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What's in My Bag? Fall 2021 | Handbag Essentials

This summer I fell down the rabbit hole watching What's in My Bag? videos on the Christian Dior YouTube channel (the strange things we watch...). I enjoyed watching them very much and realized it had been a long time since I did one for my own channel. So, today I'm sharing What's in My Bag? 

The bag in today's video is a Smythson Panama Moon bag. This beautiful handbag was a gift from my wonderful in-laws, and I enjoyed using it last Fall/ Winter season and look forward to doing the same this year. I love how spacious it is. While the bag is no longer available, I am linking Smythson here. I'm also linking some of my favorite handbag companies down below so you can check them out if you are in the market for a new handbag:

⚜️ Handbag and Wallet Resources
Teddy Blake  TBJennC30 for $30 off 
American Leather Co. THEDAILY gives 25% off
Tocco Toscano TDCXTOS for 15%
Teddy Blake TBJennC20 for an Extra $20 Off
Jord (vegan handbags) thedailyconnoisseur25 for 25% off
Susan Tancer Studios STSJEN20 for $20 off

⚜️ What's in My Bag? 

Hand sanitizer Sudsy Soapery  JENNIFERSCOTT for 5% off 
OverEasy breakfast bar  (These are so good. Peanut Butter is my favorite)
Key chain- from Sherlock Holmes museum, London 
Pinrose perfume  Code JSCOTT for 30% off (Scent: Secret Genius)

⚜️What I'm Wearing
Saint James Breton Strip Tee (great resource for Bretons) 
Nail Polish Londontown Ring Me  JenniferS for 25% off 
Jeans by Mott & Bow  JLS10 for 10% off 

MERIT lip oils The color "Taupe" is one of my favorite lip gloss shades ever.

I've been using The Sudsy Soapery's lavender spray hand sanitizer all throughout the pandemic. It smells like a spa every time I spritz it. JENNIFERSCOTT for 5% off

Pinrose perfume: Secret Genius JSCOTT for 30% off

The Rungolee silk face mask has adjustable side straps, which gives a custom fit to my face. Anjali sends a free silk face mask with every order (while supplies last) with the code, DAILYC

The Over Easy protein breakfast bars are delish. You can find them at Whole Foods or on Amazon

My Louis Vuitton wallet has been going strong for 8 years. You can find them pre-owned on ReBag or eBay


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Comment of the Week
Charlie B. writes, "I wrote my undergraduate thesis on Gwen John's art. I love her- she reminds me of my great grandmother. She walked her way across Europe selling songs and sketches to buy food and shelter when she didn't sleep in barns! Eventually she led a quiet life in the Paris suburbs, painting neighbors and cats."

Charlie, I love that you wrote your thesis on Gwen John. I'm really looking forward to getting to know her story and enjoying her art in this month's Chic Assignment. Thanks for commenting!

I hope you enjoyed today's What's in My Bag? video. I would love to know about your handbag essentials. Your comment could be chosen as comment of the week on the blog.

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Unknown said...

Loved seeing what's in your handbag!
Oh, and which of Agatha Christie's novels are your favorites? I've never read one, although I've always wanted to.