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Children Crash BBC Interview + My Stressful TEDx Moment | Teatime with Jennifer

Thank you for all of your great comments on Monday's ten-item wardrobe prep video. It was a fun video to shoot and I look forward to sharing the rest of my process with you.

In today's episode of Teatime with Jennifer, we are discussing the viral video that is being called the funniest video of the year. In it, Korean politics expert, Robert Kelly, was giving an interview to the BBC when his commentary was interrupted by his adorable children. If you haven't seen the video, check it out before watching my Teatime video. It will make much more sense to you! Check out the viral video here from the BBC.

In today's chat, we talk about the challenges of working from home, my thoughts on the hilarious video and my own stressful on-camera moment from my TEDx talk.

Articles discussed in the video:

The Daily Mail article, The Telegraph article, Anatomy of a Masterpiece and my TEDx talk on the ten-item wardrobe.

Also, Robert Kelly released this statement on his blog yesterday clearing up some of the confusion.

Here are some Instagram pics from Italy to Japan...

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And a beautiful photo of At Home with Madame Chic from @thelittlestbookshelf

And around the blogosphere...

Mrs. Mark Howard discusses the economy of attire and takes inspiration from The Daily Connoisseur blog.

Comment of the Week
Sheila writes: Thank you for the reminder that we don't need to be fashionistas and follow the trends. I started thinking about my spring/summer wardrobe a few weeks ago and fell into the 'what's in style' rabbit hole - when in fact I have nearly enough presentable options already in my closet. I've minimized quite a bit over the last few years but have never taken the plunge into true 10 item wardrobe. I think this may finally be the year! Thank you again for a much needed dose of reality.

Hello Sheila, I always get so excited for people who are about to embark on the ten-item wardrobe. You can do it! Please return and let us know how it goes for you.

Question of the Week
Alice writes: I am a 70-year-old retiree. Over the winter, I have fallen into the habit of wearing my flannel "granny" gowns and robes throughout the days when I know that I won't be going out. (I am a real nester and stay inside whenever possible during cold weather.) I purchased 3 dresses for winter that were really expensive and beautiful. I want them to last forever. So, here is my problem: I don't want to wear them around the house because I want them to look fresh and new always. Now, when I put one of them on, I feel so good. They are all comfortable, they're actually the same style, and I enjoy how I look in them. How do I get over this mindset that they must be "saved" for when I go out? Mostly, the only "person" who sees me at home in these dresses is my dog Jax, but he really doesn't care what I wear. He likes me just fine in anything. How do I get past this and enjoy these beautiful dresses on a daily basis? Have you confronted this strange problem before?

Hello Alice, thank you for your comment. Your problem isn't strange, it's actually quite common! Most people, including myself, are afflicted with this desire to save our best things for later. The only way to get over this is to force yourself to use your best every day. It will feel awkward at first, but force yourself to wear your nice dresses, even if you have nowhere to go. Eventually it will become a habit and you will see the folly of your old ways. You will notice that you will feel better and little things in your life will start to change. Even if your dog, Jax, is the only one to see you each day, you will notice an internal change. Please try it out and come back to let us know how you do!

I hope you enjoy today's episode of Teatime! I would love to know... what did you think about the viral video? Did you find it as funny as I did? Do you work from home? Have you had any stressful work-from-home moments? Have you had any stressful or embarrassing things happen to you in a public forum? Let me know and your comment could be chosen as comment of the week on the blog.

See you on Monday for a Shop with Me Ten-Item Wardrobe video!

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Emma Knight Peel said...

That earpiece problem sounds so stressful, but I think you handled it beautifully. I watched your TEDx talk and wasn't distracted by the ear touching. I was more interested in what you were saying.

My favorite part of the BBC video is when the wife comes skidding in so fast! That cracks me up! And, how she reaches up to close the door from the floor. I like when he laughed and said, "my apologies." That's the best thing anyone could do.

Keeping poise under pressure is so difficult for me. Just when I feel like I have everything in order and I'm together and mature, something goes wrong and I have a meltdown. It's so embarrassing and makes me feel like a fraud and failure because I can only stay poised when everything is on track. :( I need to learn from my mistakes and think about how to handle similar situations better next time so that I'm prepared and react differently next time something happens.

Cleaning In The Cold said...

I have watched (and shown) the Robert Kelly video 20 times and I laugh every time. The baby scooting in gets me every time. And the wife's frantic crawling to close the door. It's literally one of the funniest things I have ever seen. I agree with you that hopefully they know we are all laughing with them and thanking them for a little levity.

I also have weird small ears (lol). Normal sized earbuds don't fit in my ears and the idea of running with ear buds is something I can't imagine. Your TED TALK was wonderful. You were poised but Im sure it was not without internal panic.

I am loving tea time with Jennifer. Keep it up!



Jo said...

Hi Jennifer,

The Robert Kelly video is adorable - it could have been an "I Love Lucy"-type sitcom episode. I watched your TEDx talk quite awhile ago and don't even remember seeing the earpiece situation. But then, I may have been listening while folding laundry or something of that sort and not watching closely.

I have to ask - what lipstick are you wearing in this video? I rarely wear lipstick, but your shade today struck me as quite lovely.

Thank you for all the inspiration you provide!

Kathryn said...

I used to work from home and somehow managed to escape being embarrassed by my children. My cat however was a different story. I was having a discussion with a client when my 20 lb cat jumped into the bottom file drawer beside me and got stuck behind some files. I was trying to listen to the client who was upset, pull the cat out of the drawer and hopefully not make any grunting noises in the process while holding the phone on my shoulder. By the time I had him removed from the drawer I was sweating. It happens...

Anonymous said...

The video was hysterical! I especially laughed when the wife kind of crawled back in and reached up to close the door. "Maybe if I try to make myself really small, no one will see me...." Heehee....

I have to second the comment on your lipstick. The brighter hue is very flattering to you, and I love the striped top you were wearing. You looked lovely!

Jess said...


Someone made this whimsical little Gif of the two little girls on the video. Charming and funny!at the same time!

Genevieve said...

Hi Jennifer,

I'm so pleased to have discovered your YouTube channel and blog. I, too, am a mother of two young daughters and an infant son. I was wondering how you manage their clothing. I searched to see if you had addressed this issue and saw some other readers wondering the same thing. If you choose not to respond in order to protect the privacy of your children, I understand. However if you have tips on how to maintain their wardrobe or suggestions of children's clothing brands that wear well, I would love to hear them!

And that video was hilarious. I don't know how there were so many funny moments in such a short clip. I just love how the little girl marches on in; someday she'll have a good laugh seeing it.

Best wishes,


Unknown said...

I LOVE how tickled you were about the video and how you pointed out how stressful! I watched it and made my husband come in and watch it and we were laughing so hard we both had tears in our eyes. If you are a parent, you just get it! I loved the girl, the boy and the mom! I was dying! I reposted that video as well and just put, "This is hilarious! The struggle as a parent is real!" Thanks for talking about this video. It was a breath of fresh air! But the poor guy...

Julie said...

I would like to discuss this topic too! Have you checked out the Mini Boden line? I love it for my toddler! It washes and wears so well and can be used for hand me downs or resale. After a season of rough wear - stains, spills, dirt etc the outfits
still look new.

Genevieve said...

Thanks for your suggestion, Julie! I will definitely check out Mini Boden. I've been so disappointed in how fast my daughters' pants wear out. After one wear the knees and bottom are often faded.

Liz said...

I loved your TEDX video and didn't even notice you touching your ear!

Joy said...

Great chat, Jennifer! I loved thie video you're discussing, and I thought it was a perfectly hilarious illustration of what kids add to our lives! You asked if anything like that had happened to us... the first thing that came into my mom was when my newborn son made a really loud, poopy diaper in church. SOme might think babies don't belong in church, but fortunately that wasn't what our pastor thought, and if anything, it illustrated the scripture he was preaching on. He had literally JUST said how Paul considered all his titles and attributes garbage, and how the actual translation was excrement, when my son did that. I sat there horrified, praying it wasn't as loud as it had sounded to me, but the pastor looked right at me and started laughing and said (when he could catch his breath), "Exactly! Wyatt just illustrated the point perfectly!" It was so funny -- though my cheeks still burn thinking about it!

Anyway, I thought the video was wonderful. Also, I'm currently living in Busan, the city where Robert Kelley is a professor, so that was fun!

Unknown said...

Haha When I was little, my parents were giving a dinner party. I was upstairs, playing dress-up in my mom's closet. I found her diaphragm, complete with a little illustrated instructional pamphlet. Schocked and appalled by what I saw, ( I don't think I could read yet) I ran downstairs and burst into the dinner party, waving it around and crying. My mon sure whisked that out of my hands fast as could be and got me out of there!

Luke and Valerie said...

There is now a Star Wars version of the BBC video:
Ah, these modern days of technology and so many ways to laugh at ourselves. :)

Unknown said...

How fun to be comment of the week! Because I was featured, I finally actually counted and technically only have 9 core pieces for spring/summer (excluding tees and sweaters), BUT that doesn't count my 'office wear' (which technically has 15 core pieces...). I work in a corporate office 2-3 days a week with the other 2-3 days working from home. By counting I realized that more than 1/2 my wardrobe is dedicated to just those 2-3 days a week. With such a disparity in need/style I don't think I can get down to 10 items this year, but I'm going to make an effort to wear more of my 'nice' blouses (3 long sleeves and 3 sleeveless) on my non-office days and have decided that future purchases will focus mostly on items that can be worn in both situations. My office isn't so formal that I can't elevate my usual jeans+tees to something that will work for both situations - I just can't buy it all this year. :-) Thanks again for the inspiration!

Unknown said...

Jennifer, I have watched several of your videos, and I LOVE that table next to your couch/loveseat. Could you share with us where it's from? (I also love your videos! Not just watching the furniture!)

Unknown said...

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Polly said...

I had not seen the viral BBC video, and just watched it. I confess that I felt mortified *FOR* him and had a hard time laughing until I'd watched it a couple of times. The baby is definitely my favorite part. ;)

Back when I only had one child, I did practice law from home part-time. It was a juggling act between finding time to work, keep house, and take care of the baby. I recall conference calls while I was feeding a baby Cheerios to keep him quiet! Once my son was a toddler--and thus more mobile, less sleepy--I gave it up for good and haven't looked back. In fact, I was recently offered two different opportunities to pick up some work from home, and was grateful to be able to happily decline. Maybe in 15 years. :)

I honestly believe that life with toddlers has to entail a certain amount of regular public humiliation. I'm just lucky that mine never involved live television! Poise comes naturally to me, for some reason, and always has. The most memorable humiliation was a massive meltdown my toddler daughter had at Target because I wouldn't buy her a toy she wanted (in the checkout line, no less!). I was humiliated, but I maintained my poise and dignity--and *no*, she did not get the toy. She's now a lovely, unspoiled little girl, so I'm glad I stood my ground during those challenging moments!

(And I did notice you checking your earpiece during your TedX talk back when I saw it, but it never bothered me a bit! You did a great job.)