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We're Here! + Drive Through Portugal

Dear Daily Connoisseurs,

Hello from Vale Do Lobo, Portugal! We have arrived in Europe. Learn how our flight went, what castle we visited in England and take a drive with us to Santa Bárbara de Nexe all in today's video.

Take my new eCourse on the ten-item wardrobe! With over an hour of never-before-seen video instruction, notes and quizzes, you will be on track to creating your own ten-item wardrobe. For those of you who already do the ten-item wardrobe, this course will keep you on track and provide further inspiration. Enjoy!

Here is a testimonial for the eCourse from Charlotte V, who writes, "Thank you for taking the time for this course. It has inspired me to finally actually do the 10 item wardrobe... not just dabble with it. I'm sure I'll be coming back to this course for encouragement as the changing seasons approach and I get anxious about keeping it minimal. Take care."

Thank you, Charlotte! Please check in with us and keep us updated!

So Many Changes blog tries out the ten-item wardrobe.

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Here are some more pictures from our trip... We visited the charming town of Loulé.

Exploring Loulé #Portugal #dailyconnoisseur

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I love the blue and white tiles!

Loulé ❤️

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Pastel de natas are my husband's favorite pastry here...

Afternoon coffee in Loulé ☕️

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I had to get an apron... I'll reveal which one in a future video!

Mama needs a new apron #MADAMECHIC #dailyconnoisseur #Portugal

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What a beautiful city. I'm truly enjoying my time in Portugal!

I filmed the driving portion of this video on the Gimbal Osmo.

This is a great device to steady your filmmaking as you are moving around.

Before closing, I pray that everyone affected by the earthquakes and hurricanes are safe and comforted during this very tumultuous season. It seems that every week there is new tragedy on a global scale. My hope is that everyone affected by these natural disasters is able to find safety, comfort and peace.

Thank you for joining me today and I will see you on Monday!

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ICU aus B said...

Hello Jennifer,
thank you for posting on a regular basis even though you are on a journey. I always enjoy your lovely videos. Have a wonderful time in Portugal and all the best to your little son. Inga

R.S. said...

Dear Jennifer,

Thank you so much for this beautiful video! Don't worry about being polarizing, or even whether some people will hate your videos (I can't imagine that). What I like is that you express your opinions without shying away or worrying too much about being politically correct. You say what you mean and you are unfailingly polite. I understand that people used to be able to talk about even more hot-button topics such as politics and religion (around the table, at parties, etc.) without having to worry that someone would take it personally and then call the speaker insensitive (or, as in this day and age, bigoted or worse).

So many great ideas (The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution) came out of months of heated talk about - you guessed it - politics and religion. Not that you need to go there, I'm just trying to show how sharing an opinion about a cultural trend - as you did with last week's video on adulating - is, while important, also relatively benign.

I have been a longtime reader since before the books were published (how I enjoyed that first video announcing that Simon and Schuster had come calling, almost immediately after the NYT book review article). I've stayed with you and now my entire family watches together (me, husband, three children - two boys and a girl). You have influenced our family in such positive ways, I can't begin to tell you. We are grateful to you.

Enjoy your trip, enjoy homeschooling (the "fruits" of homeschooling are more than we could have imagined), and keep being YOU.

P.S. I finally figured out that I had to change my Blogger profile, not just my Google profile, so that I can now comment anonymously instead of sending fan mail through your author website. I apologize for doing that; I'm not as "tech" as I perhaps once was.

Margaret Lane said...

Thanks for sharing this journey with us ! Iam really enjoying it . Hope the baby 👶 gets better soon . Enjoy your adventure !

Emma Woodhouse said...

Jennifer, thank you for sharing your trip so far with us! Portugal looks like a beautiful place. The shop window displays are so lovely. Can't wait to see your new apron and the next leg of your trip.

I have been a long time reader (though a new commenter) and I have always admired the way you thoughtfully express your opinions despite them being sometimes counter-cultural. I am a Millenial and I liked and agreed with your "adulting" video. Every generation has had its own challenges, but the key is to face our tasks with a joyful heart, as you put it. As a young adult your books, videos, and blog have been such a help to me. Please continue to share what is on your heart!

Louise said...

Thanks for the virtual tour! I thought it a bit odd that the stop sign is "STOP" in English, and "STOP" was written on the road. I guess that works for them! Enjoy your time there..it looks like a sunny and beautiful place.

C H said...

Hi Jennifer! Thank you for your posts!
I appreciate how you give us ideas and a template to follow.
You understand that everyone's style is different. I am an empty nester from the Midwest, so of course, our 10-item wardrobes will be different. People that comment negatively on your wardrobe are looking for a cookie cutter course - a one size fits all, and that is not what this is all about. I love how you teach, inform, share, and give us the inspiration to create the 10 or 15 or 20-item wardrobe that works with each of our unique situations, budgets, and seasons of life!
I wish I would have learned so much of this 30 years ago, but it is never too late to keep developing personal style!
Thank you for continuing to share and making the world a more beautiful place!

Dorothy said...

Hi, Jennifer welcome to Europe and thank you very much that you want to share your experience with us. Enjoy your stay!Greetings from Poland -my beautiful European country.Dorota

Vicki Zimmerman said...

How exciting to see you on the road with your family, looking great and beginning your European adventure. First, I LOVED the music and am hoping you'll share a link of the song that ended the video. It was so lively, energizing and my cats and I loved it. They were so playful around my laptop as I was playing your video, Jennifer. Secondly, it's so much fun to see the world through your traveling eyes and it's refreshing and restorative so, thank you, for being able to record and share as you can. Finally, and I may have asked this before and it seems more relevant and appropriate now, at this time, do you keep up your French-speaking skills enough to converse, and, if so, how, and will you be using your French on this trip? I've often wondered how you (and others) retain your use of a second language if it's not spoken on a daily basis and I'm very curious about this. Your family photo was wonderful and I do hope your little boy is feeling better. Glad your ten-item wardrobe is perfect for the season.

Ladylike said...

Dear Jennifer,

Thank you so much for sharing your travel adventures with us. I've been to Europe many times but never to Portugal. I pray your son is doing much better by now. Call it a synchronicity, but I'm making a Portuguese style Butternut Squash Soup for dinner tonight. The recipe is from "12 Months of Monastery Soups" by Brother Victor-Antoine d'Avila-Latourrette. His cookbook is one of my fall favorites. It consists entirely of soups, and most of them are vegetarian. Hope you will continue to enjoy your travels with your family. What a treat!
Warm best wishes,


Sherrylynne said...

My father, now passed, was an AFL-CIO union president at a steel plant for 13 years. Here is the funniest piece of advice he ever gave me --- Remember, opinions are like belly buttons; everyone has one and some people are just dying to show you theirs. (This is a cleaned up version.) When things ever got "hot", I'd just smile. Afterall, I'm not forcing anyone to show their belly button. C'est la vie! Thanks for sharing the funny canvas. Did you ever see the SNL skit on millennials? It's a chuckle. Welcome to homeschooling! Going 12 years strong on it now.