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Ten-Item Capsule Wardrobe Spring 2021

Welcome to The Ten-Item Capsule Wardrobe for Spring. 

This year's video was filmed in my sister's beautiful garden. Let's have a look at the core items. This year I have 11 core items. If you are new to the ten-item wardrobe, I recommend you read my book, Lessons from Madame Chic. The aim is to have ten core items, but the "ten" can be held loosely. Some years you might have eleven... some years you might have nine. 

I will discuss each of the items in detail in the upcoming ten-item wardrobe talk-through, but for now, let's look at the core items and new extras. 

SKYE Charlotte belted shirt dress  Jennifer20 for 20% off

Rungolee "Porto" dress DailyC for free silk face mask with purchase

SKYE Risette dress Jennifer20 for 20% off 

Lilysilk blouse Daily15 for 15% off 
Mott & Bow "Henry" jean JLS10 for 10% off 

Rungolee Louise blouse DailyC for free silk face mask w/ purchase


Let's look at the extras. The extras are composed of special occasion-wear, tee shirts, and accessories, etc.

SKYE Isabella dress  Jennifer20 for 20% off 

Mer-Sea & Co. Catalina slub tee

SKYE Ismay earring Jennifer20 for 20% off 

                                              Jackie Mack Designs "key to my heart" necklace 

SKYE Laure pearl bracelet Jennifer20 for 20% off 

SKYE Cosette pearl earrings Jennifer20 for 20% off 

                                       The Spanish Sandal Co. tan nubuck sandals JEN10 for 10% off 

                                                                   Lulu's tan sandals


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Comment of the Week

Purl Two Together writes, "I love this video because I am disabled by a chronic illness and am inspired by my late nana who got dressed and did her face and hair even when she was dying of cancer. She always wanted to look her best. For me, even if I can't get dressed or do more than rest all day, putting on scent is the way I make myself feel better. But I love to pull on a dress, do a touch of makeup, pop earrings in and then I feel sooooooo much better but am still as comfortable as I'd be in my nightgown."

I love your comment and enjoyed reading about how your Nana inspired you. Thank you for sharing your tips with us!

I hope you enjoyed my ten-item capsule wardrobe lookbook for spring. I'll be going over the garments with you in greater detail in next week's talk-through.

Special thanks to Britain Films and Dava Marketing for this video.

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Jessica Deeb said...

Hi Jennifer! Beautiful video. I am wondering if you have a methodology for picking out clothes, particularly if it is in a higher price point range (subjective, I know). For instance, I love the denim jumpsuit on you, but when I got to the website I was underwhelmed. Do you pick out clothes based on others recommendations? Do you order many pieces with the hopes of finding 1 you love? And then do you have requirements for keeping? I would love to hear your thoughts on this!

JC said...

Hi Jennifer. You look stunning and give me hope that at 41, perhaps my best self is still ahead! If I may ask, did you have your wedding rings reset? It looks as though you combined your original wedding band and your anniversary eternity band into one design. I am a jewelry lover and couldn't help but notice they looked slightly different but equally exquisite. Thank you for all you do to inspire your audience.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Thank you for watching, ladies!

Jessica- thank you! I explain a lot of my process in the talk-through scheduled for next week. I ordered the Paige jumpsuit and had to make the choice on whether to keep it or not and chose to keep it. The neckline is tricky, but I was able to make it work with a half camisole, which I will discuss next week. Hope that helps!

JC- Thank you! No, I have not reworked my wedding and engagement ring. They are the same. Thank you so much for watching!

emmac said...

I love all of these items so much, love your channel and your approach to life. I agree with everything I've seen you post about so far and I also just took out all of your books from our library. I'm on a budget otherwise I would have bought them, I did buy your Connoisseur Kids book though as the library didn't have it and I'm so glad I need. I'm excited to teach the basic skills that I never really learned growing up, to our son. I found your youtube channel only last week and the next day I got rid of almost my entire wardrobe as it was all too big for me, super ratty, too casual and just plain unattractive. I kept a few pieces that are decent but I need to start from scratch. I am super inspired to present myself beautifully at all times going forward! I am on a tight budget though so I'd love to hear your suggestions and where to find lower priced similar items. Thank you!

Jessica Deeb said...

Looking forward to it, thank you!

Unknown said...

Hi Jennifer! I have been watching your YouTube channel, following your blog before that and have all of your books.. I love seeing how your style has evolved and that you have truly come into your own.. I mentor 4 young women from church, and am sharing your channel and books with them. God bless you and your family. Stacie

JC said...

Thank you for responding, Jennifer. I guess they just looked extra gorgeous in that oasis of a garden and in the sunlight!

Stacy said...

I am just starting the ten capsule wardrobe after finding you a couple weeks ago....when do you pick/ plan and shop for each season? Do you do it a few weeks ahead of time? I love to hear your thought process and anything that you have discovered over the years. I am working on my closet this weekend to try to do a practice round for May just from what I have. I began this morning by simply taking out all the winter/fall and it already feels so good and I can feel energized. I never wanted a number but now I see I may find freedom from a boundary I thought I didn't want!!! Thank you.