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I've been really happy with my skin lately. It's more vibrant and healthy-looking than it's been in years. Many people on the blog have noticed as well and have asked for a skincare update. These are some of the new products I've been testing out and I'm excited to share them with you. I have a mix of natural products, drugstore products and high-end skincare so there is a little something for everyone. Let's get right into it!

Here are the items I discuss in today's video:

Korres Pomegranate Balancing Cream- Gel Moisturizer

The unique lightweight cream-gel is formulated with a blend of 15% pomegranate water, pomegranate extract, alpine willow herb, tannins, and polyphenols to help reduce the appearance of pores and rejuvenate the look of skin while providing a matte finish.

I like it because of its refreshing texture and scent. I also love the salicylic acid component. It's great for acne-prone skin! This really reminds me of the Origins GinZing moisturizer I liked so much. As well as finding it at Sephora, you can find a 2-pack on Amazon.

LaVanila Vanilla Blackberry The Healthy Deodorant

Using natural deodorants is important to me, and I have used them for well over a decade. I have used many various brands, but had never tried LaVanila before. This is a luxurious and delightful deodorant. I love the fresh scent! I show you Vanilla Blackberry in today's video. Here is the information on the deodorant from their website:

An award-winning, aluminum-free deodorant that is 100 percent natural, safe, and effective. Get superior odor protection with this 100 percent natural, freshly scented deodorant. Soothing essential oils blend with beta-glucan technology fight odor effectively while soothing, conditioning, and nourishing the delicate underarm area. It goes on clean, with no sticky wetness, and delivers long-lasting, luxurious results. Check out lavanila.com to see all of their healthy deodorant options.

Vitabrid C12 Face Brightening Powder
This face brightening powder is a really powerful product! I can definitely see a positive difference and vibrancy in my skin since using it. Here are some key points to Vitabrid C12:

It is a skin-applied vitamin C which promotes collagen development underneath your skin. It has a 12-hour continuous release of Vitamin C into the skin, smooths fine lines and wrinkles and diminishes the look of age spots. It restores skin tone and firmness.

You can apply it a few different ways, either by mixing the powder with a small amount of water, serum or oil. Then spread on the skin. I demonstrate how in today's video.

Learn more at vitabrid.com

CereVe Skin Renewing Day Cream Spf 30 Developed with dermatologists, this day cream helps replenish the vital ceramides healthy skin needs. It's Formulated with a unique combination of three ceramides. The CereVe products were recommended to me by a Daily Connoisseur reader who is a pharmacist. She said their composition is very good for the skin. This cream appears to be more expensive on Amazon, so I would check at your local drugstore first before purchasing to see if you can get a better price.

CereVe Renewing Night Cream

This is a solid, no frills night cream that helps to repair and restore the protective skin barrier. The major benefit of this cream is its affordable price (around $13). This was another reader recommended drugstore product.

Frankincense Essential Oil

I've been using a drop of Frankincense essential oil with my moisturizer once a day and it's playing a major part in why my skin is doing so well. This oil is pricey, but the quality is superb. I purchase all of my dōTERRA oils from my dear friend, Antoinette. She is so knowledgeable about oils and has helped me learn so much. Antoinette is a wonderful resource. If you would like to purchase dōTERRA oils, or have any questions for her on their use and application, contact her via her website https://www.mydoterra.com/antoinetteborja/#/

If the dōTERRA oil is not in your budget, there are many frankincense oils offered for cheaper prices on Amazon, although I can't vouch for their quality. This one from Living Pure is offered at a significant discount and has good reviews on Amazon.

Frankincense essential oil is a powerful astringent, meaning it helps protect skin cells. It can be used to help reduce acne blemishes, the appearance of large pores, prevent wrinkles, and it even helps lift and tighten skin to naturally slow signs of aging.

Check out what people are saying about dōTERRA Frankincense Essential Oil on Amazon, although if you decide to purchase, I highly recommend doing so from Antoinette directly from dōTERRA to take advantage of the rewards points, etc.


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I love this elegant red lace dress. What a great shot of the book!

Comment of the Week
Gumbo Lily writes:
Jennifer, I live 60 miles from the nearest grocery store and therefore I have a pretty well-stocked kitchen. Living in the country forces me to cook with what I have. Fortunately I have laying hens which provide fresh eggs, a freezer full of beef (we're cattle ranchers) and I also stock some frozen fish and pork. I like to use frozen vegetables and fruits too. We do run out of fresh fruit/veg, but the frozen works great.

I thought all of your meals looked delicious. We are huge fans of the pot pie -- beef or chicken -- so yours looked especially yummy to me. We eat lots of egg dishes for breakfast and hot oatmeal with fruit and pan-toasted walnuts.

Hi Lily, thank you for your comment. I loved hearing about what you eat in the country as cattle ranchers! Your blog looks lovely too. It looks like you have such a fun life on the ranch. Thank you for sharing it with us!

Thank you for joining me for today's skincare video. I would love to know what your skincare favorites are right now. Do you have any good recommendations for us? Let me know if you'd like me to share my skincare routine in another video. See you on Thursday!

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Margaret said...

Thank you for your reviews! I've been using a roller-ball application of Almond Oil and Frankinscence combined for a few years now and am really enjoy the moisturizer and anti-aging benefits. I'll definitely be trying out your natural deodorant recommendation as I feel this is very important too. For about six years now I've been cleansing my face using the Oil Cleansing Method (OCM) which is both wonderfully natural, customizable and inexpensive. I suffered with Acne during my teenage years into my 20's and since switching my 30-year-old skin has been wonderfully clear! I've also been able to simplyify my routine as this acts as a make-up remover too. In recent years I've added lavender oil for a relaxing spa-like feel before bed. There's lots of information online to describe the OCM routine if you may be interested :) Thank you, I so appreciate your books and approach to living a simpleand beautiful life!

Cleaning In The Cold said...

Great video! I also came pretty late in the game to essential oils (mostly to use to make my own natural cleaning products and room spray). I haven't rotated them into skincare yet. But you have intrigued me.

I will try the Franckinsense oil in moisturizer trick. I have been meaning to try Ceravie and will once I deplete my Olay Regenerist products I have going.

This cold and flu season has been a killer. Here in the midwest, it also seems like everyone has been ranging from low-grade to actively sick since before Christmas! Glad something worked for you to nip a cold in the bud.

Thanks again for the videos. They are really fun to watch.

Unknown said...

I am eager to try a vitamin C powder. I noticed that the last time I bought lipstick at Clinique they had a similar product. I need to price it and compare. I also have a suggestion for a future beauty product review. I have been seeing so much about micellar water for cleansing and wonder if it is as good as its advertisements claim. I have read that it is not the same as toner (I have super dry skin and toner is a must.) Have you tried this yet?

Tracy said...

Thanks for all your recommendations and comments about the products you've been using. Having gone back and watched some of your older videos (which I have so enjoyed!) it is obvious that your skin is just glowing at the moment. My favourite tip was the frankincense and moisturiser trick. Even if we don't have access to the same products, because we're in other countries, anyone can get ahold of that one.

Personally, I've been battling an allergy for the last couple of months, on my eyelids. I've become allergic to something I use, and I just can't put anything near my eyelids at the moment. Not even my Jason's Vitamin E cream, that we order over from iHerb. So frustrating!!

A cold and flu tip I was given from a friend: take Olive Leaf Extract as soon as you feel a cold coming on. I have done this the last few times, and my cold has either stopped dead and not developed, or (like the one I have now), within a few hours it has become a non-event. I sound snuffly, but I haven't blown my nose since about 4 hours after I took the first dose. It's a magic potion for sure. I just get it at my local pharmacy. It doesn't taste great, but it's totally bearable.

I hope you're all feeling much, much better and stay that way for some time.

Robyn said...

My dermatologist recommened Cerave too. What order do you use the products you reviewed. what do you use for day, then night?

Nancy said...

I enjoyed your skincare video especially the natural skincare brands you tried. Do you know if the Korean brand for the vitamin c powder uses natural Ingredients?

Woman of the House said...

I have noticed that your skin is looking particularly good these days. You've always had a lovely complexion, but it seems more radiant now. :) I second On Guard. Our family uses it at the slightest hint of illness. My husband gets more immediate results than my daughter (and I rarely get sick, so I'm not sure how I react to it), but they both notice a definite improvement when they use On Guard.

I have rosacea so I can't use just anything on my face, but I have found that ZenMed's rosacea treatment is phenomenal. It consists of a twice-daily cleanser and moisturizer and a twice-weekly mask. It is completely natural and very, very effective. The prescriptions from my doctor didn't work at all, but with ZenMed I saw immediate results. I have no itching, no flakiness, and no redness. If any of your readers have rosacea and aren't happy with current treatment, I suggest they try ZenMed. It's not cheap, but it is very effective! (And no, I don't work for ZenMed or get any kind of a kick-back. I just think their product really works!)

Karen said...

I love essential oils and on guard is one that I use all the time. I agree, it can really help to kick colds. Oregano oil is also one, while very strong, has helped me kick a sinus infection (taken with on guard) and not need antibiotics. I use straight coconut oil as a moisturizer at night and I add frankincense and lavender oils to it. It has really helped my skin.

Love your videos!

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Hi everyone, thank you so much for commenting! I am especially intrigued by all of you who have used On Guard and loved it. It worked so well with me when I kicked my cold! Karen, I also have Oregano and while I really dislike the scent, I will try that next time I feel a sinus infection. Thank you for that tip! And thank you to all of you for your recommendations.

Shawna, I do use Micellar water and I do like it! It's not revolutionary for me, but it is a good cleanser. Thank you to all of you again for commenting!



Denise said...

Hi Jennifer, the first thing I noticed upon starting your video was how fresh and glowing your skin looked. Very nice.

I've been using the same Cera ve day cream on my dry skin, but don't like the the heavy dose of zinc making it difficult to spread evenly over my face. When this container is empty I'm going back to CeraVe am lotion, which I have used for years and it also has 30spf.
I always enjoy your videos.

Vicar's Wife said...

Hi Jennifer!
I'm pretty new to your blog and your vlogs. I like them very much. I think your skin looks great! What make-up are you wearing?
The colors you are using really suit you.

I have an off-topic question. I just saw your video made in February about yoga pants. I see your points and I would love to flow your advise, but my situation is this: I perspire quite a bit when I am working out and cleaning the house, especially when I vacuum. I hate to be gross, but by way of explanation, even my bra gets wet. I don't see how wearing an apron addresses this issue. Because of this I find myself in a cycle of wearing yoga pants and a t-shirt longer than I care to admit. I can't always align exercise and house-work close together. I hate to put my nice clothes back on when I feel so dirty. I really don't want to shower two or three times a day. It strips my skin of natural oils even though I use vegetable soap. What would you do? Do you have any suggestions for me?

Michelle said...

I love Cerave! I buy the large container of it and then I have small round travel containers that I bought at Target that I fill with the cream. I keep one on my desk at work, and one next to my recliner in the living room.

Unknown said...

Hi Jennifer that's so interesting about the essential oils. I just recently purchased a kit from Young Living, which I understand is pretty much the same as DoTerra, and have had the same sort of success with their Thieves oil in kicking a cold. Very interesting...I would love you to do a further video of your findings if you have the capacity. Thanks for another beautiful video. Your videos are little treats throughout my week. xx

madeofmydreams said...

Hi Yolie!

If you haven't already seen it then you should check out Jennifer's video on what she looks like at the end of the day. Even with regards to sweating it's not about being perfect, it's about using your best even though it means your best will need laundering. My personal rule of thumb is; if the activity will not permanently ruin my nice clothing &/or does not require a range of motion I cannot attain in my nice clothing then I wear my ten item wardrobe. This found me shoveling compost out of the back of a trailer while wearing my pretty cream skirt and a black sleeveless blouse this past Saturday. =) I encourage you to try it! It felt fabulous to know I was beautiful and have my bare toes in the dirt while the spring sun hit my skin. ♡

School of the Modern Home said...

I have a great frankincense story. I use DoTerra frankincense oil as part of my morning and night skin care routine for about 2 years. I was having my eyebrows waxed and the beautician commented that she wasn't sure we was waxing correctly because she couldn't find the scar in my left eyebrow. She uses the scar as an arch guide. She handed me the mirror to assist her and I couldn't find the scar. So, since this was a toddler walking accident that gave me the scar I showed my mother. She couldn't find the scar either. I now have awesome eyebrows. Thank you frankincense.

Jolie said...

Hi! I use Rose Hip oil as an all natural moisturizer and have been so pleased with the results. If my skin is feeling extra dry (from the NYC winter) I will follow that up with African Shea butter, also 100% natural. Both of these products can be purchased cheaply from amazon, last forever, and don't put any harmful chemicals onto your skin.

Love your videos, Jennifer, and look forward to trying out your frankincense tip!:-)

Jess from www.usedyorkcity.com

Gumbo Lily said...

Your natural skin care video was very interesting and I agree with the others, your skin is radiant and dewy. Beautiful!

I have 54 year old skin and so I have the issues of sun damage and age and dryness. Currently I am using coconut oil in morning and a combination of almond oil with rose hip seed oil at night. I think it works pretty well. I also like to exfoliate with a scrub my DIL made me: coconut oil, lemon oil, and sugar. (I could eat that!) I would like to try the frankincense oil to see how it works. Thank you for that tip.

I've been a natural deodorant user for several years. I've made my own with coconut oil, baking soda, arrowroot powder. I've also just patted baking soda under my arms. I made a roll-on scent (with essential oils and alcohol) for under the arms and I really like that along with my baking soda.

Thankfully, we've been cold/flu free all winter. Maybe it's country living with few people, but I also attribute it to immune health. Vitamin D3 is essential especially for those of us in "winter country." When I do feel a cold coming on, I pop a zinc tablet morning and night until I feel better. It seems to nip it in the bud. Raw garlic is my other go-to for quelling a cold.

Love your blog, Jennifer!

Chandrika said...

I love your outlook on beauty. I tend to have way too much clutter in the cabinet when it comes to creams and treatments and lotions. Do you have any suggestions for this?
I often mix a lot of my own facial products at home these days--I find rosewater and glycerin to be a much cheaper but healthier alternative to cream. The glycerin draws moisture to the skin's surface and the rose water tones. If my skin is oily, I add a bit of lemon and honey as well.

Would also love to hear more about the essential oil treatments you did...getting sick at my end as well!

Love your work.

Vicki Zimmerman said...

This was a wonderful video, so naturally and beautifully shared by you. I love your light coral lipstick in this particular video, Jennifer. Is there a link or a name you can provide? As for the reviewed products, I want to try so many of them. I've been using Crystalux for years, after having had breast cancer, and I'm very interested in trying the one mentioned above as well as the Benedetta you also mentioned. The Vitamin C powder and the Frankincense essential oil from your friend, Antoinette, are others. Thank you so much and I'm just now getting to this video. Vicki ^^

Maureen said...

Great post! I have to admit, you got me into using natural deodorant years ago. :) I've tried various natural deodorants over the years, but the best I've used is Schmidt's deodorant. It works just as well as conventional deodorant, but it doesn't have aluminum or other questionable ingredients. The bergamot lime scent is delicious! The other natural products I highly recommend are Heritage Products rose water (I "wash" my face with this every morning in place of cleanser), and Dr. Bronner's liquid soaps (I use in place of shower gel). I've found all three of these products to be very effective, and the bonus is the amazing aromatherapy. I should mention that these aren't exactly "drug store" products. I buy them at natural food stores.