blog and just love your whole outlook on life. Could you possibly look into natural cleaning products that can be purchased easily in the UK? Your recommendations sound great but most are astronomical to buy from the U.K. Best wishes x

Anonymous said...

Target carries Caldrea products in the Housewares section.