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Get Ready With Me: A Night at the Ballet

A night at the theatre... one of my favorite pastimes ever. Last Friday I saw The Los Angeles Ballet's production of Swan Lake at Royce Hall. It was a double treat for me because Allyssa Bross, whom I had the pleasure of meeting at London Sole last year, was playing the principle role of Odette / Odile. She was superb. The entire company was such a joy to watch.

This week's video shares a black swan inspired makeup tutorial and shows my outfit for the evening. Pour yourself a cup of tea and come get ready with me...

Makeup used in the video:

CHANEL Perfection Lumiere Velvet foundation

Benefit Fake Up undereye concealer

Benefit Boi-ing concealer

Makeup Forever HD Powder

Sephora eyebrow editor in honey/ blonde

Urban Decay Primer Potion

MAC eyeshadow in bamboo

Urban Decay eyeshadow in Naked

Urban Decay Naked basics eyeliner in Venus/ Crave

CHANEL Inimitable Intense mascara

Hourglass ambient blush in mood exposure

MAC lipstick in Hang-up

Dior nail polish in nuit 1947

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Madame Chic Inspiring Thought
Perhaps you used to attend the theatre when you were younger, but now that life, with all of its responsibilities and stresses, has taken over, you can't remember the last time you saw a show. It feels wonderful to get back into it. Treat yourself and schedule in a date to see a play, ballet, opera, concert or art show in the next few weeks. Seek out the arts and allow that part of yourself to reawaken.

Comment of the week
Christina N. on YouTube shares a wise Buddhist saying:
"Before Enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After Enlightenment, chop wood, carry water."

This is such a great quote that really relates to At Home With Madame Chic. No matter what is going on in our exciting lives, we can always rely on our chores to be there waiting for us when we get home, so we might as well enjoy them!


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This week I would love to know... have you seen Swan Lake? What is your favorite ballet?

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Aussie Connoisseur said...

Hi Jennifer,

yes, I've seen Swan Lake, but I don't think I can pick a favourite ballet. I definitely prefer the more traditional ballets.

Your comment about being someone who used to enjoy the arts pre-kids and responsibilities struck a chord. When I lived in Sydney I was a subscriber to the Australian Ballet, the Sydney Dance Company and the Australian Chamber Orchestra (I'm a pianist by profession so this really wasn't excessive, just part of my life.) I now reside about 500 kilometres from Sydney, so no ballet. We are fortunate to have many fantastic concerts here, though, and your post made me remember that I have some fabulous ballets on DVD (Ballet Russe) - so no excuse not to enjoy some ballet!


celkalee said...

Dear Jennifer, I have read and thoroughly enjoyed both of your books. Great minds and all that....but I am old enough to be your Mother. I am sure your family is very proud of you. Back to the original question, yes I have seen Swan Lake, several times, different productions, mesmerizing. There was a time when I studied ballet and my love of the art is limitless. That said I totally endorse finding a way to continue to appreciate the arts after Motherhood. First,that is your life and Motherhood does not require you to totally abdicate yourself. (I know, that is debatable, particularly if you have children close in age or with special needs.) Second, your children will recognize the importance of your needs as well and by exposure will hopefully choose to explore artistic pursuits of their own. The best Mother (IMO) is a well rounded person. In any relationship it is essential to remain centered and honor your spirit. Ok, I'm done, I could go on and on. Great job. I also enjoy your tutorials and refer links to my friends.

Rose said...

Hullo Jennifer, what a simply elegant outfit, just right for the theatre. Like Madeleine above I am one of your Aussie readers, I live an hour and a half outside Sydney so the theatre and ballet are occasional events for us. I enjoy traditional ballet more than contemporary dance and Swan Lake is a great favourite. I hope you enjoyed your evening.

Rennae said...

Hi Jennifer, I love the ballet. In fact all I wanted to do when I grew up was dance with The Australian Ballet. While I never made it that far, I love to attend their performances whenever I can. I saw the 2012 Swan Lake performance in Melbourne. It was breathtaking. This year I received tickets for the Nutcracker for my birthday, and saw this just last month. For Christmas this year my husband is gifting me a season package for next years, 'Year of beauty', I am thrilled to be able to attend three performances next year, Giselle, Cinderella and The sleeping beauty. I think tickets to the Ballet or any theatre performance make the most wonderful gift. I am thoroughly enjoying your new book and looking at my house through new eyes. Thank you for sharing as you do,
Rennae x

maria said...

Hi Jennifer, i have seen it once & am seeing it again next month, I actually go to the ballet on my own as my friends & boyfriend are not into it so I think why should I miss out! Plus in the theatre your not there to chat &socialise, but it is great to go with friends too.
I have seen sleeping beauty twice, once traditional and the other a mathew Bourne production they was both fantastic but im a traditional girl at heart.
Also i shall be going to Paris next month for the first time! I have been reading your books & am really inspired by them so thank you.
Keep up the fabulous work you do.
lots of love from the UK
Maria. Xxx

Emma Knight Peel said...

I have not seen Swan Lake, but will put that on my to-do list. In Paris, I saw La Sylphide, which was stunning with all the ballerinas lined up in their white tutus. The Paris Opera House was gorgeous, too, with its Marc Chagall ceiling. His work reminds me of childhood paintings.

Caley said...

I have not seen Swan Lake before, but my favourite ballet (to date) is Giselle. My sister and I have a date this weekend to see our local ballet company's production of Dracula! Perfect for Halloween!

Gracie said...

I have never seen a ballet. However; I justed finished listening to the audiobook "Life in Motion, an unlikely ballerina". True and very inspiring story, I loved it.
You looks fabulous.

Kathryn Bechen said...

I adore the ballet and love Swan Lake. You look lovely in your outfit and the cat purse is the icing on the cake! Very fun and chic. :)

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen Swan Lake (though I love the music) but I have seen the RNZB perform Dracula.
Telling the tale without words would seem challenging enough, but one poor fellow was playing a character in a madhouse and had to express everything he had to "say" while in a strait-jacket!
And I'm still wondering how they got an apparently bare-chested vampire to bleed...

maria said...

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Deb said...

So many ballets I love. But if I must pick then it has to be The Nutcracker. Just for that Christmas feel.

Ladylike said...

My favorite ballet is also the Nutcracker. I'm excited because this year my daughter is old enough to make the drive into the city to see it properly performed with a live orchestra. Hurrah!

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Hello ladies. I love hearing your comments about the ballet. I hope your comments, along with this video, inspires people who have never been to check it out. It's such a beautiful art form. Jennifer xx

Polly said...

I have not seen Swan Lake, but I hope that I can someday soon--my son (who is 7) is obsessed with Tchaikovsky and considers the 1812 Overture, Swan Lake, and the Nutcracker to be the ultimate musical trifecta. Every day he lures his sister into dancing around the house to a Tchaikovsky piece--today it was 1812. Twice!

You looked lovely for the ballet!