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5 Things to Consider When Planning Your Spring Wardrobe


As I gather the pieces together for my spring wardrobe, I have been pondering some key questions with regard to wardrobe. In today's video we are going to look at these important questions to consider. 

How would you dress if you faced no limitations? Many people wish to dress a certain way but place limitations on themselves, and end up settling for "no style" by wearing workout clothing everyday. How would you dress if those limitations didn't exist? 

What is a style you've been longing to try? Similarly, many people long to try a specific style (like dresses or jumpsuits) but avoid doing so based on a certain issue. With jumpsuits, for example, many people use the "bathroom conundrum" as a reason to not try out the style. Some women avoid dresses so as not to draw too much attention to themselves. What if you tried a style you're longing to try this season? What would happen? 

Dress by Rachel Pally

What colors do you feel beautiful in? Do you tend to get compliments when you wear a certain color? Try to wear that color more this spring – not to get more compliments, but because the origin of those compliments most likely arises from the flattering color of the garment. 

What is your plan for accessories? I'm guessing you have some accessories in your wardrobe that you don't often wear. Go through your accessories and decide to wear them or toss them this season. 

Does your wardrobe tell a story? If no, what story would you like it to tell? The next time you walk into a chic small boutique notice how all of the clothing is curated to tell a story. Everything seems to go with everything else. This doesn't mean that all of the pieces are matchy-matchy, but that they tell a style story. You can achieve that with your wardrobe too. 

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Comment of the Week
Valerie writes, "Thank you for this timely video. So many adults lose their passion as life progresses, and I know I did. I now know that one has to take tine to tend to one's needs and passions. I worked at a very demanding job for 20+ years, and I lost myself. I am slowly gaining a perspective of who I am, and reuniting with my passions. I feel this may be a positive outcome from the pandemic--well maybe for me."

Hi Valerie, it does take time to tend to your needs and passions. I hope you are able to gain new perspective after retiring. We are rooting for you! 

Thank you for joining me for today's video. I would love to know about the progress with your wardrobe. Your comment could be chosen as comment of the week on the blog. 

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Mary Z said...

Dressing Your Truth addresses all of these issues. It's about energy profiling. When you discover what type you are, you understand why you're drawn to certain colors or jewelry (substantial or dainty), and they have color cards for each of the four types. They tell you exactly what hairstyles, makeup, colors, clothing lines and jewelry looks good on you. There are a lot of free videos, and more info if you pay monthly or for a whole year. I love that it's not just about colors. It's about who you are and what type of energy you have. Whether you're more still, bold and striking, or beautiful, soft and quiet, or energetic, rich and dynamic, or bubbly and light. Finally everything makes sense and I know what to shop for now after years of trying to copy other beautiful women and failing to look good in what they looked good in.

Unknown said...

You might like Kettlewell for their beautiful colorful pieces.
They would most certainly have something in orchid.

1 Blessed Bubba said...

I've never tried these brands before but I think you might like them. One is Bates Sisters Boutique and the other is Chic Wish.

1 Blessed Bubba said...

Actually, Never mind about Chic Wish. But the Bates Sisters Boutique is owned by three Christian sisters. You should check them out:)

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Hi ladies, thank you for all of these suggestions! I appreciate you watching and commenting. Have a wonderful week!

~ Jennifer

susan8 said...

I am so interested in taking the e course on the ten item wardrobe. But it is no longer available....will you be doing a new one, or am I out of luck?
Love your blogs!

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Hello Susan, I am currently redoing the ten-item wardrobe eCourse to make it more up-to-date. I will announce when it is ready for purchase again. Thank you for your understanding. ~ Jennifer