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6 Gorgeous Fall Looks from Halsbrook.com

I have partnered with Halsbrook.com once again to bring you 6 new beautiful collages to inspire you for fall.

Halsbrook is an online store with a beautifully curated collection of clothes, totally in line with the Daily Connoisseur aesthetic.

Today, I'm collaging their new arrivals for fall to share some of my favorite looks. Let me know in the comment section which look you like the most!

Refined in Autumn Exude elegance in this beautifully tailored look. The mustard color in the scarf plays nicely against the dark blue dress. Featured in this look MaxMara Umano blue dress, Klements orange floral silk scarf, Inge Christopher Thelma cognac woven leather clutch, Manolo Blahnik 'BB' Pointy Toe Pump

Casual Saturday Enjoy a weekend stroll through the city in this chic, yet casual look. Pair it with a blazer to stay warm. Cambio Parla blue stretch denim jeans, Edward Achour White Crepe Blouse with bow detail, Luana Italy Paley black satchel, French Sole Arabella red leather ballet flat.

Automnal Neutrals This look is subtle in its gorgeousness. The pale blue of the scarf brings out the deep tan color of the dress. Weekend MaxMara Fulvia Camel sleeveless wool dress, Manipuri light blue bird print scarf,
Thacker Sabine cognac leather bag, Marc Fisher Ltd 'Zala' Pump in Beige.

Caught in the rain. This cape brings new meaning to luxury knitwear. This look would also be great with riding boots. Piece of Cloth Jerry Chestnut Stretch cotton pant, Belford Cashmere Color Block cape, Joanna Maxham Tulip cognac suede hobo bag, Me Too Audra Loafer Flat

Cozy fall afternoon
Curl up with a book and still look stylish in this colorful ensemble. Megan Park White Floral Silk Georgette Blouse, Weekend MaxMara skirt, Luana Italy Paley Wild Honey satchel, BP Maddy Mule

Black and white This Funny Face inspired look will have you dancing like Audrey. It's casual, yet comfortable elegance. Belford Black Plaid mock neck sweater, Escada Tuska black stretch slim pant, Luana Italy Paley Wild Honey Satchel in black,French Sole Gabi black suede loafer

So.... which is your favorite look?

Halsbrook is having a special promotion right now:

When customers shop full-price items through September 16th and enter the code LOVEFALL at checkout, they will receive a gift card for their next purchase.
Spend $250 - Get $25
Spend $500 - Get $75
Spend $750 - Get $115
Spend $1,000 - Get $200
Spend $2,000 - Get $400

Check out my previous collaborations with Halsbrook: 7 Ways to Style a Neutral Dress and 6 Chic Summer Looks.

Thank you to Halsbrook for sponsoring another fun post on The Daily Connoisseur. Happy fall shopping!

*All of the clothing and accessories featured are from Halsbrook, except for the shoes. The shoes are either from Nordstrom or French Sole. Please note that French Sole does not ship to America.

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FTC: This post is sponsored by Halsbrook.com


karen said...

I love Refined in Autumn, but Black and White is more my style. All are beautiful!

Frenchcaligirl said...

Black & white.

NYCParkLover said...

These clothes are extremely expensive and not at all accessible to most of your readers, especially those who are on a budget. While I like the look of the clothes, I am not sure that they have a place on this blog, which has always been a great source of level-headed advice and affordable inspiration.

Ladylike said...

Hello Jennifer,

I like "Casual Saturday" and "Black and White." My impression is that you are presenting these outfits for a fun inspiration. I don't feel pressured to buy them. I haven't noticed that you've bought them yourself. i know that similar outfits can be created with clothing from different companies, if desired. Also, I looked on the Halsbrook website, and they do have a sale section with up to 70% off. That's where I always look first! The sale items are still a bit pricey, but it helps~ I am guessing your suggestion is also: it may be better to purchase one high quality item than several that are less well made.

Warm best,

Mrs LJ said...

Actually, I think there is room on this blog for a range of price points and clothing options. Some people like to spend more on their clothing, some less. What is not very chic is leaving rude and judgmental comments about what content an author chooses to showcase on their own blog.

Wellyboots said...

Number 4 and 6 and my favourites
Thanks for the classy inspiration. It's nice to know others like dressing well and not in a daggy fashion. I find a lot of classy and inexpensive quality clothes like these at my local op shop.....sometimes for as little as a dollar!

Karen said...

I like the black and white. But, I love those fuchsia shoes. Those would be fun to pair with a lot of different outfits. I also like the slim fit style of those black pants.

Christina said...

I love the Casual Saturday outfit but unfortunately this brand is way out of my price range. It's still fun to look at and maybe some of your readers can afford it but it's probably a huge splurge for most. All of the looks are great though!

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Hi ladies, thanks for your comments! The reason why I partner with Halsbrook is that they have a really great "eye" for classic fashion and I truly love all of their pieces. If the specific garments are not in your price range (and I realize for many this will be the case), I hope that you can take each collage and use it as inspiration for your own wardrobe. Similar to when you watch a star going down the red carpet. If you like their outfit, you keep that style inspiration on your radar. It's all about being creative and using your imagination. It's pretty fair to say that I represent both budget and high-end fashion and everything in between on this blog. Thanks as always for your support! With love, Jennifer

Anna Wegner said...

I think my favorite is the Cozy Rainy afternoon. (I think that's the name.) The color of the skirt is one of my favorites. I use it more often in shirts, shoes, and/or accessories. The skirt is a nice piece :)

Vicki Zimmerman said...

I can't tell you how much I love your collaboration with Halsbrook and you have an amazing eye for polishing an ensemble so it looks beautiful and complete with understated elegance. I often think of a wonderful role model, the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, when I see some of these. Stunning. Please, Jennifer, keep this pairing of Halsbrook and The Daily Connoisseur by way of Jennifer L. Scott, coming.

Debbie Burns said...

I love Refined in Autumn and Casual Saturday but what I really love is how you created a cohesive closet of clothes. I love how all of the pieces are classic style and not a hodgepodge of different styles of dress. Just beautiful!

Jo in Chicago said...

"Refined in Autumn" and "Autumnal Neutrals" are lovely looks .... for someone else. I can't wear beige, brown or gold because of my skin coloring, so I choose "Black and White". With a bright coat over it, this is an outfit that I could wear (almost) anywhere in fall, winter or spring in Chicago.

Julie Prenzler said...

Dear Jennifer,
Thank you for pairing with Halsbrook. I agree that their fashion is classic, classy and elegant. You do a great job in matching all the outfits. I enjoy all the combinations, but at a push I'd say I like 'cozy fall' and 'refined autumn'. But really, they're all great outfits.
Thanks for your passion and for sharing with us. I really enjoy your blog!

Felecia B said...

I love that wool dress. How beautiful and elegant. Very classic.

Susan said...

I love this blog post featuring style from Halsbrook. Yes, some of the offerings are too expensive for many, but I've purchased medium priced items from the site and have loved them. There are also great sales, but the most popular items sell out quickly across the size ranges.

Please consider a spring post featuring Halsbrook as well!