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Teatime with Jennifer | Oscars 2017

Welcome to another episode of Teatime with Jennifer! Today we are discussing the Academy Awards, which aired this past Sunday. What a show it was! There is so much to discuss.

In today's video I share my best dressed, what we can learn from the "tour bus" segment, thoughts on the political nature of the show and even conspiracies about that best picture flub! I hope you'll make yourself a cup of tea and join me for this special episode of teatime.

You get to hear many of my opinions, but truly I love to hear from you. What do you think about all of this? Did you watch the Oscars? If not, why not? Who did you think was best dressed? Do you like or dislike the political commentary? Please let me know what you think, and your comment could be featured as comment of the week on the blog.


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Comment of the Week

Margery, thank you so much for this recipe. I will have to try this on my stainless steel!

I hope you enjoyed today's teatime episode. I'll see you on Monday for a highly requested natural makeup review. Until then...

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Charlotte Park Creative said...

I did not watch the Oscars this year. I am weary of the mean jokes and political speeches. It is special to be nominated for these awards, possibly a once in a lifetime opportunity. I wish the joy of the experience could overflow into the awards program.

Madame Melville said...

I just have to comment on "the flub" because both my husband and I are CPA's. Being accountants, it was of particular interest and we were thinking how difficult a moment for the PWC partner on that account as well as the staff involved. Everyone makes mistakes ): I believe it is an honest mistake. A large international accounting firm would never deliberately put their reputation in the line of fire for publicity purposes. It's a field based so much on integrity, trust and confidentiality. Just my two cents, unfortunately human error.

I just never watch the Oscars as like you, I don't often feel up for a movie once I've had a busy day with the kids.

Loving all your videos and looking forward to spring wardrobe chats!! I'd love to hear your thoughts specifically on comfortable travel shoes for sightseeing. We are going to Provence with the family in the spring and are planning to do lots of walking, sightseeing, light hiking with our boys. How can I look chic but be comfy? Ballet flats would not suit I think. Thanks!

JJ said...

I watched the Oscars this year because I enjoyed some of the movies that were made and I loved seeing what everyone was wearing:) Like you, I got tired and turned it off before the big "flub" at the end with the best picture. As far as political discussions go, it seems to me that people in general get so emotionally wrapped up in defending and promoting their beliefs that they start to treat other people poorly and disrespectfully. Your blog and your books are such a role model for me and how I want to present myself to world. I believe it is good and right to stand up for yourself and speak up for what you believe in, but it is good to do it in a classy, respectful, and educated way. Your blog truly is a safe haven and a rare and refreshing perspective that I very much appreciate. If you do choose to discuss politics on your blog I have faith that you will do so in a way that is classy, respectful, curious, and intelligent. Thank you for all that you do!:)

Kelly said...
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Kelly said...

I too feel that movies take up too much of my precious evenings with sleeping children, even though my husband finds they help him unwind.

I would like to second The Wool Fairy's question regarding chic but comfortable footwear for travel. Last spring I put together my first 10 item wardrobe, and loved how well put together I felt. However, I took several trips, one to Portugal and another a Baltic cruise, where I had trouble. I wore ballet flats and driving shoes from French Sole that, though comfortable for daily home use, weren't right for those days of sightseeing. However, my Wellington boots would have been overkill as well!
We are doing a child-free getaway to NYC this August for our 10th anniversary and I know will be doing a lot of walking, so I would love to hear your thoughts!

PLL said...

I watched the Pre-Oscar events and the first 15 minutes or so of the show. Beyond seeing what the stars are wearing and the opening monologue, it doesn't hold my interest. I found Justin Timberlake's opening fun and refreshing, I must admit to doing a bit of couch dancing myself. My favorite gown was Viola's and I also loved how she styled her hair.

Lillian said...

Hi Jennifer,

I missed the Oscars this year, because I was busy working. I'm glad to have caught your commentary. I had a chance to scroll through the gowns after the fact, and I agree, Brie Larson is consistently my favorite.
My opinions on the political commentary have really shifted this year. Before now, I was happy to hear the speeches that emphasized the importance of inclusivity in artistic recognition. But after this particular election, every other part of my life has become so saturated with terrible news, and with outrage, I am beginning to need a break from it. I've really tried to reduce my time on facebook for this reason as well.
You made a comment in this video that I really liked - you mentioned that you believe your viewers probably span both sides of the political spectrum. I think you're probably right. And in a time that feels so incredibly divided, isn't it nice to know that something that can unite us is interest in being a daily connoisseur? I guess that's why I like coming on here to watch the videos and read the comments.

ps. I have a 5 item wardrobe for teaching (the class I teach at the university is twice a week). Today I received the compliment that I was "such a snappy dresser". I wonder if this person has noticed it's just the same five things in different combinations twice a week! Even so, it was really nice, and just goes to show - you don't need a lot to make a positive impression on your "viewers".

Renee Suzanne said...

Hi Jennifer,
I did not watch the Oscars this year and haven't watched them for many years. I do not like the agenda of Hollywood and being force-fed swear words, sex without marriage, radical feminism,immodesty, etc.

I'm afraid to admit to you that I've now stopped listening to the news and am taking the ostrich approach. I have deleted a couple political podcasts I enjoyed, my husband let his subscription to a political magazine expire. I'm now reading good books (memoirs & history) and eating truffles. I also occupy myself with what Duchess Kate is wearing. I'm much happier this way!

Please make a point of mentioning anything you think I should know because otherwise, I'm just here on the homestead taking care of the chickens. :)

Sandra said...
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Dina said...

I left a comment on your YouTube channel about the Oscars and politics and thinking more about it, I wanted to add that it's not the politics I want to avoid. I don't mind discussing deficient spending or pipelines or even immigration. It just seems people can no longer have reasonable, respectful discussions about issues anymore. Politics today is about name-calling, bullying, humiliating, ridiculing and mocking. This tearing other people down over their political opinions has become a form of entertainment for some. I'm really quite tired of such mean-spirited behavior, even by people dressed impeccably, and I want no part of it.

Ange said...

I didnt watch them this year, partly due to politics, and partly because i had to wake early the next morning for work. Violia Davis was LOVELY
I am tired of all award shows getting so political. At this point, I believe we should sit back and let the president do his job.
I also thing all celebrity roasting should be left for those late night talk shows, but thats just me.
I totally agree that the tour bus is the PERFECT example of looking your best always!!

Unknown said...

My best dressed picks were Viola Davis, Ruth Negga, and Emma Stone.

I had not planned to watch but I turned on the tv just as Justin Timberlake was starting his song and I was hooked. I'm sure I missed a few things here and there, as I was multi-tasking on commercials, but I loved what I saw. I thought Jimmy Kimmel was hilarious.

I can understand where many people are coming from though- I'm sure if the situation was reversed and The Oscars/Hollywood was ultra conservative, I would probably not have enjoyed it as much as I did.

Thinking about this on a deeper level- I think that we often want to think that those people we look up to (especially celebrities)must think and feel just as we do. We want so badly to be able to relate to the people we admire. We are often let down when we find out their views and opinions differ from our own. I've struggled with this lately until I realized I don't have to agree with every single part of a celebrity's belief system. I can still admire their talent and respect their opinion even if I don't agree with it.

Thank you Jennifer for keeping your blog a happy, safe place. It's refreshing to have a place on the internet where topics can be discussed with dignity and grace.

Patricia said...

Jennifer, "The Daily Connoisseur," is by far my favorite blog. I have always looked forward to it on Mondays. I didn't think it could get any better, but viewing "Tea Time with Jennifer," has added even more to my experience of feeling encouraged that there is still a community, through your blog, which embraces basic civility to all...especially working against and rising above the devaluation of ourselves, our children, family and friends to the "lowest common denominator."

Rising above and beyond that means a commitment of "involvement" of ourselves "in our ourselves" (and I'm not referring to narcissism), just to elevate ourselves by our choices and behavior so that we not only elevate ourselves, but our children, and those others within our small sphere of influence...perhaps our spouse, family members, friends, neighbors, and even our community in some meaningful way.

Jennifer, I am anything, but a prude and I won't further define my definition of a prude because that definition resides in each of us individually. However, I must say I no longer watch "The Oscars" though as a child of 10 and beyond my mother would allow me to stay up to watch the awards with her because we both were book lovers and movie lovers. We so enjoyed often-time host, Johnny Carson, and others, the movie clips, and especially seeing the actors we admired (in their black tuxedos) and the actresses we adored in their exquisite gowns...decollete for sure, but more importantly, the sometimes sheer volume of exquisite fabric of their couture.

I think bikinis are fine on the beach, as is any attire, or lack of, in your own bedroom, but I'm so tired of female actors, singers, and "personalities" appearing in public venues and awards shows, like the Oscars, wearing "barely there" gowns, seemingly vying with each other for whose gown has the least fabric,showing the most skin, and best alluding to their private parts.

I'm a teen of the 60s, a woman of the 70s...MS.Magazine and the book, "The Feminine Mystique." Caught in the cross-hairs of Feminism without any Bridge between, I felt "dumped" into a new world for which I'd had no preparation. I had to get a job to be relevant and a feminist, though I had children, but no daycare...

Nevertheless, I've developed a necessary duality in that I believe in women rising to the very top of their game, whatever that may be...but also, congratulations and no shame in being a mother of babies and small children, investing a relatively small portion of your life for the greater good of humanity; hopefully, with assistance, nowadays, of an equally involved husband/father; spelling each other whenever and however you, as parents, are able...and not having to leave your infants and toddlers with a babysitter of some sort (no daycare back then)...feeling guilty every bloody day of your life because one didn't want to disappoint Gloria Steinem or seem a relic from the previous age. Now, we women finally had a "choice?" Not really.

I apologize for my soliloquy, but your blog conversation,just opened up the floodgates of my life experience as a woman and mother. Keep the conversation going, Jennifer.

Unknown said...

Great discussion Jennifer. I am one of the middle class people that votes according to what will benefit my life the most. Meaning I am independent. I do not stand for extreme views because life is more gray than black or white. That said, when my favorite actress or actor begins lecturing me I am turned off. It is ok to have an opinion but when a person says that what they believe to be correct is the only correct answer and if anyone disagrees they are a bigot terrible and sexist, wow that goes too far! Let's get real these people are yes incredibly talented and deserve recognition but so do the many regular working man who is also talented at what the pot their 100% into in life to make enough of o live without private jets or hair/makeup so don't tell me about life Hollywood because I just am not buying it! Your are wonderful Jennifer thanks for your hard work!

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Ladies, I appreciate your comments so much. You are brave and I commend your honesty! I appreciate that we can all share our opinions here without ridicule and with understanding. Each of your viewpoints is valid and I thank you for taking part in this discussion. With love, Jennifer

Unknown said...

I do not watch the Oscars anymore, mainly because I do not have a working, normal TV; it only streams. I LOVE looking at what the ladies wear as you do. I am one of the ones that believes the show should be an escape and I can't really handle the small world of Hollywood and their opinions on a night like this. This is another reason I did not seek out these arts! :) I was thinking while I was listening to you describe the tour bus, "and that is why you look presentable always!" I can only imagine how many of those people wish they had dressed differently!

Thanks for this video!