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Maternity Ten-Item Wardrobe Spring 2016

I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend! This week I have my maternity ten-item wardrobe for you. Today's video combines both the fashion show and the commentary. My ten-item wardrobe is actually comprised of nine core items instead of ten: six dresses and three skirts. I wear maternity tee shirts with the skirts. The tee shirts are filed in the "extras" category. As you can see, my maternity wardrobe is very simple.

I live in a hot climate (Southern California) so dresses and skirts are the most comfortable for me. I was in need of dresses that could be worn either casual or dressy, and the Seraphine dresses are the perfect choice.

For more casual, summery looks, I have the two sleeveless dresses as well as the three skirts (two long, one short) from Old Navy maternity.

Check out this week's video for in-depth commentary on the items. If you are unable to see the video above, click here, look in the sidebar of this blog or check out my channel
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Check out my interview with Kimberly Wilson of Tranquility Du Jour. We discuss Polish Your Poise with Madame Chic and so much more.

Comments of the Week

JoiSharpe writes:

Just stumbled upon this video. Just wanted to say thank you and I agree. I'm soooo tired of seeing ladies (and some men) walking around in pajama pants! They're shopping at the local grocery store, Target, the mall almost everywhere in pajamas! Have we really gotten to the point as a society that we don't even care if we put on clothes??? Have we gotten so comfortable with dress down day that we have forgotten how to dress up? Somebody PLEASE bring back real clothes! Glad I saw this video thought I was the only one concerned about our lack of dressing these days.

Hi JoiSharpe, I feel your exasperation! I think our society has slowly become accustomed to people dressing this way, so for many people it is no longer shocking. Luckily on The Daily Connoisseur you have found a group of people who tend to agree with you.

Unknown writes:

Jennifer, thank you for the vinegar & water cleaning solution idea (I left out the lavender as I didn't have any on hand but am considering adding an essential oil for next time). I went on a Spring cleaning rampage this past week and noticed that the Method all-purpose cleanser I was using just didn't get the job done. Switched to vinegar & water which was much more effective! I even used it to clean our glass shower doors and it was so simple, took less than a minute and left them sparkling clean.

Hi Unknown, I love the vinegar/ water/ lavender cleaning solution too. I use it every single day. I will be sure to do a video tutorial on how I make it in the near future.

Question of the Week

Marie B writes:
Morning! That's our plan for our slipcovered couches. Do you air dry the slipcovers? Iron before replacing on the couch? My grandma always kept her sink full of soapy water, too. I need to start doing that too. Thanks for the reminder!

Hi Marie, we air dry our sofa slipcovers. I would not recommend putting them in the dryer as they could shrink and no longer fit on the cushions. Ironing would be a special touch, but we do not iron ours. As for the soapy water in the sink, I love it! Just be sure to rinse the suds off before placing the dishes in the dishwasher so as not to clog the machine.

I hope you enjoy my maternity spring/ summer ten-item wardrobe. Even if you are not expecting, you can benefit from seeing how a ten-item wardrobe is put in place. Be sure to leave a comment below. I love to hear from you and you might be chosen as comment of the week!

FTC: All items featured in this video were purchased by me. All opinions are on my own.

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Gail R said...

I have always struggled with how to dress in very hot, humid weather, so it was interesting to see your choices for summer, even though I am many years past the maternity-clothes stage of my life. I think I need to reconsider dresses. You will be looking cool and elegant during hot weather AND while pregnant. Kudos! And as for the cameo at the end of the credits by Monsieur Connoisseur -- well, your husband is a hoot. Perhaps he secretly longs to have his own vlog? Or maybe you'll do an interview with him some day and we can learn what he thinks of the way of life you are creating for your family. In any case, always fun to see him.

Shelley said...

Oh my goodness -- your husband's cameo was excellent!! What a cute couple y'all are!

Jennifer said...

Hi Jennifer,

I have been following the Daily Connoisseur and reading your books for the last few years. Whenever I am unmotivated for any reason, whether it be cleaning my home, decluttering, or if I notice I am not living to the standards of Madame Chic, I refer to your blog/books to put me back in check. I especially think of you when I see people inappropriately dressed for certain occasions or locations. I was brought up with the mentality that first impressions are everything (you never know whom you might meet). As children, we weren't allowed to step foot out of the house without well groomed hair, ironed clothes and clean shoes. Thank you for you building a community where like minded people can bring inspiration to one another on such topics.

Your 10 Item Wardrobe posts are always much anticipated, as I'm sure you hear quite often. I began employing the 10 item wardrobe shortly after reading your first book and discovering your blog. I was very nervous at first, but decided it was time for a drastic change. Rather than 10 items, I probably had a 20 item wardrobe, plus several cocktail/evening dresses and lots of basics. It was so freeing! Every morning I chose my outfits in less than half the time it used to take me and I loved every article of clothing in my closet. Since this change, the articles of clothing I purchase are the highest quality I can afford, and have purchased several investment pieces that have lasted season after season.

Lately I am having trouble with this. For the past 7 months I have been working at a new job in a very casual, suburban work environment (think denim, cotton tees/dresses, and open cardigans. Of course the pieces that I wear are high quality basics and casual items, but I am not happiest in those types of clothes. I loved dressing up in my own personal style on a daily basis, yet I rarely have the opportunity these days. It certainly wouldn't be appropriate to where a full skirt or blazer to my new workplace. My 20 item wardrobe is now an embarrassing 50 item wardrobe (maybe more... I'm too afraid to count). I don't want to get rid of the pieces that I love because I feel best when I'm wearing them. So instead I have added to this and have 2 wardrobes. I am overwhelmed, my closet and dresser are cluttered, and I don't have any other storage space. It would be an absolute stab in the heart to get rid of my clothes that I love to wear and saved up to purchase. Please help with any advice you may have on what I can do, or what you would do.

Thank you,
Jennifer H.

Jane said...

I'm not pregnant- would it be a faux pas to buy these dresses anyway?
Just kidding... but I LOVE these. This is a more refined version of what I wore with my last pregnancy. Those Seraphine dresses are lovely. The sage and the emerald look especially gorgeous on you- positively glowing!

I was finally able to take out Polish Your Poise from my local library, and I absolutely loved it. I will be sending you a lovely review, as it really resonated with me.

Blessings to you!

Ashley A said...

Awe, you look great in your choices! I just finished a pregnancy with my little girl arriving in February. I ordered two knot front dresses from seraphine and was disappointed with them. Towards the end of my pregnancy, I realized that only one of the two dresses was cut longer in the front to accommodate my third trimester belly. The other dress was too short in the front even though it was an identical knot dress. Sadly, their customer service dept. wouldn't resolve the issue. Now that my pregnancy is over, I am having fun picking out cute nursing dresses now. There are some really cute companies that do nursing dresses!

Summer Smith said...

Great video!! You look wonderful! Hang in there mama! :)

Carolyn Maves said...

Thanks for your video, your dresses are so pretty. Hope you continue to feel well. Recently when I was shopping for black dress trousers I was so surprised to see the selection of clothes available in the department stores in my nearby mall. I was expecting to see a lot of athletic wear and swimsuits. But what surprised me was the large amount of t-shirts and other clothing with the logos of our state's NFL team and our state university. There are certain stores you expect to see that but not in the women's department in nice department stores??!! It really limits the amount of space for the dressier clothes when there is so much exercise clothing and team sports related clothing. On a brighter note, I was able to find a nice pair of dressy trousers on sale.

Patricia said...

Jennifer, I'm past childbearing age, yet I still find myself interested. You were pregnant with your second daughter when I found your blog. I'm so happy that pregnant women, nowadays, can celebrate their "fecund" bodies instead of having to wear voluminous maternity tops which didn't at all hide their pregnancy, yet were styled to incongruously look prim and girlish instead of womanly, and even sexy...as though "mothers-to-be" had been impregnated by their husbands without any joyful and loving participation in the human process of procreation. As though, as though...what?

I applaud you for your unique contribution, via your blog, to finally explaining that dressing well to be presentable not only for special occasions, but for any occasion, even day-to-day on the street and, even in your own home, is not an affectation of presumed egoism. Instead, it is a reflection of your respect for yourself, your immediate family and friends, but also "people on the street" that you don't even know personally. Just the personification of a higher standard than just the lowest common denominator. I truly believe that people behave as they dress.

Jennifer, keep on with the "good fight" towards recreating civility, good manners,
and living as beautifully and thoughtfully as one can, whatever tour monetary circumstance.

Patricia Wilson
Columbia, CT

Emily Marsh said...

Hi Jennifer! I love the concept of your 10-item wardrobe! Since I've learned and read your books, I've donated 6 bags of clothing that I never wore, and didn't really like. It is so freeing, and it's even more helpful now that I am also expecting! I'm 15 weeks, and my military husband and I are moving to Georgia for 4 months for his training during my pregnancy. I'm not able to bring many things, so the 10-item wardrobe has been so important for me! Thank you for introducing it to me!

Evaline said...

Lovely choices, Jennifer. It all looks wonderful on you, esp. the navy and greens. You look so happy and healthy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer (and friends of the Daily Connoisseur community!),
I'm curious to know what you did with your maternity clothes from your last pregnancies? I imagine that after only several months of wear, they were still in good condition to use for subsequent pregnancies?

And...here's more support for why what we wears matters: http://1000waystohelptheworld.com/2016/03/21/78-wear-lipstick/

As always, I'm enjoying your weekly updates. You look great in your maternity wardrobe (I love emerald green as a colour too) and I felt particularly motivated after watching your cleaning videos--I would love more of those.

Kristina said...

Hi Jennifer, (and fellow connoisseurs) I love your new 10 item maternity wardrobe. You inspired me to have more dresses in my 10 item spring wardrobe because I find them so comfortable and easy to wear. So I pulled out my last years spring dresses and discovered I had six that look good. I also just purchased one new high quality dress for the season (as you recommended) which makes seven. Combined with one skirt, dressy shorts, one linen pant and a couple of tops, I'm done! I'm super excited about trying out my 10 item wardrobe. I've moved everything else out of my closet just to see if I remain faithful to only these peices. I'll let you know how it works out. So far I feel so much happier and liberated to have cleared out my closet and reach for my beautiful wardrobe with ease so I can get on with enjoying my day. Thank you for your blog and books. I feel honored to have found you and to be a part of this wonderful community!

Vicki Zimmerman said...

Jennifer, I always await your Ten-item wardrobe posts with great excitement, because they are filled with inspiration, practicality and keep me motivated.

I don't have children (two cats, yes! 🐱🐱) and have never bought maternity clothes, yet this post was just as relevant to me, because it shows how to maintain the ten-item wardrobe at any time of your life. You are a beautiful role model in living life with polish, poise and joie de vivre. Thank you for continuing to generously share and express your "cheerful enjoyment of life and your exultation of spirit."

Sam said...

I haven't been to your blog in some time and I don't think I have ever commented because I am not much of an online commenter. That being said I just had to tell you that you are looking just amazingly beautiful. Amazingly. Beautiful. You ALWAYS have looked beautiful but right now you are absolutely glowing!

Sarah said...

I live in Texas most of the year and I primarily wear dresses and skirts. It's just the only way to go in the heat!
Even when I'm home in Southern California for the summer, it's my go-to outift. As you said, dresses and skirts are instantly chic, but also I feel romantic and mysterious in a flow-y skirt. :)
I get quite a bit of the attention you've mentioned in the past about why I look "so fancy" or questions about where I'm going that I'm "so dressed up." Often another woman will say something to the effect that they don't the time to look "so fancy." I have learned to smile and say, "You put on workout pants and a top today, which is two pieces. I put on a dress, which is one. My outfit was easier!" Usually, that ends the conversation in a laugh and they don't say it again.
I wish our society praised hard work and effort more, instead of justifying and glorifying mediocrity.

Claire Lawry said...

Hi Jennifer,

Your posts on the 10 piece wardrobe is making me seriously think about my own wardrobe. I inherited some beautiful clothes when my aunt died. She had impeccable taste and her clothes fit me perfectly. I have worn them long enough to start thinking about possibly tailoring them to fit me better. I am about to do a summer class at UC Berkeley and I want to start looking my professional best for that.
I also wanted to say that I love your books as well. I have family in France and I lived there for a while, so I have that strong style connection that French people are raised with.

Shannon said...

Congratulations Jennifer!! I haven't checked in on your blog in awhile but was so happy to see that you are expecting!! So fun. I've been excited about and wanting to read your new book. xx-Shannon

Saria0222 said...

I have two of these dresses right now as well (the deep green and coral))! Love Seraphine and Old Navy!