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DIY Freestyle French Manicure | Londontown

In today's video I'm sharing how I do a DIY freestyle French manicure. I love to do my manicures at home because it saves money. I enjoy practicing different techniques and I have been wearing a French manicure regularly the past few months.

The key with an at-home French manicure is with the steadiness of hand. After applying a base coat, take your white nail color (making sure there isn't too much product on the brush), place the hand you are painting flat and keeping the hand with the polish steady, roll the finger you're painting until you get a smooth line.

This certainly requires practice and patience, but over time it will come easier to you. Also, know that you will make a mess and the polish will end up on your fingers. That's OK, you can remove it with a q-tip and some nail polish after your nails dry.

Once you paint all of your nail tips, you can then add a sheer color and top coat. Use an accelerating drying oil to speed up the dry time.

I use Londontown 9-free nail polish as I find them to be the best and most long lasting polishes I have ever used. Londontown is now sold at Neiman Marcus, which shows what a quality polish it is. My discount code JenniferS gives you 25% off... an amazing discount!

Here are all of the items I used in today's video:

Duchess (white color)
Cheerio (neutral shade)
Gel Genius base coat
Gel Genius top coat
soft touch nail scrub https://shrsl.com/25i77
cuticle oil
accelerating drying oil
glass nail file
Kur 2in1 hand and nail serum
Mirapur Essentail oils

I hope you enjoy today's video, which also shows how the nails hold up one week later.

Have a wonderful weekend and I will see you on Monday!

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Edel M said...

Thank you Jennifer. Your video inspired me to file my nails and paint them a pale neutral pink. I also lathered on some hand cream. These reminders to take care of ourselves in these videos and in your chic assignments are great.

Mika said...

Thank you Jennifer.
It's really nice to make the hands you always see beatifuly. I wanted to order immediately, but I couldn't
because it was in Japan.I'm very disappointed. Can I
order without living in Japan?