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Ten-Item Wardrobe End-of-Season Recap for Fall/Winter

In today's Ten-Item Wardrobe end-of-season recap, I critique my fall/winter wardrobe and share how each item performed. What did I wear the most? What didn't last? What will return for next fall/ winter? These questions are all answered in today's video.

I also show you three new dresses I have purchased so far for spring. They include this Draper James denim chambray dress, this Universal Thread blue and white sundress, and this pretty linen blend puff sleeve white midi dress.

The ten-item wardrobe causes you to get thoughtful and intentional about your wardrobe. You can't help but assess your choices at the end of each season. By doing so, you will come to conclusions about your true style, your favorite brands, or brands and styles you'd like to veer away from in the future.

Today's video is sponsored by LILYSILK which is a marvelous online destination for silk clothing and home goods. This is the silk tee featured in the video and these are the scrunchies. LILYSILK have given us 12%off with code Daily12.

I hope you enjoy today's video.

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Comment of the Week
On Instagram, Melissa from lapetitefleurmariale writes, "I just read an article on @verilymag about orthorexia — being so obsessed with “eating clean” that people deprive themselves on calories and nutrients they need. A lot of the health “influencer” accounts on IG promote these things and it can be dangerous. I myself was headed that way after an older friend tried to convince me to give up certain foods that would “make me more sick” but I put a stop to that when it began affecting my health and restricted my already restricted (read: food allergies and intolerances) diet. Thank you for speaking out about this. It’s about being healthy and eating what your body needs rather than being trendy and depriving oneself."

Melissa, I agree that the obsession with eating clean can end up depriving us of necessary nutrients and possibly lead to obsessions with food that are unhealthy. I am glad you are back on the right path! Thank you!

I would love to know how your ten-item wardrobe performed last season. What do you have planned for the upcoming season? Let us know and your comment could be chosen as comment of the week on The Daily Connoisseur.

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Toni said...

Thank you for the blessing of thinking about something beautiful today! These videos bring so much pleasure and fun into my day!
I'm looking forward to your SS wardrobe.
Blessings to you and yours, Jennifer

Camilla said...

Thank you so much for this video, I really enjoyed it. Where I live there is still some time until spring (we have lots of snow now), so I'l be using my winter capsule for a few more months. I had to buy a lot of new pieces for this winter's wardrobe, some have been good, others not so much. But I am delighted that I have started wearing dresses againg, after a few years where I didn't feel like it. I look forward to evaluating my wardrobe going into the next seasong. But even more, I look forward to getting my spring/summer-wardrobe out againg, it's my favourite. I have been doing the 10-item wardrobe since 2014, and some of the pieces in the SS-wardrobe is from that year and still going strong!

Unknown said...

I have been eyeing LilySilk on Amazon for a couple of weeks now! I get so nervous buying clothes online because I never know if it is good quality, I know I can return it but I don't want to be disappointed. Thank you for your video! I look forward to these every week!

Zillah said...

Hello Jennifer! Yes Autumn is approaching here in the Southern Hemisphere, we are starting to get some cool mornings again. Jennifer, I was wondering how you approach either motivation or inspiration for putting together your wardrobe each season. I'm feeling a little lack lustre and struggling to want to wear some items again. How do you handle clothing after a season of loss, sadness, or disappointment? I'm getting my winter wardrobe out and just feeling flat. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Hello Toni and Zillah, thank you for your comments!

Zillah, if you feel lackluster over your wardrobe, don't force yourself to shop if you don't feel like it. We all go through seasons where we feel down. Perhaps a "uniform" or wearing the same thing that you love over and over again could provide familiar comfort for you.

Zillah said...

Thank you, Jennifer. It's nice to give myself permission to just coast for a time. I've been thinking that I might set aside a few items that make me feel emotional (maybe to return another year if I feel differently) for this season and see how I feel then. It's lovely of you to reply. Thank you!