I Want to Hear From You! Mapp & Lucia Book Club

Hello Daily Connoisseurs, as we go into the weekend, I wanted to share a quick video with you, asking for your feedback for the upcoming Mapp & Lucia book club. I would love to hear from you! Please leave your comments, observations and desired discussion topics in the comment section and I can discuss your comment in my book club video series.

Check out my original Mapp & Lucia Book Club announcement here.

Queen Lucia and Miss Mapp are readily available and can often be found for free on the kindle or other eReaders. You can always check your local library as well for the books. Here are some easy links to the books on Amazon:Queen Lucia and Miss Mapp paperback, On the kindle (99cents), Queen Lucia on audible , Miss Mapp on audible.

Thank you and have a wonderful weekend!

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Katrin said...

Your book club is such a great idea, because it invites me to read and read properly again. Instead of rushing through the pages I actually take time to think. Admittedly therefore I am only halfway through the first book :)
What I would like to talk about is the use of language in the novel. Each citizen of Riseholme has a unique way of speaking and that contributes to their social status in the village.
I am also really looking forward to reading the comments from readers all over the world.


Casey said...

I got the ebook, but I haven't started it yet. I have to finish one book before Father's Day (it's a gift) and then it's next!
Also, have you seen the trailer for 'Murder on the Orient Express'? I haven't read that one either, but I want to before the movie comes out in November.

Jenni Enzor said...

I just finished Queen Lucia. I read these a few years ago, but it was really fun to reread this! I thought the whole theme of Lucia being Queen, holding court, and her rival queen, Olga, really interesting. I liked how Benson compared them--how Lucia must assert her place as leader of the community, but Olga just draws people to her naturally. My other favorite parts were Daisy constantly being tricked by various spiritual charlatans and Georgie pushed and pulled between the two "queens."
The time period seemed like pre-World War I, but I was wondering what year it was actually set in--and have you found out any background information about the author?

Luke and Valerie said...

I just started Lucia, and reading it on Gutenberg (on my phone) is a little tedious as I can't bookmark by chapter. Thank you for the links to other formats, I will take a look!

Katrin said...

Queen Lucia was written in 1920, but I had the same feeling as you, Jenni. It seems like World War I has not taken place in this rural setting.

Casey said...

I try to give a book 50-100 pages before I decide to quit/finish it, but ebooks are so much harder because the page numbers don't really matter. I'm about 5% into the book and there is way too much dawdling in it for my taste. Is there even a plot to this book? I couldn't really find one in any review. Anyways, I've got a stack of books I'd rather be reading so I'm going to move on.

Summer Smith said...

I would like to know what main character you liked better, Miss Mapp or Queen Lucia? I had a favorite and would be curious to know what others thought.

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Katrin said...

Summer, for me it is rather a question of who I dislike the least :)

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Laura Brainard said...

Jennifer, I'm so excited you've chosen these books! This series is one of my favorites ever! I'm fascinated by the self-centeredness of both Mapp & Lucia, how everything they do is calculated to either put them on top (Lucia) or defeat or belittle someone else (Mapp). I also love the contrast between Lucia's snobbish desire to control others and Olga's love of people and desire to enjoy life. And why does a nice guy like Georgie end up letting Lucia run him? These are real comedies of manners.

Edna Grace Cubillos said...

The contrast between the "old" and "new" woman in both these novels, e.g. Lucia vs Olga from "Queen Lucia" and Miss Mapp vs the Contessa in "Miss Mapp." Is there a reader's preference of one over the other, and what do you think of the "rivalry" that the author portrays between these characters?

The characterization of Georgie in "Queen Lucia" and Irene in "Miss Mapp" as seen through the eyes of Riseholme and Tilling respectively--what do you think the author was attempting, if anything, to convey?

Favorite/least favorite character in both novels, and why?

I enjoyed both novels very much; both were very entertaining and not too heavy, a fun way to escape from the busyness of life for a little bit. Thanks for choosing these titles.