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Preparing My Postpartum Ten-Item Wardrobe | Jennifer L. Scott

In today's video I'm sharing the plans for my postpartum ten-item wardrobe. I'm going to have the baby very soon and wanted to be prepared with a nursing-friendly postpartum wardrobe for after the birth. This is the perfect time to go through my wardrobe as well as the seasons are changing.

I share what old pieces I am able to use for the upcoming season and share some new purchases too. Featured in the video are the following:

LL Bean floral knit dress

LL Bean Navy Dot Knit Dress (this one is currently on sale)

The two nursing tees are from zulily, who always have great maternity and nursing pieces that are affordable too.

Two-pack nursing nightgowns

Also discussed in the video is my black fold-over skirt, as well as the demi-camisoles I wear under my v-neck tops and dresses.

I am bringing back many older pieces as well that you will recognize. The burgundy Garnet Hill dress was from 2015/ 2016. I had retired it but thankfully did not get rid of it yet as I think it will work well for my postpartum wardrobe. I will continue to wear a few items from my maternity wardrobe such as the maternity jeans and black v-neck dress, which were both purchased from zulily.

My blog has been re-designed. I hope you enjoy the new look. I have a new feature on the blog called Shop where you can shop my books, eCourses and favorite things, including the specific ten-item wardrobe pieces for the season.

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Comment of the Week
On Monday's parenting chat video, Hoki writes, "Thank you for this. :) I particularly love the 'styling the sofa' one. My son will clean if we play "Surprise Guest Is Coming". We pick up toys, hurrying, because a surprise guest is coming. Then, I go out and ring the bell. When he answers, I come in and pretend to be an animal or a toy. He has to guess what i am. Then, he takes a turn. He REALLY cleans to play this game.
Also, my favorite, general, affirmation is "What a useful little engine you are!" My son loves to hold the door for me and unload the grocery cart onto the belt. I wish he liked to helped me with the baby, though."

Hoki, I love your game, Surprise Guest. It must make it so fun for your son to clean and also build good, happy memories too. Thank you for sharing your tip with us!

I would love to know your ten-item wardrobe plans for the upcoming season. Let me know in the comment section and your comment could be chosen as comment of the week on the blog.

Thank you for joining me today. I'll see you tomorrow for a new Natural Home with Jennifer.

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Sheri said...

I love your new blog design, Jennifer! I already commented on Facebook about how timely and helpful your video was today! I am currently thinking about working on my upcoming fall wardrobe plan and am having to fight the urges of all the competing "Style Challenges and Capsule Wardrobes" that are for sale and recommended on many blogs. They are fun to consider, but often don't fit my lifestyle or stage of life, so are ultimately not the way to go for me. I need to refocus and stick to your way of planning around the 10-item wardrobe and making it work for me.
On another note, I've been so inspired by you, that I want to help my husband create a 10-item wardrobe, of sorts, as he starts a new job. I'm sure that business casual will be most often appropriate. Could you recommend how to plan this type of wardrobe for men? I am not sure how many of each type of clothing to include... Is the 10-item wardrobe realistic for men? He already has more clothing for casual, as he prefers that type of clothing and had worked remote, at home, for many years. I'd appreciate any guidance you could give. We are both in our fifties, but want to stay current! :) Thank you!!

Summer Smith said...

I have the navy dot dress and LOVE it and it’s so complimentary too! I’m still nursing 18 months postpartum and love them! I have another design too but might have to get this new flowered one! Wishing you the best with this delivery and in the end a healthy mama and baby!!

Ladylike said...

Hello Jennifer,

Thanks for the encouragement to put away my summer clothes and to start preparing for the next seasons. Please stop apologizing for your dark colors and your blues. These are perfect for you as a type 4 woman! (See "Dressing Your Truth".) Trust me on this!

Big hugs,