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Make the Bed Inspiration

This is going to be a fun week on The Daily Connoisseur! I have four videos for you, starting with today's video, where I make the bed. Many people have been asking for a home tour and these quick tidy videos I will release this week are a fun way to get a peek into our home.

Here's a little secret about me: I can't function unless the bed is made. I make our bed every morning and really enjoy doing so. Check out this week's video. If you are unable to see the video above, click here, look in the sidebar of this blog, or visit my channel (and subscribe to never miss a video!) at www.youtube.com/TheDailyConnoisseur


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Comment of the Week
Mitzi R. writes:

Jennifer, you are so very right about "you never know what your day will bring you." Something always comes up and I am always glad I have prepared myself for the day. Besides that if you don't get ready for your day it will seem like it never starts and you have wasted a whole day. I agree with you in that I always feel worse if I don't prepare myself for the day (which is why I have learned to prepare myself for the day starting the night before). It is so much more.....I just feel alive when I am prepared and presentable for my day. Starting the night before helps reduce the stress which can come with the morning as well. Thank you!

Hi Mitzi, I agree that the day feels like it hasn't started until you get ready. Great comment!

This week, I would love to know. Do you make your bed every day? Do you enjoy making it? What about the people in your family?

See you tomorrow for a morning kitchen tidy...

Jennifer x

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Daesman said...

Such a fun video! Yes- I do make my bed everyday. Actually, on the mornings when I am running out the door for work or take my daughter to school, my husband will now make the bed! I believe it was this article in Lifehacker and knowing that it makes me so happy is the reason that he started making the bed as well!

Ulrike Coulliette said...

We make our bed severy day, but in the master bedroom we don't use the American top-sheet and comforter comination you show in the video. We have duvets, or to be precise, quilted comforters that go inside a case like a huge pillowcase. That makes a topsheet unnecessary, since you change and wah the case. Instead of having one huge one, we have two twins. (I am from Germany, so this is what I am used to from home.)I also cannot stand my blankets tucked in at the bottoms. In hotels I always pull them out first thing. So making my bed basically means fluffing and straightening the pillows and putting the duvets back nice and smooth after I pulled it all back first and gave it time to air out. (Then usually my son comes and lies on it while reading or playing on my phone, so the whole bed is crumpled again...)

galant said...

I say this kindly, but what kind of world do we live in when a question such as "Do you make your bed every day?" needs to be asked? Yes, I do make our bed. Indeed, husband often makes it, too ... after all, we both sleep in it; if you share your bed with someone, it shouldn't just be one person taking the responsibility for making it or changing the linen.

But I'm surprised that you don't actually remove the duvet after you get up in the morning and air the bed for a time, perhaps during breakfast, and then remake it properly. You are really just straightening the duvet and re-aligning the pillows. That takes seconds, as you have clearly demonstrated. I/we remove the duvets (we have single ones on a double bed, much better as there's no draught down the middle when one or other partner turns over) and give them a good shake; straighten the bottom sheet, even removing that sometimes and giving it a good shake before putting it back and tucking it in neatly. (We don't have a top sheet, the duvets are in their own covers which are changed weekly.) Then the duvets, then the bed cover and finally the pillows, all nice and straight and then two pretty
cushions. Job done!

Margaret P

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Hi Daesman- thank you for sharing that link! I quoted it on Facebook.

Ulrike- I love hearing about how they do it in Germany. Thanks for sharing!

Margaret- We do air out the bed. For a half hour before making it.

Gigi said...

I must admit I love a "made" bed. But usually The Husband makes the bed every morning (love him)...but he doesn't "make" it to my standards. I generally leave it as is when he makes it; it's still neat and tidy but not "right" (my "right" that is). But when I make it I love it that much more.

No matter how the bed is made - just making it makes the rest of the room seem that much more tidier!

Julie in Wa said...

I always make the bed in the morning. Always have. I love for my room to look polished and serene. I sleep cold, so I have a top sheet, six blankets, a duvet and a bedspread on my bed. Everything gets thrown back in the morning and aired for about 20 mins.


Mary Grace Metheny said...

I make my bed everyday and feel unsettled if it isn't made. I love making it and setting everything up right as soon as I get up, it makes me feel ready for the day. Sometimes, however, I'm at a loss for ways to make the bed. I'd love to add some creativity to the process, is that even possible? If you have any ideas for making a made-up bed look cuter, more inviting, more fun, please do let me know your tips. It's such a vital (and enjoyable) part of my day!

Andrea W said...

Making the bed daily is such an important ritual! I enjoyed this little clip, and really look forward to what you have in store for us the rest of the week Jennifer!

I am also fascinated to hear how people in other countries or regions make their beds. During the cold winter we use my Mom's quilt, which I treasure, but it is too warm for summer use. Also, I have done a lot of experimenting on which "layer" to place a duvet, because it changes the warmth of the bed if there is a blanket between me and the duvet. In my experience, it is much warmer (almost too warm sometimes) to have the duvet layer closest to my body, as it is then more efficient at storing my body heat. Julie in Wa if you are reading this, you might be able to use less blankets if you place the duvet closest to your body, with a top blanket to trap in the heat.
Jennifer, do you dress the bed differently during the various seasons? I do.

Patricia said...

Love it! Funny and inspirational. One wouldn't think it, but small things, like making the bed, do make a substantial difference in our lives...the way we view our environs and ourselves...our bed, just like ourselves, always presentable.

Patricia Wilson

Anonymous said...

Firstly, YAY for more videos this week! I love your videos, even when they are not applicable to me. You have such a warm, engaging way about you.

Secondly, Our bed is always made first thing. Since my husband gets up after me, HE is the one to make the bed. Yes, I have trained him well. Long ago, when we first got together, I used to make it, and he felt guilty about my doing it all the time when HE was the one sleeping later. So he started doing it right away to beat me to it. Never underestimate the power of passive guilt, LOL! He doesn't do it up to my standards, so I surreptitiously pull the top sheet to even it out and nudge the pillows into alignment when I go into the bedroom later. (Shhhhh! I try not be be too obvious about that!)

Melissa Ulrich said...

I'm guilty! I do not make my bed every day. I loved the charming little video and feel inspired to get my act together. Thank you, Jennifer, and best wishes! Looking forward to the rest of the videos this week...

Melissa U

Summer Smith said...

I do enjoy making the bed. Everything seems to go better through out the day and it stresses me out less to see my bed made. I feel better about myself. And it is such a little/big thing! I have been rather lazy about it lately. You've inspired and gently reminded me that it's such an easy thing. Thank you again.

Emma Knight Peel said...

I've always made my bed in the morning because I remembered my mom telling me when I was young, that after her sister 18-year-old died in a car accident and they cleaned her room, her bed was made, and that she always made her bed. I know it's sad and morbid, but if I don't come back home, at least they can say I was neat. I just can't leave my bed unmade. It would drive me crazy and be so unpleasant to come home to.

Anna Wegner said...

I make my bed everyday, too. Such a simple thing to do, but makes a big difference to my peace of mind.