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The Case for Presentable Undergarments

I would love to know... what is the state of your underwear drawer? Many times women focus on the outer garments in the quest to look presentable always. In today's video I make the case for presentable underwear too.

Why presentable? No one is going to see our undergarments, after all. Who cares what they look like?

Good undergarments are the foundation of a beautiful outfit. Wearing presentable underwear can be your delicious secret and really help elevate your confidence throughout the day.

Montelle Intimates and Fleur't both sent over their latest styles and the technology has come a long way! These undergarments are not only beautiful, but don't dig into the skin, don't pill, have no VPL (visible panty line) and give no wedgies (๐Ÿ˜†) Yes, that is their promise to you.

Of course, you can find presentable undergarments in many different places and at different price points, but we will use the ones I'm sharing today as a case study.

If you are interested in the undergarments I show today, use the code JENNIFER20 along with my links to receive 20% off at both Montelle Intimates and Fleur't.

This beautiful set is from Montelle Intimates in their Moonlight & Roses collection
Moonlight & Roses high-waisted panty is a work of art with the different coordinating laces. The design on this panty is not only beautiful, but functional as well.
Moonlight & Roses longline mystique bra is a gorgeous match. This bra does have a wire and offers a smooth (and non-protruding line) from cup, to lace, to strap.

Here we have the Wire-free tee shirt bra in almond spice. It's amazing that there is no wire on this bra as it has all of the engineering and support of a wire bra. With no lace, it's the perfect bra to wear underneath a smooth tee or blouse. The two matching panties for this bra are the Brief in almond spice and the Hipster in almond spice (pictured).

The Brazilian all-lace panty from Montelle Intimates gives the benefits of thong underwear (no pantylines) without the uncomfortable feeling. This culotte lace panty is beautiful and designed to be high-functioning as well.

Here we have the two different styles of the Fleur't iconic boy short. The high-waisted short is in white Chantilly (High-rise, tummy control, eco-friendly, buttery-soft, comfortable, no-piling- wash as much as you want - on gentle & hang dry, wedgie-free) and the standard iconic boy short is in Seashell (Low-rise, eco-friendly, buttery-soft, award-winning comfort, no-piling wash as much as you want - on gentle & hang dry, wedgie-free). I have worn this style for years and they are fabulous. The JENNIFER20 discount code works for Fleur't too.

Not pictured here is the High-waisted smoothing brief in black from Montelle Intimates. This could be the most functional and flattering of all of the underwear. I love how much coverage it gives while smoothing. The v-cuts on the legs give it a vintage vibe.

Also, I should mention that when it is "that time of the month" I use what is called a "period panty" such as this 3-pack on Amazon.

I hope you enjoyed this chat today and that it inspired you to go through your undergarments. If you already have presentable panties and bras, I encourage you to wear them on a daily basis. If not, it is a great idea to budget for them for future purchases.

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Comment of the Week
Audrey B. writes, "Love this. Thank you! I'm so tired always with babies back to back so I'm always in leggings and sweats. I dream about dressing presentable because appearance says SO MUCH about you. I used to be in management for hotels so I'm used to looking very presentable and I miss it! I know my husband would love to see me dress up more."

Hi Audrey, thanks for writing in. I know that it is hard to get motivated when you have small children. I know you will get back to dressing presentably and feeling great soon. Thank you!

I hope this video has given you inspiration to update your undergarments. If you are feeling brave, let us know the state of your underwear drawer :)

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TT said...

Jennifer! Thank you, thank you for this wonderful video. I have always been looking for better undergarments that are beautiful and also high-waisted and offer more coverage, but it is so hard to know where to find them. I have small children and not much time to shop and I find the department stores overwhelming. Even places like Victoria's Secret have limited nicer options if you want coverage. I had no idea about these brands and now I'm totally going to try them! Thank you again! I really appreciate it. I totally agree, if we start with a good and beautiful foundation, it makes us want to dress better and carry ourselves with more poise and class throughout the day.