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5 Ways to Be More Elegant


In today's video I'm sharing 5 ways to be more elegant. These are practical tips that can aid you in any social situation. 

⚜️Be open and friendly

When meeting new people our body language should be open and friendly, not closed off and standoffish. A great reminder is to keep your phone out of sight so you don't use it as a crutch when you start to feel social anxiety. Giving eye contact, smiling, and listening, with genuine interest will take you far when wishing to express an air of elegance. 

⚜️Be interesting 

Once you do engage in conversation, have interesting things to say. Discuss topics you are passionate about and that can help you get to know the other person. Don't be afraid to discuss books, films, interesting places, and cuisines. 

⚜️Go light on the makeup

For an optimal air of elegance, daytime makeup should be subtle and kept to a minimum. Daylight reveals all things and we do not want our faces caked with makeup. Get away with using only what you need to enhance your beauty. You can always turn the volume up on your makeup application after sunset, if desired. 

⚜️Dress for elegance

You knew this tip was coming! Our first impressions of people are always visual impressions and what you wear is like your visual calling card to the world. Dress appropriately and dress for elegance, displaying your true style. When you get in the habit of doing this on a regular basis, not just when you "expect" to see people, you will naturally exude elegance.

⚜️Practice good deportment

Another visual cue lies in our posture. Good posture and deportment (how we sit, stand, and walk) makes up a lot of our elegant persona. If you are not in the habit of sitting, standing, and walking in an elegant fashion, it's time to practice on a daily basis. Practice at home. Walk elegantly up and down the stairs. Be conscious of how you sit and how your posture performs throughout the day. This will make you move gracefully and be a very flattering aspect of your visual first impression. 

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MM, thank you for that high compliment. That's what I'm going for!

I hope you enjoyed today's video. I would love to know your tips for being elegant in every circumstance.

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Erica said...

I think elegant ladies are good listeners. I'm always impressed when someone remembers something I told them last time and asks about it next time. It shows me she was truly listening. When such a person says "I'll be thinking of you" or "I'll keep you in my prayers ", I know they really mean it. I try to do the same.

Susanne Sutton said...

Hi, Jennifer. Thank you for these very thoughtful ideas. I especially agree with your thoughts on posture, not only from an elegance point of view, but also from the perspective of health. I've been seeing a chiropractor for over 10 years, and one of his pet peeves is bad posture because it's so unhealthy for your muscles and nerves. We need to be especially careful if we have to spend a lot of time on screens, as we often are so focused on our work (or recreation!) that we forget about our posture--the temptation to hunch is strong and natural. To foster health, a laptop or desktop computer should be at a height that allows us to sit with correct posture and with our head at the proper angle, not hanging down to see the screen; an external keyboard and mouse are very helpful, as they free you from the built-in ones which often dictate bad posture. Phones and tablets are less harmful if held at levels that allow us to keep our heads up, too. There are lots of websites on proper ergonomics that can help advise on what height is best for you.
Another aspect of posture is that, especially for ladies who are "well endowed," good foundation garments are a wise investment, as proper support allows you to maintain good posture. The store I go to offers professional fittings free of charge, and they have a customer loyalty programme which makes purchasing more expensive garments more affordable (I find that, well cared for, these garments last a lot longer than their less expensive counterparts, as well). I've adopted both these ideas--about screens and foundation garments--and have found them to make the difference between painful visits to the chiropractor and simple monthly maintenance. And they help me look more elegant, too! Every blessing, Susanne