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Re-Bloom Your Orchids

With a little care and attention you can get your orchids to bloom year after year. Once the blooms fall off your orchid, continue to take care of it. Trim back any parts of the stem that have dried off. Continue to water your orchids once a week and feed them at least once a month. Over time you will notice new growth and eventually new blooms. This is so rewarding!

This week's video shows you two of my orchids that have produced new blooms. The first half of the video shows the new buds and the second shows the full blooms over one month later. If you are unable to see the video, click here, look in the sidebar of this blog, or visit my channel: www.youtube.com/TheDailyConnoisseur

Is Vulgar the New Normal?

My latest piece for Huffington Post Entertainment is called, Is Vulgar the New Normal? It discusses the increasingly disturbing trend of vulgarity in our popular culture. I feel very passionately about this piece. Please share with your friends if you agree.


♥ This Wednesday, March 6th, I will be appearing on One Chic Mama TV at 1pm PST. I'll be joining host Mary Michele via Skype for the hour as we discuss all things style. To watch the show on your computer visit this link: http://www.nissancommunications.com/onechicmama.php or click here. You can also phone in at any time during the hour to ask me a question by calling 919.851.3858, Or you can Skype Chat at: Computers2kvoice. Please phone or Skype in, I'd love to speak with you! Find One Chic Mama on Facebook.

♥ I have also written another article for Huffington Post Style discussing the merits of le no makeup look for spring.

♥ Former Fleet Street photojournalist and great family friend of ours, Clive Limpkin, has just released his autobiography, Lost in the Reptile House, available exclusively for Apple's iPad and iTunes. Learn more about the book here. Visit Clive's website here.

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Priscilla said...

What orchid food are you using?

Senora Vargas said...

Jennifer, is natural sunlight necessary for happy, healthy orchids? My apartment doesn't get a lot of light to begin with and my orchids end up in shadier areas, like the bathroom or the entryway. Do you keep yours near areas with lots of light?

For anyone that's interested, I get my orchid food from whole foods and it seems to work nicely.

Jeanene MacLean said...

I agree with you on the issue of vulgarity. I'm sick of it. Everyone seems to think its just fine. The F-word is so common it's redicuous.

Heather B said...

I see that you don't have your orchids in a mix, do you always leave your roots bare? They look so healthy. Do you spritz the roots every week, then?

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Hi Ladies, Thanks for commenting! To answer your questions:

Priscilla- I am now using "Grow More" Orchid food, but I have used Schultz in the past.

Senora Vargas- Natural sunlight is ideal. I would keep yours near a window. You couldn't keep one in a bathroom without a natural light source, for example.

Jeanene- Thanks re: the Huff Post article. This subject is so important to me!

Heather- I do not replant my orchids. I did once and the results were disastrous. I know there is a way to do it and I must have done it wrong! I water my orchids and let the water drain once a week. Check out my other orchid videos for more details.

Victoria said...

Hi Jennifer,
Congratulations on your beautiful orchid blooms. You might know this already, but it looks like you have a new plant growing on the one with the purple & white blooms. You can actually cut off that part of the plant with the leaves & roots and replant it and then, voila, a whole new plant. You can search for that online or talk to someone at a plant store who knows orchids. I enjoy your blog and loved Lessons from Madame Chic. Keep up the good work.