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How to Fold a Towel + Christy Luxury Linens Giveaway

How to Fold a Towel
One of the fun tutorials found in At Home With Madame Chic is how to fold a towel. Many people don't think about this small detail, but when you fold your towels this way, it not only makes your linen cupboards a joy to look at, but it makes storage more efficient.

As mentioned in the book, I learned this technique from Anthea Turner's Perfect Housewife series (no longer on the air but such a motivating show!). Once you start folding your towels in this way, you'll never go back.

illustration by Virginia Johnson

First start with the towel lying flat. Then fold into thirds lengthwise. Take the long ends and fold them to meet in the middle, flip the towel over in half again and enjoy your beautifully folded towel.

Check out this special video to see the visual tutorial. If you are unable to see the video above, click here, look in the sidebar of this blog, or visit my channel www.youtube.com/TheDailyConnoisseur.


Christy, a high-quality linen company, has kindly offered to give away one luxury hamper of Supreme Hygro towels with matching robe and bath mat to a very lucky reader of The Daily Connoisseur. This hamper has a $395 value. You may enter the giveaway on Christy's special Daily Connoisseur page.

Christy sent me this hamper and I have had the pleasure of using these Supreme Hygro towels for the past few weeks. Made of 100% supima cotton, the towels are so soft, fluffy and luxurious and only get better with each wash.The Hygro technology are unique to Christy as they are made from a special luxury cotton that actually gets softer with washes, so the towels keep their plushness over time. I chose the white towels and bathrobe (you know how I love white linens!) but their towels come in 26 colors.

image from Christy website

image from Christy website

The giveaway will be open until December 1, 2014. Enter here and good luck!

For more on Christy, visit www.christylinens.com or check them out on Twitter and Facebook.

Thank you to Sequins and Sunflowers and JackieMania for your lovely reviews of At Home With Madame Chic.

Thank you for all of your wonderful feedback about the book! If you loved it too, make sure to write a review online to help spread the Madame Chic message.

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Daniella said...

I fold my towels this way too! I can't remember if I learned it from you a while back linking to that show or from Martha Stewart, I think you both do it the same way! It's amazing how neat it makes the linen closet look. Speaking of which, my linen closet could use some tidying up! Thanks for all these helpful tips Jennifer. Your book has been amazing so far! I can't wait to finish and re-read again, lol.

Anonymous said...

I tried this, and it is easy and so much neater looking. NOW, what do I do about the unsightly wadded mound of fitted sheets? After trying to fold sheets, I inevitably just give up and wad them together on the shelf.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed in the towel give away. I have been thinking that I would like some new ones, and these would be perfect.

Inkfanatic said...

I was thinking of this while I folded sheets yesterday. I am going to do this to my towels when I get home today! It's amazing to me how neat and orderly (not to mention space saving) this is! Finished the book last night, and it was super great till the last word! Thank you! Now, off to get 'Lessons' :D

Inkfanatic said...

Clicked too soon! Meant to say a gracious Thank You very much, for the towel give-away opportunity! They look scrumptious:)

Unknown said...

I agree. That's what happens to my fitted sheets too. LOL I end up just shoving them on the shelf.

WendyMcLeodMacKnight said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
WendyMcLeodMacKnight said...

Jennifer, I learned from my husband 30 years ago after he learned during his RCMP training! When I read your book on the weekend, the pictures of folded towels made me chuckle as he loves them 'just so'!

Caley said...

After reading this tip in At Home with Madame Chic, I tried it, and love the results! Not only is it more efficient on space (our linen closet is not terribly deep), it looks so much nicer whenever I open the linen closet! Hubs thought I was nuts, but it made folding the pile of towels a pleasurable activity for once!

Caley said...

@mimimanderly and Heather, try looking up some YouTube videos on how to fold fitted sheets. I did this when I was struggling to fold my son's crib sheets and it is much easier than expected! The trick is to line up the corner seams in an alternating right side-wrong side way and once you have that it's a piece of cake!

Kathryn Bechen said...

I love how clutter-free and simply serene your bedroom is. :)

Anonymous said...

I tried your suggestion of folding towels yesterday and things are looking much better! What I do with the sheets is stuff the set into a pillowcase. I end up with round sheet blobs on my shelf. I bet some other way would be better though. What I'm really loving is setting my tea cup out each night on one of those hard British place mats. I feel like a Lady each morning:) Thank you for such wonderful ways to improve the day!

Polly said...

I fold my towels this way as well! Everything looks so much nicer in the linen closet if the towels are tidy. I also love putting the towel on our guest bed for our guests--with a little soap and washcloth. It is already folded beautifully so it is easy to do and it looks pretty. I love putting 'hotel touches' on for guests. (My British sister-in-law even folds her toilet tissue over in the guest bathroom. I love that touch, too.)

Unknown said...

My grandmother taught me this way to fold towels! And also to always keep a stack of hand towels ready in a drawer so the bathroom can be instantly "refreshed." With 2 small grubby boys, I do that a lot!
I'm looking forward to reading your book this weekend!
Now, if you have a clever trick for folding sheets...

Rita said...

I do steps 1 & 2, then fold over twice, but I'll switch to Madame Chic's method now. As for towel, I love the way hotel towels feel, slightly rough and very absorbent. It's difficult to find absorbent towels nowadays, most are not absorbent, and WAY too thick!

Starr said...

I borrowed "The Perfect Housewife" series from LoveFilm, based on your recommendation a few years ago. I've been folding my towels Anthea's way ever since. Thank you for both that recommendation and for the changes you have inspired through "Lessons" and now "At Home."

Last night I attended a musical event in a genre that I would normally have avoided reminding myself it was "supporting the arts."

Gracie said...

Looks great but my closet space (less height more width) makes it better to fold differently. Thanks though.

Ladylike said...

Your work makes me think of my dear dad who used to make fun of what he called "efficiency experts". Sadly, in the end, I think the joke was on him. I loved my dad, and I don't like to write negatively about him, but his life was so disorganized (financially, health-wise and relationships) that he is now no longer alive. So, it's not just an expression to say that your work could be life saver for someone.

Unknown said...

I tried this today and my towels fit much better in the linen closet. I am reading your new book today and loving it!

Amanda said...

What a wonderful tutorial! I only have one towel for myself and since purchasing both of your books (almost finished with Lessons from Madame Chic and will be working on At home with Madame Chic) I have started to incorporate the little things and my goodness have I felt amazed with the little details I have longed to learn!

I will be looking into buying more towels and folding them this way such a more clean way to fold then just fold half and fold again! Very Hotel suite feel :)

Thank You Jennifer for sharing all of your wonderful tips and lessons