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Capsule Wardrobe Winter Dressing | Observations on English Style

Happy new year! I am so excited for 2020 and everything that is to come on The Daily Connoisseur. Thank you for your support of my books, blog, and YouTube channel. You make this community beautiful and vibrant and I am very thankful for you.

In today's video I'm sharing my cold-weather dressing experience with my ten-item capsule wardrobe as well as giving thought on English style observations.

Living in Southern California, with its warm climate year-round, presented a challenge to me as I packed my ten-item wardrobe for winter in England. The first ten days we were here were cold, muddy, and rainy. It has since become rather mild and chilly and has stopped raining.

I have found my capsule wardrobe to perform very well in this weather. The key to dressing my California wardrobe for England has been in layering and fleece tights. I find the pairing of fleece tights with boots and a dress warmer than jeans.

My faux fur infinity scarf (linking a similar one) has kept me very warm as well.

I love packing a capsule wardrobe when I travel. If you have been hesitant to try a capsule wardrobe, just try packing less than you normally would for a trip and see how it works for you. I love the creativity that is employed when dressing each day for both style and practicality.

Today's video also discusses my observations on English ladies' style. I have noticed a lot of parka coats here. They are practical as well as stylish. I am listing some parka options here from Michael Kors, Cole Haan, Eddie Bauer, Sam Edelman.

What I'm wearing in today's video: floral dress (similar), black cardigan (similar), Pearl Earrings by Ana Luisa Jewelry code Jennifer10 gives $10 off.

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On Facebook, Emily M. writes, "Jennifer, I hope you have a chuckle from this - I'm 2 days from my due date with my 3rd baby, and I've been pretty moody just from the waiting and prodromal labor. Earlier today my husband said "You should sit on the couch with a cup of something warm, put on the diffuser and listen to something interesting. Does Jennifer Scott have a new video? I'll bet she's put out a new fashion video you could watch!" And he was right 😂"

Emily, this was so funny! I am praying for a safe delivery of baby. Happy new year to you and your family. Your husband is a wise man! :)

Thank you for joining me today. I would love to hear your tips on cold-weather dressing. Let us know and your comment could be chosen as comment of the week on The Daily Connoisseur.

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Donna said...

I am loving your posts from England! Keep them coming, please. Sending you wishes for a peaceful and happy new year. Thank you for The Daily Connoisseur blog - it's my favorite.

Kristyn Hall said...

I have a friend in Northern Scotland and another in Northern Sweden, and both say the same thing about the cold and dark of winter: wear layers and light candles! It's currently in the low 30°s F here in Michigan, and we have a lot of overcast days this time of year, so I take their words of experience to heart.

DD said...

I agree jeans are not warm in winter. I live in the high desert of Colorado, so a more moderate climate than the mountains, but still many days with highs below freezing. Denim fabric is SO cold. I wear tights or silk long underwear under my jeans or I wear cords in winter.

I find it interesting you feel you have to tell your audience to do what works for them, their location, climate, lifestyle, personal style, etc., so frequently. Do people not figure that out on their own? Do they really think you're saying, "Dress exactly like me. Wear only what I wear or you're doing it wrong"?

Unknown said...

Firstly, Jennifer, what a cute baby you have!

I am English and came to live in Portugal two years ago. What you say about English style being eclectic is so true. Today I am wearing a long patterned pleated skirt with chunky hiking-style boots. And I wore my parka when I was outdoors. You are right that when it is really cold, denim jeans do not keep you warm, unless you wear tights underneath.

Ironically here we have to dress more warmly indoors in the winter than outdoors, as Portuguese homes are notoriously poorly insulated and heated. However, we can solve the problem with lovely long sleeved cosy underwear, especially if it has some cashmere in the mix. Enjoy the rest of your stay in England.

Ewa said...

My daughter (she's seven) loved your baby:-)
A thought - did you think of writing a guided journal? I imagine it would be a pleasure to respond to your prompts!

Louise Kaye said...

I love your England videos. I've been to the UK, but never in cold weather.

When I was in London two years ago, during above-average summer temperatures, I noticed how many women wore summer dresses. Some were casual, but all were tasteful and more modest than some of the dresses I see here in the States.

I intended to incorporate cotton summer dresses into my wardrobe, but never did get there! Maybe this summer.....??