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Wine Etiquette 101 | Do's and Don'ts Everyone Should Know

 I'm sharing wine etiquette tips that every lady and gentleman should know in today's video

Wine do's and don'ts: what are they? What are the basic rules we should remember when drinking wine. Whether you are an occasional wine drinker like I am, or you enjoy wine every day, these are wine rules to practice.

Do hold your glass by the stem or the base

Don’t hold it by the barrel or you will warm the wine

Do drink from the same spot on your glass

Don’t leave lipstick marks all over your glass


Do hold the bottle from the base when pouring

Don’t hold the bottle from the nozzle when pouring

Do fill your glass less than half-way up

Don’t fill your glass to the top

Do drink at a leisurely pace, matching that of your companions or less.

Don’t get drunk.

Do allow the waiter to refill your glass, if desired 

Don’t down your wine while the waiter approaches so you can get the most in your cup. (this is the funny blooper)

Do clink the bell of the glass

Don’t clink the tip

Do look your partner in the eyes when saying "cheers"

Don’t look at the wine when saying cheers

Do offer to fill other people’s glasses before you fill your own

Don’t refill your glass first


Do make sure you’re drinking from your glass

Don’t accidentally drink from someone else’s glass

Do use the correct wine glass to drink wine in

Don’t serve wine in an inappropriate glass

Do take food into consideration when deciding on a wine to serve.

Don’t serve a Rosé with a hearty Bolognese, for example

Do Serve wine at the correct temperature:

  1. Red wine at room temperature- 65 to 72 degrees F

  2. Dry white wine should be chilled and served at 45 degrees F

  3. Rosé chilled and served at 45 degrees F

Don’t serve your wine at the incorrect temperature

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Susanne Sutton said...

Query: How elegant is it to belly laugh during luncheon? I usually lunch alone, and on Mondays I watch your new video while eating. Today I actually had to stop eating several times to laugh out loud at your antics! Love your sense of humour--and great wine tips, too! Every blessing, Susanne

Mary Elizabeth said...

That's interesting. I read in etiquette books years ago (maybe things have changed), to hold white wine by the stem to keep it cold (it would be chilled) and red wine by the barrel to warm it as it is to be drunk at room temperature and warming it releases the bouquet and flavor more (something like that), so that's what I've always done. I'll have to read up on the rules. I agree that holding a glass by the stem is more elegant. I actually prefer stemless glasses because I can be clumsy with the stems, bumping them.

Mary Elizabeth said...

Actually, what I mean is gently cradling the red wine glass under the barrel, which I think can look elegant. A big faux pas that my boyfriend and his family do is to add ice cubes to wine! Even red!

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Thank you for your comments, Mary and Susanne! Susanne, I laughed! It was fun to film this video :)

Mary, a lot of people were mentioning ice cubes in the comments. Yikes!

I hope you both have a lovely evening.


Amanda said...

I've been served ice in my wine at restaurants many, many times in the summer. Even at the Moet et Chandon tasting room in Champagne. So maybe it's an american wine faux pas? But here in France I don't think it's a big deal.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Hi Amanda, I think the problem with ice is that it waters down the wine and alters the flavor and the entire bouquet. I've never encountered ice in wine, but it's neat to hear you say they do that in France. We need to look into it! :)

Unknown said...

Thank you for the great video. I found it informative while humorous at the same time. I have been thinking since I don't really enjoy the taste of alcohol; what would be the best course of action if I find myself in a situation where wine is only being served, a dinner party for example? I don't want to be rude in my conduct. I appreciate in advance any suggestions.