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Discovering a New Signature Scent | Perfume | Pinrose

Happy Independence Day! Today's video will be fun and delightful for perfume lovers. I'm reviewing the Pinrose scent portfolio in today's video.

Finding the right perfume can be very tricky. Most of us go to a shop and spritz a scent on a paper stick, wave it around, and then sniff. It is much more effective to try the perfumes on yourself more than once before making a decision. I love Pinrose (Code JSCOTT gives free shipping) because they offer sample packs that allows you to try the perfumes at home to make your own educated choice on the right perfume for you.
They also offer a scent quiz to find out which perfume in their portfolio would be best suited to your personal tastes.

The results of my quiz shared that my personal perfume should be Secret Genius (Code JSCOTT gives free shipping).

An inviting, sophisticated scent of naturally sourced vanilla, caramel, and sandalwood revealed in a sensual blend that’s as smart as it is beautiful.

Key Notes:
Madagascan vanilla, caramel, & sandalwood

Memories of heart and home with a sprinkle of sensuality without being too sweet or heavy on the skin. Vanilla oils put you at ease and bring back happy childhood memories of baking with mom. Caramel notes add a dash of sensuality while the sandalwood balances out the sweetness with a sophisticated, buttery wood base. The real genius is how the scent is sheer and not too heavy. Crafted by Harry Fremont.

Fragrance Family:
Warm, woody, and spicy

Cruelty-free, Paraben-free, Phthalate-free

Another one of my favorites is Merry Maker (JSCOTT for free shipping).

A smiling, soulful scent, singing with citrus in a nectarine key. You’ll dance with happiness from the inside out.

Key Notes:
Nectarine, plum, tonka bean

Originally conceived as aromatherapy for the heightened senses of pregnant women became one of our most popular scents. Experience aromas designed to bring out natural endorphins for an ultimately happy, joyful perfume. Scientifically designed to release all the happy chemicals in your brain. Nectarine, plum, and tonka bean work together for a fragrance that is impossible to wear while doing anything by smiling. Crafted by Christelle Laprade

Fragrance Family:

Cruelty-free, Paraben-free, Phthalate-free

... and a third favorite of mine is Mystical Misfit (JSCOTT for free shipping).

Berry & patchouli mystifies in a peachy magical mist like no other. A juicy light scent worn to the beat of your very own drummer.

Key Notes:
Peach, berry, & patchouli

Inspired by the beautiful outcasts of the world—the benevolent, beloved loners. This scent was made for all the strong women with mystical superpowers who don’t need to fit in because they are perfect just as they are. The peach and berry lead this fragrance with a loveable lightness that is brought down to earth with the added depth of patchouli. Crafted by Richard Herpin.

Fragrance Family:

Cruelty-free, Paraben-free, Phthalate-free

Here is a list of all of their perfumes, along with the main fragrance notes. * Indicates my personal favorites.

*Secret Genius – Caramel • Madagascan Vanilla • Sandalwood
*Merry Maker – Nectarine • Violet • Tonka Bean
Wild Child – Tiare Flower • Jasmine • Vanilla
Pillowtalk Poet – Powder • Ambergris • Musk
Pinrose – Bulgarian Rose • Turkish Clove • Patchouli
Tambourine Dreamer – Lily of the valley • White Musk • Cedarwood
Gilded Fox – Cocoa Spice • Buttered Rum • Amber
Lil' Dipper – Lemon Peel • Peony • Sandalwood
*Mystical Misfit – Red Currant • Pink Rose • Patchouli
Sun Saint – Lime • Sea Salt • Coconut Wood

All-in-all I am very impressed with these complex and lovely fragrances. I think it's a wonderful idea to offer the sample pack so people can wear the perfume at home and see which scents resonate with them the most.

If you take the quiz, let me know which perfume has been recommended to you! Thank you to Pinrose for giving us a free shipping code with JSCOTT.

I hope you enjoyed the reviews in today's video.

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