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What to do if You Run out of Toilet Paper, Diapers, and Feminine Products

The COVID-19 Pandemic has brought about many surprising curve balls to our daily lives. One of them being the lack of supplies found worldwide. Most noticeable: toilet paper, or lack thereof. Many people are left wondering what they will do when they run out of these essentials: hygiene products, baby products, and feminine products. In today's video, I'm giving you some reusable, eco-friendly alternatives that you might not have considered to help you keep at peace with the empty shelves we are finding in the shops.

Let's talk first about toilet paper. The obvious alternatives are tissues, paper towels, and other paper products (many of which are not flushable... so we must find an alternative disposing method). But what do we do when the paper alternatives run out? I discuss various ideas such as an attachment bidet (Americans do not typically have standalone bidets in their bathrooms in case you Europeans are wondering about this), a bottle bidet (which is portable and easily placed in each bathroom), the type of handheld bidet ladies use after childbirth, cotton washcloths, and flannel reusable wipes.

UPDATE: Many of the items I listed have sold out since they are so in demand right now. I have done further research and found the following:

Bidets from BB&B
Peri bottles
and more Peri bottles
Peri bottle option 3
Medline cleansing bottle
Bidet bliss

What do you do when you run out of diapers and wipes? I've been meaning to share more about my cloth diaper routine with you. Cloth diapers are wonderful money saving alternatives to the standard diaper. They are also eco-friendly and soft for baby to wear. It's a good idea to have these anyway in case you ever run low on diapers. In today's video I talk you through how they work. Here are a list of items discussed:

cloth diapers solid
more cloth diapers solid
cloth diapers pattern
wet bags in grey
wet bags floral

And now for that tricky subject: that time of the month. What do we do if supplies run out? If you haven't already considered a menstrual cup, now is a great time to do so. I only recently discovered them and wish I had known about them years ago. They work wonderfully, are reusable for several years, eco-friendly, and budget-friendly. Here are a list of the most popular ones. I personally use the Dutchess brand.
Dutchess duo
Dutchess cup wash
Pixie cup
Pixie cup steamer
Lena cup
Diva cup
Diva cup cleanser
menstrual cup container (to store the cup)
menstrual cup wet bag
period underwear option 1
period underwear option 2
period underwear option 3

You can also find cloth pads on Etsy, cloth wipes on Etsy, and cloth diapers on Etsy.

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Comment of the Week
Marigold writes, "The Daily Connoisseur I have been thinking about your finance course and being prepared for the unexpected and saving accordingly. Very good advice. In addition I now think I get more so why you advise about using your best daily and being in the moment. You just never know when things will change. You just have to cherish the present. Thanks for the videos. Helps brighten the moment. Thanks Jennifer! This whole experience is such a reality check."

Thank you, Marigold. Yes! This is exactly why we should use our best things on a daily basis. We never know what tomorrow will bring. I appreciate your comment.

Thank you for joining me today. I hope you found this video helpful. Share it with your friends who might be feeling anxiety about what to do if they run out of supplies. I hope it provides comfort. I'll see you soon!

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Ladylike said...

Dear Jennifer,

It is very kind of you to offer daily videos during this stressful time. Such a practical video is most welcome, and your messages to refrain from panic and to maintain one's consideration for others are very timely.

Thank you,


DJ said...

Dear Jennifer, I am so proud of you for addressing this sensitive subject!!! What a jewel you are to talk about all these personal needs at a time like this. I'm sure you stepped, at least a little, outside your comfort zone to record this message yet you did a superb job. You will help many ladies. You are a true Madame Chic! (Donna S, RN -retired).

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Thank you, ladies! I was nervous to do this video but felt it was necessary information that could help a lot of women who hadn't considered these alternatives before. Hope you are all safe!

Jennifer xx

Gramspearls said...

Dear Jennifer.

Well done, you! Many practical and helpful options. The links were wonderful. I purchased a few items, should they become necessary. Thank you for your candid, ladylike presentation. There's no use pretending these issues don't exist.

Warmly, Kathleen

Gramspearls said...

Dear Jennifer.

Well done, you! Many practical and helpful options. The links were wonderful. I purchased a few items, should they become necessary. Thank you for your candid, ladylike presentation. There's no use pretending these issues don't exist.

Warmly, Kathleen