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England vlog | Kew Gardens, Cotswolds + Home Tour

What a wonderful holiday this has been. I share some of it with you in today's video. We visit Kew Gardens, The Cotswolds, to see my friend, Alena, and end up at The Lion King!

Many of you asked for a tour of our flat and I share that as well in today's video. The flat has been beautifully decorated by my mother-in-law, Jane, who has exquisite taste in interior design (and all other things, really). I wish I had the "before" pictures for you. She had the whole space gutted and completely transformed it.

Today's blogpost will be shorter as I am still away from home and have limited time to write... I hope the vlog will speak for itself.

Thank you for joining me for today's video.

Alena's books are English Etiquette and Ladies Like Us .

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Comment of the Week
Kristyn writes, "I have a friend in Northern Scotland and another in Northern Sweden, and both say the same thing about the cold and dark of winter: wear layers and light candles! It's currently in the low 30°s F here in Michigan, and we have a lot of overcast days this time of year, so I take their words of experience to heart."

Hi Kristyn, It's great to hear how people in other parts of the world dress to stay warm. Thanks for confirming what your Scottish and Swedish friends do!

Thank you for joining us for today's vlog. I hope you enjoyed touring England with us. I look forward to seeing you soon!

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Donna said...

Love, love your posts from England! Thank you.

Maureen said...

Great vlog, Jennifer! Thanks for going through the trouble of doing this for your readers/viewers while on holiday. I love posts like these. Also, thank you for introducing me to Alena, The Darling Academy, and her books! I ordered them and received them today. I just read the beginnings of each and can not wait to devour them. Wishing you, your family, and the Daily Connoisseur a fabulous 2020!

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Thank you so much for watching and commenting, ladies! I am wishing you a very happy new year!