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Updated Bare Minerals Makeup Review

It has been a long time since I've posted a Bare Minerals Review. My last review was several years ago and shared their powder mineral makeup. I was nearly out of foundation and also was in need of a few other makeup items, so I took advantage of a mail coupon I received and decided to see what was new at Bare Minerals.

Today's review shares the new products I bought, including their liquid foundation and cream concealer. I've been wearing these for weeks now and have only brought this makeup with me to Europe to simplify my makeup routine. I love them! I have listed all of the makeup used below. The pictures themselves are links so if you'd like to check out the makeup, click on the photos. I hope you enjoy today's video!

Bare Minerals Smart Combination smoothing lightweight emulsion

Bare Pro performance wear liquid foundation in sandstone spf 20

Bare Minerals concealer in medium 2

Bare Minerals blush in thistle

Bare Minerals Mineral Veil (powder)

Bare Minerals Lasting Line eyeliner in endless orchid

Luxe Performance foundation brush

Flawless Face brush (I use this with the mineral veil)

Max Coverage Concealer brush

Brow master brush

Also used in the video: Bare Minerals brow powder in dark blonde, Urban Decay primer potion, Becca Ombre Rouge eyeshadow palette, Clinique 'Chubby Stick' Moisturizing Lip Color Fuller Fig

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Here is a great testimonial on the eCourse from LaTonya G, who writes, "This course was great Jennifer. Thank you for your insight on something that has become a bit of a burden for me--clothes. I have tons of clothes, but tend to wear the same few pieces often. This course has given me clarity on perhaps why I keep shopping (boredom) for things I don't need nor even wear."
Thank you, LaTonya!


Madame Chic fan, Martha McIver, created an art installation of the ten-item wardrobe for the Palouse Women Artists show titled, "A Stitch in Time". Here is a photo of her submission. Thank you, Martha!

Comment of the Week
Last week's Teatime with Jennifer Let's Talk About Adulting was a polarizing video! One thing is for sure, it has struck a nerve. I love that Paula caught on to what I think is the most important part of the video... that we should do our adult responsibilities with a happy heart. Here's her comment:

Paula S. writes: You nailed it with the comment about doing your work with a happy heart! We should do our best to conduct ourselves with a happy heart and gratitude. I'm a single Baby Boomer, if I don't do it, it doesn't get done in my home. And I insist on a clean, tidy home. Life is about choices and responsibilities. No whining :)

Hi Paula, I admire your resolve. When you learn the secret to do things with a happy heart, life becomes much sweeter!

Heather C. writes:
In our homeschool, we learn Latin. This is a task scorned by many who see Latin as obsolete or "dead". Besides the argument that Latin remains the language of science and law, Latin also has value as we examine our own language and culture. I agree with your opening statement, that we don't want to "adult" and instead want to be constantly entertained and comfortable. I was convicted of this desire when I heard a dissection of the Latin roots of the word "amuse". The Latin prefix 'a -' means 'not'. The root 'muse ' means 'to think'. As we seek to be entertained every moment we are literally ceasing to think. As Neil Postman puts it in his book 'Amusing Ourselves to Death', by choosing to not think, we are choosing to not take part in our lives, our families, and our society. Thus we are the most depressed and anxious generation in the history of man, despite being the most comfortable and wealthiest, and are causing the disintegration of our society as a whole, the family unit, and ourselves as individuals.
Thank you for providing not just mindless amusement but also thought and discussion inducing discourse.

Hi Heather, I'm actually reading Postman's book right now. Your comment was so spot-on. Many people feel defensive about the hours they spend each day on entertainment and the pursuit of being "a-mused". It was hard for me to analyze this in myself, but when I did, I was finally able to make dramatic changes in this area of my life.

Today, I would love to know what mineral makeup you love, if any. Do you have a fall makeup routine? What are your thoughts on the comments of the week? Let me know and your comment could be chosen as the comment of the week. See you on Thursday!

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Unknown said...

A few things. I love the purple eyeliner on you. As you said it is very natural looking on and also ups your eye game. In regards to the two comments. I can relate to the first one so much, I too am single and Prince Cleaning or Charming have yet to arrive. Something that helps me when I am dreading cleaning is to think of it as beautifying my home. If I take the time to make myself presentable, why not my home? Concerning the second comment, I am in much agreement. Sometime during the election season the FB posts concerning the candidates were so false, mean and polarizing that I disconnected my account because it was upsetting me too much. I now sign on to catch up with friends and family across the country and then disconnect. I find that works best for me. What became obvious to me was that I wasted too much time and reaped very little for my input. Also my outside reading had become limited to magazines, blogs, and FB posts. Even worse, I was reading what supported my point of view primarily. The funny thing is I continued to buy good books to read...and am now working my way through them. I allowed social media to distract...sideline me from living my full life for a while and now I am getting back on track.

Karen said...

Love the comment about the root meaning for "amuse"--so thought provoking. I'm going to put Amusing Ourselves to Death on my to read list. And, yes, I want my home to look presentable also. In my case, I started my children off pretty young helping me learn to clean. With 3 teens, that has paid off now!

I also completely agree with Pam. I've also spent too much time on FB and online being disturbed by what the media has to say. I'm trying to be much more disciplined about this. It certainly takes self-control for me.

Bare Minerals: I've been using their make-up for quite a few years. I'm using their older liquid foundation still, but when I need to replenish I'm going to go with the newer BarePro. I've been using their eyebrow powder for several months now and am loving it (I never did anything to fill in my brows before this, but with a thydoid condition, I feel that they need it)!! I do love their eye shadows and tend to use the same 2-3 all of the time. Thanks for doing a review on this. I'm going to check out their eyeliner as I hardly ever wear eyeliner. You do a much better job of applying make-up than I do:)

Emma Woodhouse said...

Hi Jennifer! Thank you for this review; I am glad that you came back to Bare Minerals. It was actually after watching your old BM video that I decided I could do the le no-makeup look everyday. Before I would just wear mascara and sometimes eyeliner. I was scared that foundation would look fake. Yours looked so natural and effortless. I love using BM now and the le no-makeup look gives me a boost of confidence every day. Thank you so much!

Ladylike said...

Dear Jennifer,
Regarding the "happy heart" comment, I am imagining a character from "the Wizard of Oz" singing, "If I only had a happy heart~"
I've noticed I have plenty of motivation and happiness for some activities and less for others, and there seems to be a correlation with the rewards involved. I'm happy to go grocery shopping and to cook. This could have everything to do with the fact that a yummy meal results, which everyone in my family certainly notices and appreciates. My second favorite activity (if I had to put them in order) would be laundry. Again, everyone notices whether their laundry is done or not, and there are many "Thank you"s, and clean clothes are nice to wear. The activities I struggle with are the dusting and the vacuuming, etc.. I know it's not a coincidence that no one in my family seems to notice whether these things are done or not. And so, I have fallen into our societal trap of believing that activities have value according to their rewards. In particular, in our culture, the activities that earn a paycheck are valued much more highly than those that don't.
I experienced a startling example of this mindset when I went with my husband to buy a newer family car. My husband and I each received a piece of paper from the warranty salesman. My husband's paper had his credit score on it, but my paper was blank. When I asked about this discrepancy, the (extremely rude) salesman said, "You don't have any credit!" His statement wasn't true since I have excellent credit, but he knew I was a stay at home mom; so he hadn't bothered running my credit report. What he apparently meant was, "Your activities have no value."
Needless to say, I don't want to be like that salesman. I'm going to reconsider the value of my housecleaning activities, even if no one else notices them, and see if I can find some more or a different motivation. Thanks for the food for thought.
Warm best,

Wellyboots said...

I love to use my Arbonne products. It doesn't feel like I have any makeup on, it gives a lovely glow and is mineral based. It gives a great finished look to my 'le no makeup' look!

Vicki Zimmerman said...

You look amazing and those colors are perfect for your eyes and skin tone.  I like the way you keep things to a minimum and the number of products is manageable and will be for your travels.  I use a blonde eye pencil and prefer that application.  The Bare Minerals liquid foundation, mineral veil and long-lasting eye liner look like products I'd like to try; I just want to make sure they are hypoallergenic since I have sensitive skin and can break out even at my age.  I've been using Chanel's waterproof eyeliner pencil, in Santal, and it doesn't smudge at all and I'd love to hear if your Bare Minerals eye liner holds up for you on your trip. For blush, I've been using Tarte, in a nice plum color for autumn, and I picked up MAC's "Sweetie" which is a nice light plum color that looks great on many skin tones.  Thank you for "opening my eyes" to a few more makeup brands and products, Jennifer.  I love "le no makeup look" and your husband and children must be so happy to have such a pretty wife and mom in their lives.

Tracy said...

Paula sure did nail it...she's right. You just decide what needs to be done and get on with it, with a good attitude. Simple, but true.

Thanks for sharing your Bare Minerals experience. I started reacting to make up earlier this year, so haven't been able to wear ANYTHING! Agh. I've just started challenging my skin with the BB cream, and I'm going to try Zuii Organics, because it doesn't have a bunch of synthetic stuff in them. We'll see how we go. I would really love to be wearing make up again, even if only for some of the time.

Ladylike said...

Dear Jennifer,
The truth is that simply instructing people to take care of their responsibilities with a happy heart will not actually make this happen. After all, so many people are not getting on with it. That was the topic of Monday's post....
Short of becoming amateur sociologists, let's think about this. Let's not just A-muse ourselves. I believe we need to understand and illuminate why people are not getting on with it, if we want to help solve the problem. I tried to state the following in my previous comment, but I will rephrase it. My opinion is that there is tremendous societal pressure to spend all our time focusing on a paycheck, and there are lots of verbal kudos for these efforts, and it is also considered okay to recover from these efforts (thus the amusement and the distractions, which also make money for someone). Responsibilities that don't involve getting paid are not encouraged or rewarded verbally. I'll take it one step further and say: I don't think it's a coincidence we are in a society that has so much pressure to buy and consume. If we spent all our time doing things that didn't earn money,(cooking, cleaning, childcare) then we would have less to spend, and a lot of people wouldn't like that. Those are my two cents~

Warm best,

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Unknown said...

I too have been a 20 year customer of Bare Minerals and would not use anything else on my skin. I am disappointed however when I went to my local Bare Minerals store this past week to stock up for the year, that all my favorite eye shadow and blush colors have been or are being discontinued in favor of the metallic shades. As I am no longer in my 20's or even 30's and have to present myself in the business world every day. Metallic shades are not an option for me. I even had to order my Cashmere shade eye shadow online since the store was already out of stock. Can you bring back some of the matte shades in green, brown and plumb eye shadow and a few blush shades without glitter, so we loyal long time customers can still be Bare Minerals customers and not look like we are ready to hit the club's? (Not a great daytime look for those of us over 50)Thanks and I still love you