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Ten-Item Wardrobe Look-Back SS 2017

Hello Daily Connoisseurs,

In today's video, I go through my spring/summer wardrobe to decide what stays and what goes. I hope you will join me as I look-back at my ten-item wardrobe from the past season.

At the end of each season, it's a great idea to assess your wardrobe. If you get in the habit of going through each item and analyzing how it performed for you, you will continue to remain thoughtful about your ten-item wardrobe and not slip into filling your closet with clothes again. Why? Because each item is special and has a purpose. After deciding what stays and what goes, store your clothes away so you can focus on your fall/ winter wardrobe. When you bring out your clothes again next spring, you will be excited to see them!

My tunic in this video is from zulily.


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Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who are expecting their third child!

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Comment of the Week
Kait writes:
I really appreciate your planning and wardrobe videos. As I approach my 30s, I am more interested in quality clothes in smaller volumes than the "haul" approach I would have favored a few years ago, buying a large volume of cheap clothes. I just moved back to the US after spending the last decade in Europe and I have found it incredibly difficult to find good quality clothes, but your videos always help point me in the right direction! Thank you for taking the time to share the brands and styles that have worked for you.

Hi Kait, I appreciated your comment about hauls. Thank you for sharing your evolving journey with us!

Be sure to stop by the blog tomorrow for a special post from Halsbrook.com sharing some gorgeous fall looks...

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Claudia Cruz de Nelli said...
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Claudia Cruz said...

Hi Jennifer... I loved this video. I'm still scared about the 10 item wardrobe so I've been downsizing the number of clothes I own little by little. And sadly, I must say that I feel quite ashamed now that I have realized that before... I was opting for quantity instead of quality. At the same time, I'm experiencing a more clearer view of what I do need, what fits into my lifestyle and what to look up... next time I go shopping.
I wanted to comment that I just arrived from California (I'm from Mexico). We went for a family vacation to visit some theme parks. And I thought... I need to be presentable always... perhaps I'll bump into Jennifer somewhere in Santa Monica. :) So I did try to look my best even if I was in sneakers and shorts in order to be able to feel comfortable in all those rides.
I want to congratulate you and your husband for going debt free. After visiting some malls where you live, I can tell it can be a great challenge... I wanted to buy everything! Reading Dave Ramsey's books have been quite an inspiration in our financial journey. I hope you can read some.

Congratulations on your new home too!

Jennifer Lynn said...

Hello Jennifer,

This was a nice simple video. Some of my favorites are the ones that just so straight forward and something similar to chatting with a friend.

Your wardrobe is beautiful and I know what you mean wearing the same thing over and over again. I catch myself wearing the same few pieces often. But it's funny because I think to myself I don't know if I could do a 10 item... but it seems that I already do without noticing.

Congrats on all the exciting new life adventures!

Ladylike said...

Dear Jennifer,

Thank you for this video which is a little spot of light like a star on a sleepless night. i'm "sleepless in California," due to the heatwave, the smoke and the wildfires. I'm sure you're concerned about your new home, your parents and your friends in Southern California during these wildfires. I hope your home and your loved ones are all okay. I believe you made the right decision in being in Europe at this time. It must be less stressful~!
Thank you for maintaining an inspiration of self-esteem, as always.

Warm best,

Vicki Zimmerman said...

It's so nice to see you and you, too, are "like being greeted by an old friend."  Looking at your background in your home reminded me of your home before this last one, when I first discovered you in 2012-2013.  That was a pretty home, as well, and beautifully decorated as was your most recent one.  This brings me to wanting to ask you, perhaps in an upcoming Q&A, if you missed leaving your recent home with all the home decorating and wall paper touches you added.  Or, is it easy for you to let go?  Your new lidded storage boxes are perfect and echoing another person's comments, I can also see your dark wash denim skirt moving into the autumn with a black sweater, heavier-weight striped bretons or some of your other solid sweaters.

Anna Wegner said...

It's always interesting to see the results of the 10 item wardrobe at the end of the season, what works and what doesn't, etc.