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Benecos Natural Cruetly-free Makeup REVIEW

I've heard your requests for reviews of natural makeup, and today I have an exciting review for you from Benecos . Benecos is currently one of the number one makeup lines in Germany. This pure plant and mineral-based brand has won awards from OekoTest, Natural Solutions Beauty with a Conscience, and Yoga Journal, and more.

Benecos is gluten-free and cruelty-free. It has no parabens, PEG, silicones, petro-chemicals, synthetic preservatives, dyes or fragrances.

The Creamy Matte foundation (I wear the shade Honey) ensures a smooth, even complexion and provides medium coverage with a matte finish. This foundation is also vegan.

Natural Shimmery Eyeshadow in "So What?" is a champagne shimmer eyeshadow that is delightfully neutral. Organic macadamia nut oil and organic castor oil help to create a soft velvety texture. The beautiful pigments are created naturally from pure minerals.

Natural lipstick
in "Watermelon" is a beautiful fuchsia shade. Organic castor seed and organic avocado oil provide deep moisture while organic babassu oil helps to protect the skin. Vitamin C and E provide gentle antioxidant protection.


You can find the full range of Benecos at
www.truenatural.com True Natural is a wonderful resource for natural beauty products!

Other makeup I used in this video: Benefit Fake up under eye concealer, Shiseido translucent pressed powder, CHANEL kohl eyeliner in ambre, YSL mascara in burgundy.

Please check out my video this week to see the makeup applied. They are very beautiful shades! Thank you to Benecos for sending me these products to review.


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Comments of the Week
Last week's Teatime with Jennifer on the Oscars was a very popular post! People from all over the world weighed in. Thank you to everyone for doing so respectfully, even through differing opinions!

Dina writes: I left a comment on your YouTube channel about the Oscars and politics and thinking more about it, I wanted to add that it's not the politics I want to avoid. I don't mind discussing deficient spending or pipelines or even immigration. It just seems people can no longer have reasonable, respectful discussions about issues anymore. Politics today is about name-calling, bullying, humiliating, ridiculing and mocking. This tearing other people down over their political opinions has become a form of entertainment for some. I'm really quite tired of such mean-spirited behavior, even by people dressed impeccably, and I want no part of it.

Hi Dina, I think you are correct that the tone has become mean-spirited from both sides. I wish topics could be discussed civilly, without resorting to attacks. Thankfully, the readers of The Daily Connoisseur are able to find that civility in the comment section on this blog. I think the beginning of Patricia's comment really emphasizes that. Here is an excerpt from her comment:

Patricia writes: Jennifer, "The Daily Connoisseur," is by far my favorite blog. I have always looked forward to it on Mondays. I didn't think it could get any better, but viewing "Tea Time with Jennifer," has added even more to my experience of feeling encouraged that there is still a community, through your blog, which embraces basic civility to all...especially working against and rising above the devaluation of ourselves, our children, family and friends to the "lowest common denominator."

Rising above and beyond that means a commitment of "involvement" of ourselves "in our ourselves" (and I'm not referring to narcissism), just to elevate ourselves by our choices and behavior so that we not only elevate ourselves, but our children, and those others within our small sphere of influence...perhaps our spouse, family members, friends, neighbors, and even our community in some meaningful way.

Hi Patricia, Thank you for your comment. It is not easy to share our opinions sometimes, especially if they are unpopular. I do appreciate the poise and class with which our readers express themselves. We are so lucky to have each other!

Thank you to everyone for watching today's video. If there is any beauty review you'd like to see on The Daily Connoisseur, please let me know and I will do my best to honor your request.

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FTC: Benecos sent me these products to review. This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. Links may be affiliate.


Unknown said...

Hi Jennifer, I enjoyed today's video. I've been on the lookout for natural makeup and decided to try this brand based on your review. Thanks for sharing!

Evaline said...

Hi Jennifer, I love the 3 Benecos products on you...especially the lipstick colour. Wow!And I am extremely appreciative of the move to natural skin care products. Very exciting!

Ladylike said...

Hi Jennifer,

You look fantastic! My daughter and I love the brighter lipstick on you. I'm wearing a brighter lipstick recently as well. Benecos sounds wonderful. I will consider it for my next purchase. I used to live in Germany so I know that the Germans take the healthiness of their products very seriously..... Thank you so much for the recommendation.

All the best,

Unknown said...

My Cocker Spaniel, Buddy, is attracted to your voice. Whenever I sit down to watch your videos, he jumps on my lap, faces the computer screen and watches, spellbound. I thought you might like to know you have a canine fan!

Helena Oops said...

Always a pleasure to read your posts and watch your videos ,love this selection of makeup .
Enjoy your week!

Unknown said...

Hi Jennifer! I've really enjoyed reading your blog and books! Your new teatime segment is adorable as well. It's like actually getting to sit down and visit with you some.

I don't know if it is fortuitous, but I actually did mention your post on natural cleaners in the blog I put up yesterday on Livinggleefully.com. I hope you like it. (Insert emoji of monkey covering his eyes here-haha)


Mey said...


Happy Women's International day to all women out there! I have never posted anything but I do watch religiously every week. The reason for this post is I just watched a really funny video that has nothing to do with makeup but it everyone here will relate to. This is the link to the video


I laughed a lot watching it.


K.L said...

Hi! Thank you for showing an organic beauty brand Jennifer! I have also tried Benecos nail polishes & can highly recommend them. They have nice colours & great staying power - in my opinion better than brands like Essie.

I would like to share some other organic brands I've used & can recommend. First of is US-made Coola Suncare (suncreens). I use the "Mineral Face SPF30 Matte Tint" wich is tinted & like a bb-creme. Its great! Oil free & great for oily/greasy skin (which I have in summer). I use it instead of a light foundation/bb-creme. Gives only a very light coverage but actually very evening tone.
I also love UK brand Lily Lolo (my latest favourite being barely there pinkish nude lipstick "Love Affaire" - great for le no makeup look) & French brand UNE. I can especially recommend UNEs nail polishes too (great quality) & also their liquid foundation "Skin Ideal Youth Serum Foundation" - looks so natural & feels like silk or I don't know just great! I've heard by people that use mascara (I don't use mascara myself, have dark enough lashes) that their mascara is great too, which otherwise is tricky to find good ones among organic brands.

Btw, just as a general tip: some organic brands can be a bit uneven, i.e. they could have great lipsticks but not the best eye shadows, so if you dont like one thing don't give up on the whole brand just yet. Read reviews too see other peoples exepiences. One great thing about organic makeup (apart from the obvoius ones of sparing the planet/animals from toxins) is you spare your own skin from toxins, so slowly your skin will clear up more & you'll need less gunk to smear over your face! ;)

K.L said...

Oh, & if you want/can afford high end organic brands I can recommend Australian brand Nvey Eco & US brand Jane Iredale.

K.L said...

I have myself used Nvey Ecos eye shadows & blushes (still do! They are fab) but only tried Jane Iredale in beauty stores. My budget is smaller today than when I bought my Nvey Eco stuff. The blush is so wonderful I will actually get that same one again but otherwise these brands are a bit too pricy for me nowadays.