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Meditations on Homemaking: The Comforts of Home

Welcome back to another homemaking week in the life. Actually, this video spans a few weeks as I took a break from filming. I do love this series, but an unfortunate side effect of it, is that I can never do anything at home without wondering if I should film it. I found that mentality to be a bit unhealthy so I took a little break. But here I am again with meditations on homemaking... and I have many.

First, let's start with the refuge of home, which can be a place of solace and comfort from the harsh world outside. How have you been affected by the lockdown restrictions? I hope that you are not adversely affected and that you are able to find comfort at home.

This mask is by Christy Dawn. What has your experience been like with masks? It is very hot here so it is a challenge to wear them for long periods of time...

Next, let's talk about homemaking mistakes. You will remember the potatoes I have been carefully nurturing for the past three months... well........ 😆

In today's video you find out what happened to those dear fingerlings. I had planned on sautéing them in oil and cooking them up with a steak. Maybe next time?

And finally, when our home life becomes too much. Find another place to seek refuge. For many people that will be a little hidden corner in the house, or maybe your front porch, or back garden. Maybe it's your balcony. Return to that space regularly to escape the pressures of everyday life.

My Secret Garden
When it all becomes too much,
I go outside to change the scene.
This technique works for my toddler,
Hint: it also works for me.

My worries tend to melt away,
Under the brim of my large sun hat.
The vines, vegetables, fruits, and I,
Enjoy a quiet chat.

How inviting it is to linger here,
I’m tempted to just pitch a tent.
Let them fend for themselves inside…
They’d all wonder where I went.

But instead I’ll capture this time,
To gather my herbs and flowers.
My secret garden escape,
The fruit of those springtide showers.

- Jennifer L. Scott

Thank you for watching today's video. I hope you enjoy my homemaking series and that it provides you with motivation and inspiration in your daily life.

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Comment of the Week

Blythe Brownlow writes, "I have loved everything about this month chic assignment and this is no exception. Thank you for being so raw and honest, I found myself tearing up as you were. I love Langston Hughes poetry, my youngest daughter was actually to be named Langston if she were a boy. I have watched your videos for several years and I think this might be my favorite :) Thank you for all you do."

Thank you, Blythe! I'm so happy the Chic Assignments are a joyful part of your month!

I would love to hear your thoughts on today's video. Is your home a refuge for you? Where do you go when you need to take refuge from your own home? Let us know and your comment could be chosen as comment of the week.

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Unknown said...

Jennifer, thank you for taking the time to make and share these wonderful
videos. They are so refreshing! I am thankful that as mothers and homemakers we can encourage one another in our calling. Thank you as well for sharing your experience with the potatoes...yes, we can all relate! :-)

Kirsty said...

Good morning Jennifer, I really love your homemaking posts and as I’ve just taken a six month sabbatical from my teaching job I am really enjoying finding my own rhythm of homemaking 🙂
I laughed right along with you when you washed those potatoes, it’s such a wonderful thing to laugh out loud first thing in the morning! It has really set the tone for the rest of my day - thank you!


Kgirl said...

Hi Jennifer

It's great to see you wearing a mask but I'm concerned about how you removed it, as it defeats the purpose entirely if you picked up viral particles on it, which you may have spread around your car/to yourself. Masks should be removed carefully by the strings and disposed of directly into a laundry basket (or in the bin, if it's a disposable mask) without touching the exterior. After removing the mask you should immediately wash your hands thoroughly with soap and hot water or disinfectant before touching anything else. Could you please share this helpful video with your readers so that others know what to do. It may even save lives:


The Daily Connoisseur said...

Thank you, ladies! The potatoes were a hoot. We are still laughing about them :)

Susanne Sutton said...

Hi, Jennifer. These continue to be my favourite videos. I found that the voice-over this time detracted from my sense of the meditative quality, though, and I was surprise that you said others had asked you to add voice-over. I guess you can't please everyone! Every blessing, Susanne PS I laughed with you about the potatoes!

DJ said...

Jennifer, as a retired nurse I encourage you to note Kgirl's comment. She is correct about how to safely remove a mask. I keep a ziplock baggie in my car and when I remove a washable mask I put it inside that bag and then sanitize my hands - use another mask if you plan to stop at another store. Your videos are wonderful, please keep them coming. Stay safe. donna

Lindsey said...

I enjoyed the music in this video, especially the first two pieces. If you have time, will you share their names? Thank you for the encouragement and a good laugh!

Anna said...

Good day! Theese series is my favorite. I was laughfing for a long time because of potatoes washing! Not because it happened, but due to your sencere laughfing. By the way you had inspired me to grow my own potato harvest at the balcony. But I'm still waiting for it.

Sandy said...

Good morning! I could not stop laughing with you about washing the potatoes. I have done some crazy things too, like putting something in the fridge that does not belong there or throwing something away that I shouldn't have, and then wondering where these items are lol. I love your poem. It would be great to see a book of poems published that reflect homemaking, turning the every day chores that are often distained into something beautiful and rewarding (even something like putting the groceries away). Thank you for supporting and highlighting the wonderful benefits of homemaking. Just a shift in attitude about how and why we approach our home life can make all the difference. Have a wonderful week!