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Ten-Item Capsule Wardrobe Talk-Through Spring 2021


Welcome to the Ten-Item Wardrobe talk-through for spring 2021.  In today's video I'm sharing my thoughts on the core items and extras that comprise my ten-item wardrobe for spring.

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SKYE Charlotte belted shirt dress  Jennifer20 for 20% off

Rungolee "Porto" dress DailyC for free silk face mask with purchase

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Lilysilk blouse Daily15 for 15% off 
Mott & Bow "Henry" jean JLS10 for 10% off 

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Let's look at the extras. The extras are composed of special occasion-wear, tee shirts, and accessories, etc.

SKYE Isabella dress  Jennifer20 for 20% off 

Mer-Sea & Co. Catalina slub tee

SKYE Ismay earring Jennifer20 for 20% off 

                                              Jackie Mack Designs "key to my heart" necklace 

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                                       The Spanish Sandal Co. tan nubuck sandals JEN10 for 10% off 

Oliver Cabell white leather sneaker JSCOTT10 for $10 off 

                                                                   Lulu's tan sandals


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Comment of the Week
Emma writes, "Do you ever grow weary of your morning routine and change things up? I am struggling right now between learning to be content with my lifestyle and yet responding to a need for new routine."

Hi Emma, I do change my routine up, depending on the situation. When my youngest son is older, I won't be so concerned with not making noise in the morning so I might empty the dishwasher before they get up, for example. Also, one day if I'm able to work more in the afternoon, I might add exercise into my morning. I say switch it up if you're in a rut with it. Thanks for commenting!

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Adventures said...

This was enjoyable to watch. You look fabulous in all these outfits, and I can see that you really do love them and wear them confidently. That yellow color is a nice shade and looks really good on you. I like that you are trailblazing a style unique to you with the jumpsuits. They look great and you radiate happiness and playfulness when you wear them. I will look into some of these companies. Thanks for sharing!

Christian said...

What a lovely sprig wardrobe! Thank you for inspiring your followers to be intentional and thoughtful in dressing. I always enjoy when you talk about the items you’re retiring, and the thought process behind why. This helps me so much in considering what I should keep.