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Reader Q&A: Capsule Wardrobe, Anxiety, Orchids & French Film

Since the last Reader Questions Answered post I have received so many questions for the series. I love to hear from you and enjoy doing these videos. Part of me feels a bit intimidated by answering your questions... but everything I do stems from a curiosity on how to live well, and that is how I approach each answer. I always enjoy when you comment and give your own take on these subjects so we can learn from each other!

This installment of Reader Q&A covers capsule wardrobe, dealing with anxiety, orchid food (yes I got all of your orchid related queries!) and French films. Oh la la!

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This testimonial comes from the Guestbook on my author website. It is written by Tammy, who says:

Hi, Jennifer!
I ordered your book on Kindle three days ago, and finished it yesterday. With your book as a guide, I promptly organized my wardrobe, as I had been in a fashion rut for awhile. I found that I did not even like or wear over 90% of my clothes, many of which were relics from my college days (and I graduated six years ago!), some were even from high school. Remained were the few very flattering pieces made of good materials that I seldom wore because they were “saved” for more “worthy” events, which doesn’t even make any sense to me now. I also used your guide at Saks yesterday to pick up a few key pieces that were lacking in my wardrobe. I now have, literally, only 10 pieces, and they all make me look great and feel great! I don’t think I have felt this happy and free in years, if ever. Thank you!

Thank you Tammy!

Next week will show part two of this video... see you then! x

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Rayna St. Pierre said...

Jennifer, you give such sage advice for dealing with anxiety! Being in the present moment makes a world of difference. Paradoxically, I've found that getting our of myself - whether that means focusing on others or channeling women who I imagine are confident in every situation, say Condoleeza Rice or Madeleine Albright (I'm so weird, I know!) - helps tremendously!

Rio said...

Just wanted to mention that on Netflix if you search for any french film, then click on the subject link labeled "French" it will take to a pretty good list of french language films. Then your click on the sort tab and place them in order by the year. All the Netflix's new french language films will then be on top.

efstathia kositzidou said...

Jennifer i really like your blog and your book is a constant source of inspiration.could you recommend a few favourite books and films of yours new ones.thanks.Efi.

Amy Gatschner said...

Hi Jennifer. I enjoyed the video as always and appreciate your advice on dealing with anxiety.
On a side note I wanted to metion that you look lovely in this video. Taking your own advice you look pulled together and natural. I love your hair in this video and am wondering what lipstick you are wearing?

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Thank you for your lovely comments! Rayna you crack me up. I don't think you are weird, but wonderful :)

Rio- thanks for the tip!

Efi- Thank you for the request... I'll address it in the future

Amy- Thank you very much. I believe I am wearing the Belvada soft pink in this video.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Jennifer,
2 questions about interiors. How would you describe your own personal decorating style and system for decorating? Your house seems really lovely as seen on your blog. Also, would you be willing to share the names of the beautiful blue and yellow paint colors that appear in the background of some of your videos? I really love both colors.