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Haircut Before & After Plus Makeup Chat Tutorial

Join me for another fun beauty video. This week I try out a sample of Armani Luminous Silk foundation and give you my impression. I also try a new eyebrow pencil (Chanel sculpting eyebrow pencil ) and share a simple daytime smoky eye look. There is also a before and after of my new haircut.

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You do not need to use the makeup I use in order to achieve this le no makeup look. I like to encourage women to use what they already have in their makeup bags and to have fun experimenting. For those who are curious, here is a list of the products I use in the video:

Armani Luminous Silk foundation shade 5.75
Benefit Fake-up under eye concealer
Benefit Boi-ing concealer
Laura Mercier translucent setting powder
Chanel sculpting eyebrow pencil
Urban Decay primer potion
Chanel Tisse Rivoli eyeshadow palette
Chanel kohl eyeliner in ambre
MAC mineralize blush in Lovejoy
YSL Faux Cils mascara in burgundy
Hourglass lipstick in mural

Nails: OPI "Barefoot in Barcelona"


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Comments of the week
On Get Ready and UnReady with me Night at the Ballet, Lillian writes: Your story about your husband and the blue bird dancer cracks me up. I love going to plays and concerts with my mom when she is in town. I grew up with a theater background that she largely facilitated, and now going to these performances is something we really enjoy doing together.
To add to Marla's comment of the week (and Alicia's comment above) I asked my mom as a little girl why we wore dresses for church, and she always said dressing up for church demonstrated to yourself and to others that you respected the event enough to wake up in the morning and prepare yourself. In high school she encouraged my sister and I to dress well for tests, speeches, and auditions. To this day when I have a challenging thing in my life, I take this same approach and make it an occasion to dress well for. In a chemistry class in college I remember taking the final exam surrounded in a sea of sweatpants at 9am wearing a sundress and heels.

It really works. By the way, something your channel has inspired me to do is take better care of my skin. I like that you included an "unready" routine to this week's video - it can be hard to get motivated to take your makeup off after a fun night. It's so easy just to crawl into bed and deal with it in the morning. I have actually committed to a skin care regime now, and after trying some samples I have found a facial cleanser and moisturizer that I absolutely love. I've even noticed how much clearer and smoother my skin looks and feels now that I've committed a few months to my routine.

Hi Lillian, thank you for your comment. I loved your mother's answer as to why we dress up for certain occasions. I am glad you enjoyed my recent Get Ready and UnReady with me video. Thank you!

On the guestbook, Sarah writes:
I would love to share my story with you…
My parents divorced when I was a young child, and I come from two sides of a family that are polar opposites. One side is chic, and the other is…well…not. I spent Christmases with the chic side, but lived my daily life with the un-poised. Whenever I was with my chic family, I always felt nervous, self-conscious and awkward because they had a poise that I couldn’t wrap my mind around. And yet, I longed to be more like them. When I returned to my home life, I was a bit downcast and wished my lifestyle were more like my chic family’s. All the while, I could not put my mental finger on why and how they were so different. This was my experience throughout my childhood and teens. I yearned to have the grace, style and poise of my chic aunts and their families, but had no idea what to do or think. It was a painful part of my upbringing. Your book has helped me define what I could not seem to conceptualize about my chic family’s traits. While I have been able to acquire more poise and grace as I have become an adult, your books have helped me to take it to the next level and be more conscious of the habits I would like to develop. You were so fortunate to have had the experience of living in France, and it has clearly changed your life. I hope I can give the same type of experience to my children. It is a process and I’m not as chic as I would like to be, but I am working on it.
Thank you,

Hi Sarah, thank you for your note on my guestbook page. I am so happy that you have taken on the journey of poise as an adult and am grateful to you for sharing your story with us.

On Common Courtesy Follow-Up Discussion, Christina S. writes:
I believe the phenomenon you're addressing is a result of the epidemic entitlement mentality that has swept our nation. Also, people seem to think that the fact that a service is a paid one (I.E. your play set assembly, a waitress, or a grocery check out) means they are not obligated to show the courtesy of gratitude. I also think that, at times, people are insecure in expressing gratitude. There is such a focus of self importance in our culture that to express gratitude, truly a form of humility, can be seen in some circles as weakness and inferiority. Some would say your values are archaic but I am one young lady who agrees that class, like good taste, never goes out of style.

Hi Christina, that is a really interesting insight regarding paid services and gratitude. Thank you for giving us food for thought!

I hope you enjoy this week's video. I would love to hear from you. Did you experience melasma during a pregnancy? Do you have any great foundations to share with us? Any other makeup recommendations? See you next time on The Daily Connoisseur!

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Unknown said...

You asked about the melasma, I started getting it in my first pregnancy and it went mostly away after my period got back to a regular cycle, after I had my first son. I again had it with my 2nd pregnancy, only worse, I went to Sephoria asking for help and they gave me a heavy cover up concealer and that worked great but I found that Chanel concealer and Chanel CC cream works the best of what I have tried and looks natural. My son just turned 1 and I still have it pretty bad, although it is honestly better. It again cleared up more so when I became regular on my period again. I heard laser helps it too, to permanently remove it, I haven't gone that route yet, but I am considering it. After we are completely done having kids. I hope this helps. You are not the only one.

Unknown said...

Thank you Jennifer for sharing a makeup video with us. I like that you use hi-end makeup, and was wondering what brushes do you use and how you care for them? I am grateful to have pretty good skin but it wasn't always that way. When I was 13 I broke out really bad and began caring for my skin. Nowadays my #1 tip is sunscreen, my #2 is a foundation that is unnoticeable, always go a shade lighter! I have used cover girl forever and have always gotten compliments on my porcelain skin. People can't believe I use cover girl but I want to up-grade and plan on visiting Nordstrom to have some fun trying new and improved foundations so thank you for the tips. I really appreciate your honesty and positivity.

LunaStitches said...

Hi Jennifer - I've been using the Armani Luminous Silk Foundation #5 for years and I love it. It's not available in a department store where I live, so I order from Neiman Marcus. It is expensive, but it lasts me a pretty long time (I usually get 2-3 bottles per year). I am 60 and have dry skin and the foundation gives me a moist, glowy look. I like that you can build it up a little for extra coverage. I've been thinking about ordering a #5.75 shade to blend with my #5 to give me a little more color in the summer months (I'm quite pale).

I enjoy all your books and your blog.

Kristina said...

Hi Jennifer, I've been using Armani Luminous Silk foundation #5 for years and I love it. In the summer, I use the Armani face fabric foundation with SPF because it is lighter in weight and I prefer a less foundation look in summer. You should try that too if you want a lighter more natural glowing look. Great video as usual and I look forward to next video. Have a great week.

Unknown said...

Also, I hate cleaning tubs, I never seem to get them clean... What do you use to really clean your tub/shower area, any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Unknown said...

Great haircut! I use Covergirl True Match. I recently started to use CC Biotherm gel. It is nicely translucent but I have to use a bit of corrector. I never use a powder because I live in desert and seems like skin always feel dry. I really like Shiseido blush trio. I don't use lipstick. Just a lip balm if needed. I only use mascara EL sumptuous. It is so far the best I could find. I never tried YSL. Want to try it.
Some newest discovery is Garnier Micellar water. It removes make-up very good and doesn't irritate. I tried Clarins, Vichy, Biotherm. Garnier doesn't have a fragrance and does the job.

Anonymous said...

I used to use the Armani foundation -- in fact I still have a full bottle of 4.75 around. It is the best foundation that I tried. Why do I no longer use it, then? Because after taking diligent care of my skin, I no longer need to wear foundation. BUT. I use a mineral based sunscreen (Neutrogena Pure & Free liquid sunscreen, SPF 50) that leaves the faintest bit of a white cast to my skin -- enough to even out the color, since I have light skin. I apply a primer over it to leave me looking poreless, then a bit of concealer where needed, cream blush, and a setting powder. The trouble with "foundation" is that after a long day, I find that it settles into tiny lines, making them look much deeper than they are. Not the look that I am going for.

Unknown said...

I had melisma on my face and neck with all three pregnancies. It did go away on my face however almost 17 years later I continue to have it on my neck. My best advice, after much research is wear a high spf sunscreen daily. Prevention is much simpler than remediation especially with our skin.

Unknown said...

An inexpensive solution that my mother taught me is to use rubbing alcohol. I put it in a spray bottle, starting at the top of the shower or back of the tub. Spray, wipe and rinse. I also have a spray bottle of water so I don't get drenched while rinsing the shower 😰. The alcohol has an intense smell please be sure to open a window and put on the fan. I hope this helps.

Evaline said...

Hi Jennifer, You look so beautiful...such fun to watch you.
I was on sick leave for 3 months a few years ago and never wore makeup. My skin improved so much, even though I had been wearing quality products before. So now I wear very little. By accident I discovered that I could use Clinique all about eyes concealer to hide small spots around my chin and nose. Then I pat on Jane Iredale pressed mineral powder with SPF and Jane Iredale blush with a disposable cotton pad; then a blue-grey liquid eyeliner. I have black eyebrows and eyelashes, so if I feel like it, I dab some clear mascara on them. That's it. Under it all I use a serum and Mychelles moisturizing cream with SPF 28...very important. I like the Mychelles a lot...fragrance-free, no white film, and not shiny.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer and ladies! I have recently researched a lot on melasma & sun spots, since I also have it. What dermatologists and the internet seems to agree on is the importance of sun screen on a daily basis/at all times with a very high spf - 50 to be precise. And that it needs to be a physical filter, not chemical (very important note!!).

First of all I really must recommend a video I found that really helped me: https://youtu.be/v-XVBuCzLIs She mentions both prevention and concealment. The only thing I dissagree with her on her tips is she said spf 30 or higher, wheras I've been recomnended 50.

I use two different spf's. I guess only one of them would suffice but I use them for slightly different purposes. The first, and most important one for me is Clinique Even Better Dark Spot Defense SPF 50 (they have just updated it from spf 45 to 50. Can't seem to find a link to the updated one but it's this one but in stores it's now 50: http://m.clinique.co.uk/product/1679/29758/Skin-Care/Dullness/Even-Better-Dark-Spot-Defense-SPF45 ).  It's slightly tinted (therefore not giving any white cast) and oil free, thus suitable also for oily skin, but for dry skin one can of course apply a moisuriser before.

The second one is Clinique Super City Block SPF 40 (http://m.clinique.com/product/1575/6236/Best-Sellers/Super-City-Block-Oil-Free-Daily-Face-Protector-Broad-Spectrum-SPF-40 ). It's also tinted and I basically use this one instead of a foundation or bb-creme! They have this one in spf 25 too, that is not so very thick but in 40 it basically works like mineral makeup that can be built upon in layers for added concealment! I first used it only on my affected areas to build on the sun protection but then noticed that it could basically replace my concealer!

Otherwise I really recommend the tips in the video I linked to in the beginning of my post! Best one being to use color correction. It's not enough to only slab on layers of concealer on dark sun spots or dark melasma areas because a grayish tone will be seen through. So before applying a concealer a peach/orange/ salmon colored color correcting concealer should be applied. Then a regular skin toned one. The lady in the video (link again here: https://youtu.be/v-XVBuCzLIs) says to use a lip pen in a peach/orange/salmon tone, because they have more staying power! And if the melasma is very dark - adding a high coverage concealer (e.g. those for covering tatoos).

Hope this was helpful!

I loved your nail polish Jennifer! I kept staring at it the whole time so I was thrilled you mentioned which one it was! I'm very weak for nail polishes right now, trying to find my favourite go-to-one I guess.

Thanks again for a lovely and inspiring video. Love / Mrs L

zephyr said...

I agree with Felicia Loveys and Evaline - wear a good sunscreen, SPF 25+, always! Even in the dead of our dreary grey Chicago winters I wear sunscreen at least around my eyes, on my cheekbones, and also on the tops of my hands. If I'm going to spend time outside - gardening, taking a long walk, or in intense summer sun for any amount of time, I load up with sunscreen on my face, neck (front and back), tops of my ears, chest, whatever's exposed! Yes, I sound like a grandma! But now at 57, I'm reaping the benefits of always wearing sunscreen. I have almost no wrinkling around my eyes, and none on the rest of my face. It's worth it to find a sunscreen that works for your skin - not easy if you're sensitive. I'm uber-pale, and glad I started wearing sunscreen when I was in my mid-twenties.
I never had melasma during my pregnancies. I don't know how much melasma is attributed solely to hormones, or if sun/UV exposure plays a role as well. Incidental everyday exposure adds up. Sunscreen can't hurt!
Okay, end of lecture, lol!
Jennifer, your eyebrows look great. I really think eyebrows are frames for our eyes. Enhancing yours, and extending yours a bit at the ends looks so nice! Beautiful haircut, too!

Unknown said...

Hi Jennifer! I also use the Armani Luminous Silk Foundation (5.25). Although I've just entered my thirties, I still have the occasional breakout in addition to dry skin. I use a pump or two of foundation and then a dime-sized amount of face lotion (I LOVE Avene Hydrance Optimale) and mix them together to create a tinted moisturizer. I still get very good coverage, but it hydrates my skin and has the added benefit of making my bottle of foundation last longer. You do a very nice job with your makeup! Your eyebrows look lovely with the use of that pencil!

dysfunctionalscrapbooking said...

I use Armani Luminous Silk in 4.25 in the winter and 5.0/5.25 in the summer. I have all 3 on hand (yes, expensive) and blend as needed. Without a doubt, it is the best foundation ever-people have commented on my skin many times while I am wearing it.

I have spent a lot experimenting on foundation in the past, so this is actually a better investment. I don't experiment anymore.

I will admit that it is sort of "special occasion" as I don't wear foundation every day.

It is really great stuff and I recommend it highly to anyone. A little "shiny" but in a way that looks dewy.

Love the videos! Thanks for taking the time to post them.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer! Thank you for a lovely video, as always! :) I have a recommendation for an affordable drug-store foundation, and that is CoverGirl truBlend. I *love* this foundation! It really truly seems to "blend" like it says and match your skin tone. Another thing I love about it, is that it pairs easily with a moisturizer so you can "make" your own tinted moisturizer, if you want a lighter look/feel, or for summer time when it is warm out but you still want to have a good base look. I use it w/ Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturizer, and those two products mix WONDERFULLY! I use it on my eyelids as well (instead of a primer) and have found it helps quite a bit w/ helping the eyeshadow stay (I have used it mixed w/ moisturizer or just alone, and it works well both ways). I am on a budget so it was important to me to find a good foundation that would "cover all the bases" since right now I don't have room to purchase too many high end products. :)

Jovan said...
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Daesman said...

Hi Jennifer,

I have loved all four of your recent videos and this comment is in response to all of them! I use the GA Luminous Silk Foundation and mix the 6.5 and 7.5 in some combination. I tend to use this more for evenings and special occasions. For daily use, I use a tinted foundation by the company Beautycounter. It is an "natural" makeup brand that I recently discovered and many of their products (including lip tints) are wonderful.

I greatly enjoyed your common courtesy videos. My parents are from Sri Lanka ( a former British colony) and completed their higher education in England. Therefore, there was an emphasis on manners and courtesy and a good, strong cup of tea in my childhood. I am trying to raise my daughters with the same values, but it certainly is more challenging in today's society! Nonetheless, I feel that having good manners, grooming,and presentation are akin to having a "super-power"- or that is what I tell my girls anyways. :-)
I love reading your books and watching you videos because they help me stay motivated to maintain these standards that I was raised with.

Anna Mirońska said...

At first when I looked at the cover I thought "There's something wrong. Scottova?". I didn't know they change authors' names in Czech. One more thing I learned today. :-)