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Quick Family Room Tidy

Thank you for your great response to yesterday's kitchen tidy video. Today is a quick family room tidy. Depending on how much energy I have at the end of the day, I usually tidy up the family room before I go to bed. But we have all had those days when we leave it until the morning. Please note: this is not a deep clean video. In deep cleans, the rug is vacuumed, floor mopped and all surfaces dusted.

Join me as I plump and fluff and dust the family room. And be careful that the paper airplane does not hit you at the end of the video!

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Susan writes:

Jennifer . . . thank you for your books and insights! In today's world of "lewd, crude and rude" your books and videos are a ray of sunshine!

Thank you, Susan! I love having this blog where we like-minded people can gather and sometimes take refuge from our unmannerly world :)

Comment of the Week

Sunisteph writes:

Before retiring, my dad would get up at 5.30AM and prepare breakfast for my sister, my mom and me. I remember entering the kitchen with a table full of "tartines"( bread slices with butter and jam) and "petits pains". Even after retiring, he still has a strong morning routine. So I believe Madame Chic had that morning routine ;) I am bad at it and need to work on my morning routine. Greetings from France

Hi Sunisteph, thank you for sharing your memories of your father. How wonderful that he made you a tartine every day. I love that he has maintained a morning routine even after retirement.

Question of the Week

Regarding yesterday's Kitchen Tidy video, Toinette deBrebis asks:

Glad to see I'm not the only one putting on an apron (yours is a very pretty one I might add) and rubber gloves ! I would like to know what product you are using to spray on your counters.

Thanks for showing that just putting in a few minutes to clean up and put things away keeps things under control at home.

Hi Toinette, I am using the vinegar/ water/ lavender cleaner I provide the recipe for in At Home With Madame Chic. I can do a future video showing this recipe if there is interest. Thank you!

Today I would love to know... how do you tidy your family room? Do you do this on a daily basis? Do you find that toys and other stray objects find their way there regularly like I do? Let us know your story in the comment section and you could be chosen as comment of the week!

See you tomorrow for a guest bedroom tour...

Jennifer x

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Maureen @Raising The Capable Student said...

Your home is beautiful! I am new to the tidy video on YouTube concept, and I love them! I appreciate that you shared links earlier in the week. I tried forever to buy the DVDs for The Perfect Housewife, but I couldn't find them compatible with American DVD players.

We don't have toys in the den any more, but we do have scattered shoes, glasses, and papers. We usually pick up on the way up to bed...but not always.

Kristina said...

Hi Jennifer, I'm really enjoying these tidying up videos. I used to procrastinate and complain when tidying up but somehow you've inspired me to do it happily. It only takes a few minutes and I love coming home to a clean and organized home. Thanks for making me want to do better each day. Keep these videos coming - my house has never looked better. Do you also use the same vinegar mixture in your family room?

Easlyn said...

HI Jennifer, Watching your videos gives me inspiration and motivation. I am a working mom with a 15month old and struggle to keep our 2 bedroom apartment in order. I feel like I spend all my time cleaning and tidying which is frustrating as i would like to get more time to just relax with my family. sometimes after work and bedtime baby routine - i am completely exhausted. I haven't found a system that works yet and I am not the one with a good eye on decor etc. You mentioned in your books that you also have housekeeper - how often do you have them clean and how do you combine that with what you do? I have a cleaner every two weeks. Anyway keep doing what you are doing! We need it :)

Anonymous said...

I do my living room tidying at a different time -- after supper, in anticipation of the evening's relaxation in the room. It's so much more relaxing to spend the evening in a tidy room rather than a messy one. At the end of the night, all I have to do is put either my book or my dvd away and straighten out the pillow and throw on the sofa. But my slightly more intensive tidying previous to my lazy evening consists of wiping up any stray parrot poop (I may not have kids, but I have 3 parrots. Just as messy.) and sweeping up stray almond shells that they have snacked on with a whisk broom and pan. Now that I think about it, I need to add wiping down the entertainment center to my list, because it gets quite dusty from it's proximity to the fireplace.