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My TEDx Talk: The Ten-Item Wardrobe

Dear Readers,

My TEDx talk on The Ten-Item Wardrobe is now available to view.

TED and TEDx talks are about ideas worth spreading and I was honored to be a part of this wonderful day.

I hope you enjoy the video. If you are not able to view it in this blog post, you may watch it here. Thanks again for your wonderful comments of support.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a special Thursday book giveaway for Garth Stein's new book, A Sudden Light.

See you then!

Jennifer x

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helen tilston said...

Hello Jennifer

Congratulations on a wonderful speech. You looked fabulous and came across very confident and progressional. This is an enormous achievement and I will you continued success.


Anceeta Martis said...
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M.Lane said...

Really a super job! I agree with the other comments that you are SO composed and at home in front of people.


Marianne B. said...

Jennifer--- loved the TEDx! Congratulations! You were poised and confident and your passion for your message really came through. Looking forward to more & of Course @ home with Madame Chic!

Callie said...

Congratulations! Your speech was articulate and thought provoking. I have read Lessons from Madame Chic, and this talk certainly captured the charming spirit of the book.

Anonymous said...

You did a great job of conveying the message in a way that was both informative and amusing. So many people could benefit from this, if only they would get over the idea that they need so much stuff. Thank you for posting this!

Unknown said...

Great talk. I do have a question: what about working professional women? It is hard to show up in the office wearing the same 10-15 clothing pieces, even if in various combinations, when you work 5 days a week. N'est pas?

Joy said...

Yay!! You did so great! I loved it!

Lori said...

Wonderful presentation, very nicely done!

Amy @ CLEAR / minimal said...

Congratulations on a great TEDx talk! You did a fantastic job! I've been working hard to build a quality but small wardrobe for the past year. I've sold/donated so many clothes, but my closet still looks packed. This video was a good refresher! Thanks!

Monique said...

Beautiful presentation - polished, thought provoking, and funny. Congrats!!

Unknown said...

Brava! Wonderful job! You were so poised and communicated beautifully. It is always a pleasure to watch you speak on such an important topic!

Anonymous said...

You look amaaaazing!!!! What perfect choices you made, in that dress and that hairstyle.

You also sound super-great and super comfortable, and convincing. The only objection I had was that you kept touching your headset, and it was incredibly distracting. (I know, it was too big for your ear! But still. Distracting.)

But seriously, nice job!!

Busy Pottering said...

Well done Jennifer! Your talk was terrific, I really enjoyed watching it. As always you were very elegant and composed - just lovely. It's good to hear the message often. Like in the US, here in Australia shopping is a leisure activity as well as a compulsion - we're one purchase away from happiness. I was actually culling my wardrobe while I watched your video. It's very liberating! I feel like I'm giving my best clothes space to breathe! Meg

Rose said...

Jennifer that was so well presented! You paced your delivery well and you looked so chic. BTW, your accent is very easy to understand too.

You might like to look at the current 7th comment here, I believe it is spam.

The Hipsterette said...

Thanks Jennifer - a well put together presentation which makes perfect sense.

The Hipsterette


Kitty said...

Hi Jennifer - I love your dress! Very nice choice for your presentation. It looks simple and comfortable, and very elegant.


That was such a good speech! You really did convey your message in a graceful and confident way. I currently deal with a lot of publick speaking myself, so I was wondering if you could give us some insights on it (from how to dress to how to memorize what nedds to be said and be confident). I think it would be really helpful for us all!

Unknown said...

Hey Jennifer,

Congratulations on such a professional and insightful speech! Thank you for encouraging so many women to downsize their wardrobes and change their attitudes to spending. Your tips have been so helpful and inspiring :)

I am a university student and have created a campaign called An Outfit A Day where I aim to encourage other young, female university students to make use of their existing wardrobes without feeling pressure to buy new, on trend (and often low quality) clothes each season. Here are the links. I would really appreciate support, comments, and/or feedback
xx Caity

Blog: http://onedayoneoutfit.wordpress.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/OutfitADay
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/An-Outfit-A-Day/352373428253613?ref=hl
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