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The Rise of Grandmillennial Style| Are you Grannie Chic? 3 Articles on Dress

Is your style Grandmillenial? What is "Granny Chic" and why are young people embracing it? Let's explore...

Welcome to a new 3 Articles on Dress. Today we are analyzing the rise of Grandmillennial Style. What is it? And why are so many young people turning toward the "Granny Chic" aesthetic?

Image from One King's Lane

The first article comes from House Beautiful, which also contains a quiz to find out if you are a Grandmillennial. Many of my readers sent me this article. Should I be flattered that I reminded so many people of the Grandmillennial? 😆

This article from Today breaks down the Granny Chic style that is being adopted by Grandmillennials... What say you?

This article from Better Homes & Gardens asks What is Grandmillennial Style?

What is 'grandmillennial' style? Why young people are embracing granny chic
The 'grandmillennial' style sees young adults embracing the granny chic look of their mothers and grandmothers.

Image from College Style

I am happy that there is a burgeoning community of women who are embracing new traditionalism and rejecting the perpetually casual leggings culture that has taken so many styles captive. After all, there's room for all sorts of styles in this big, wide world, eh? :)

In today's video, I'm wearing the SKYE Azilis 18K gold freshwater pearl brooch Jennifer20 for 20% off
and the linen white dress I'm listing a similar one here.

I hope you enjoy today's video.


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Thank you, Kai! Your comment was the most liked comment on this week's homemaking video. I found your observation to be very encouraging and appreciate the sentiment!

Thank you for watching today's video. I would love to know... are you a Grandmillennial? Let us know and your comment could be chosen as comment of the week on the channel.

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DPMindy said...

Jennifer--Thank you for sharing these interesting perspectives! You and I are the same age and I've not heard of this trend, but I'm very glad to see it (and to feel like I'm not alone)! I have been waiting for certain old looks to be new again. I've enjoyed your books and blog because I aspire to gracious living, which doesn't mean "stuffy" or frivolous.

The trend seems like an update on "retro". While my personal clothing style is formed around a somewhat classic/tailored/minimalist aesthetic, I often dress the basics up with jewelry and accessories. I've collected brooches from the women in my family since I was a child and still love to wear them. I've joked for years that I'm "bringing brooches back". haha.

Maybe it's the extra time people have spent at home during the pandemic that has brought about a trend in appreciating beautiful things that reflect your own style? Or a yearning for items and furnishings that provide comfort or nostalgia? Regardless of the reason, I'm happy to see it. I don't like a lot of clutter, but I'm certainly not a minimalist. I think there's a happy medium, and your recent bedroom update shows you strike the balance well. In decor, I like to mix older traditional, federal and even some regency pieces with a clean updated look. The recent trends--Farmhouse, mid century or minimalist style do not match our home's architecture at all, so even if I wanted to incorporate them, they would look out of place. Needless to say, I've not been "on trend" for years. I'm not sure I like the "granny" moniker, either, but I do absolutely treasure my grandmother's (brown!) claw-footed tables and the grandfather clock from her home. They were never top of the line items or ultra expensive, but even less expensive older items seem to be better quality than most of what is available new today.

I hope this trend expands over time as well...i.e., formal dining, separate spaces in the home, and people wanting to have and use their finer things as you often advocate.
This was such an enjoyable post for me. Thank you!

Margaret Anne said...

I love traditional style in both decorating and dressing. It's the only thing that lasts. Grandmillenial is just another way of saying traditional, in my opinion, and I think it's great that young people are wise enough to embrace it. It is much better for the environment, and much less expensive than trend-chasing. It is also more distinctive. One thing the shut down has taught us is the importance of hearth and home. When tough times arise in life, it is primarily our families and our homes that we can count on for support and comfort.

Zillah said...

Hi Jennifer,

Oh! So there IS a term for this! I just love the feeling of connection to past generations and unique clothing that I like. This requires resourcefulness as it's not in the ready-made, mainstream market place.

Polly said...

This was an amusing video! I had to laugh because I just inherited a beautiful walnut china cabinet from my grandparents (even more special because it was made by a cousin who is a sixth-generation fine furniture maker) & I was SO excited because at long last I have a drawer for all of my doilies. 😂

I also knit, wear aprons, love toile....so although I’m a little too old to be a millennial, I’m a granny for sure. However, if I think of my own grandmothers, I think there is no higher compliment!

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Ladies, I have enjoyed reading your comments. I will need to address this again in another video because so many women could relate to this! Just check out the comments on YouTube. Thank you for being a part of this community. This was so fun!



Janet W. said...

Thank you for sharing about Grandmillenials. My preference is Great-great grandmillenial going back to the Victorian era. Have been wearing ankle length dresses and skirts etc for about 7 yrs and enjoy many of that era’s styles. Never liked the clothes styles past this point since they became less modest or feminine, with the exception of the garment styles of Laura Ashley. Maybe you could address these styles sometime on your videos.
Janet W.