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One Week of Outfits from My Ten-Item Wardrobe | Jennifer L. Scott

Today, I'm sharing one week of outfits from my ten-item wardrobe. This is a pretty typical week for me with a lot of housework, cooking, parenting, writing and filming.

I hope you enjoy today's video. If you enjoy content like this, please let me know and I will continue to make similar videos!

Mentioned in the video:
Women's Sam Edelman 'Gigi' Sandal in Beige

Women's Dogeared 'Reminder - Faith' Sideways Cross Pendant Necklace

Reija Eden raw sapphire necklace

Amazonite gemstone bracelet from Reija Eden


I am a part of the wonderful new anthology, A Paris All Your Own, and will be doing a book event on July 15th at Chevalier's in Los Angeles. Hope to see you there!

Mina Irfan reviews The Madame Chic books on her YouTube channel. Thank you, Mina!

In the Instagram world...

DressCodeGlamour shares The Madame Chic Collection on her Instagram page with a high recommendation...

Madame Chic in America and Japan...

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A beautiful shot of Lessons with some pansies...

Comment of the Week
Regarding my flower arranging blog, La Petite Maison writes:
Lovely flowers, Jennifer! I also enjoy reading and cooking, along with decorating, journaling, hiking, paper crafting, and learning to play the guitar.

I really enjoyed reading about all of your hobbies. La Petite Maison, I love that you are learning to play the guitar! Thank you for sharing your interests with us.

I hope you enjoyed today's video! See you on Thursday...

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Unknown said...

Hi Jennifer! Thank you for all you do! Your work has helped me confidently embrace a lifestyle and attitude I always had but was afraid to express in our hyper casual and individualistic culture. I read the following article focused on menswear in one of my favorite magazines and found it enriching. I thought you might enjoy it, too! https://www.firstthings.com/article/2017/06/dress-up

Unknown said...

Hi Jennifer! I really enjoyed seeing your wardrobe in action! Since I pared down to the ten-item wardrobe (er, more like fifteen), I wear more of my clothes than when my closet was packed. I showed my wardrobe to a friend recently and she was really surprised that I had so few items, given that she's seen me wear such a variety! I also got my Gigi sandals in bright white last week...they ARE comfortable, and a huge upgrade from flip flops. Thank you for your recommendation and for encouraging beauty each and every day.

AndreaK said...
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Maureen said...

Hi Jennifer,

This article was in the New York Times today, and it made me think of you. :)

How to Perfect the Art of a Work Uniform:


Jennifer Lynn said...

Hey Jennifer,

This was a great post, I liked that we saw you in real life as opposed to a fashion show.

I'm not much of a sandal girl (most likely because I have horrid feet) but those T-strap sandals look very nice, a simple way to dress-up any outfit. You have such an effortless way to make a casual look seem more classy and elegant.

What I love about you, is that yes, you frequently talk about looking presentable always and wearing your best things...but you clearly practice what you preach. Very inspiring. Thanks again, now I have to go through my closet...

Karen said...

I loved seeing this day-by-day of what you wore video. I'd love to see even more of how you mix and match the items with your extras. I've been at home with my kids for a lot of years now, but when I first came home I was very casual and didn't have much "dressy casual"--suits or t-shirts and sweats, but not much in between. I've changed that in the past few years and I love feeling presentable most of the time. I also seem to be wearing more dresses (it's hot in Nashville in the summer and so they are cooler) and end up wearing many of them to church on Sundays also. I have a few that are"church-only" dresses, but most aren't. Thanks for sharing!

Lollyg said...

This was a wonderful "inspiration" video. I have more than 10 items, and recently realized that I could easily pare down further. Taking time to put outfits together, as you show here, rather than buying new pieces on a whim, is the strategy! Your books and videos are so uplifting, thanks for the work you do!

Pam said...

Hi Jennifer,

I love these real-life videos. Keep 'em coming. :-) I also have a question for you that I hope maybe one day you can tackle in a Q&A. It's slightly embarrassing. I recently moved to Florida from Indiana. With the heat and humidity I'm really battling my shoes and feet smelling. Even sandals/flip-flops have this issue. Any tips for me on how to win this war?


Anonymous said...

That's a great tip about wearing sweaters over dresses, making them look like a skirt. It seems so obvious, but even so, I didn't think of it. It would be a great way to wear a slightly dressier dress for daytime. Then, going out to dinner later, one would only have to take off the sweater to make the dress a dress again. I can definitely use this "hack".

Keri Ronk said...

Great video! You have become my "how to be a grown up" guru. Even though I am 30 I feel like I have so much to learn! One of those things is laundry. Could you share a video on how you tackle laundry for your family? Tips, products, etc. Maybe even a video on Ironing? I have no idea what I am doing but now that I am purchasing more lasting clothing items I want to do my best to keep them in their best condition!

Bliss said...

Jennifer, you continue to inspire me with your 10 item wardrobe. I am not there yet, but I am working on curating and understanding my style, and working it into my life as someone who mothers and works at home. One of the BEST tips you've given was the steamer - it has changed everything for me! It's much easier to wear your best daily when you know you can easily and quickly take care of a wrinkle (I air dry most of my clothing, so wrinkles happen.) . Please keep up your wardrobe videos. They really help!

Tracy said...

That curry looks really yum, and easy. I'm almost tempted to get out my crock pot. Except that I'm out of the house for about 10-12 hours on work days, and have no need to use it on home days. I obviously need to find a solution to that problem, because that recipe looks like a keeper!!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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thesimplelivingmom said...

Thank you for the video! I'm enjoying them all! It's nice to see the videos, for the visual, along with reading your books!
Your outfits are beautiful and your little boy is so precious!

Unknown said...

I must be doing something wrong. If I try to do housework, cleaning, playing with the dog, gardening or cooking (yes, I have an apron) in a dress or even in a decent blouse and jeans, they get ruined. I have two wardrobes: one for doing dirty work (i.e. nearly everything), and one for leaving the house. The dirty work clothes are the pants and shirts I've ruined plus some scrubs I've bought at the thrift store because they have usable pockets and are loose enough to work in. Skirts get caught in everything, show my ignorance if I'm not careful, and require shoes that hurt my feet (like your sandals). I have a couple of dresses for special occasions that I guard like the crown jewels. The shoes that go with them can't be walked in for very long. My days include wiring, plumbing, repairing my RV, clearing brush, mowing, weedeating, tending the pool and - the best skirt killer of all - the leaf blower which has sucked skirts into the intake and to their deaths. If I only had lunch with the girls on my calendar, it would be another story but I don't think I'm that unusual. I do not live in Paris in a tiny apartment, I have 2 acres and a fixer upper house. I love it, but dressing up daily is wildly impractical and it breaks my heart when I ruin something I love.