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My Morning Routine


Mega Motivation continues this month as I share my morning routine with you. This is an on-going collaboration with the lovely Dawn from The Minimal Mom and many other talented YouTubers. We are all sharing our morning routines so click on this playlist link to see all of the other videos. I hope they leave you inspired to fine-tune your own morning routine.

As a work-at-home mother of small children, I find that I have to fit my work in the early morning hours. It would be nice to do an exercise routine, get some cleaning, and leisure time in, but I take each opportunity to work, which is what you will see in today's video. 

I would love to know what your morning routine consists of. Do you have a leisurely and restorative morning? Or do you need to fit work into the early morning hours? How do you need to alter your routine to better fit your life? Let us know.

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Comment of the Week

Olivia B. writes, "I'm so ready to follow this month assignment ❤️ now that I'm more happy because I'm reading poetry, writing, drawing and painting again... Feeling alive for the first time in a long time! Hope to be a better mother and wife by enjoying my free time!"

Hi Olivia, I'm so happy you are going to follow along with the May Chic Assignment. It's simply wonderful that you are enjoying the arts again too.

Thank you for joining me for today's video. I would love to know how you fine-tune your morning routine. See you on Thursday for the ten-item capsule wardrobe talk-through.



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Chris said...

Sweet Jennifer, I'm very interested what kind of bible you are using. Looking for one that is divided in daily sections as to have it read in a year just as you do. It's just that over here in Belgium we are not used to it and therefore hard to find a suitable bible. So in there comes Amazon :-) Anyway, thank you in advance for your answer.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Hi Chris, Thanks for your comment! It's the KJV version. Thank you!

Christina said...

I highly recommend The Bible Project reading plan (through the Bible app). It takes you through the Bible in a year and has awesome videos to go with it. It’s also free using the app. :-)

Christina said...

I highly recommend The Bible Project reading plan (through the Bible app). It takes you through the Bible in a year and has awesome videos to go with it. It’s also free using the app. :-)

Unknown said...

Hello! So lovely and inspiring. Question about IF and the early wake up. My eating hours, for example, are 10-6/11-7. Do you find it difficult to start so early if you have to remain without food that long?

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Thank you, Christina!

Unknown- thanks for your question. I do not find it difficult now. In the beginning it was a challenge but I think it's because I was used to eating shortly after I woke up. I wasn't necessarily hungry.