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Meals of the Week | What We Ate

I'm sharing our dinners of the week in today's video.

I love watching these types of videos from other people as I always get new ideas. This is a relatively typical week for us, with an assortment of family favorites. I hope you enjoy seeing our meals.

My daughter made dinner tonight and assembled this Cobb salad. All of the kids love this type of salad and each got to choose their dressing of choice.

The kids weren't with us this afternoon, so Ben and I had a light salad with smoked herring, avocado, cherry tomatoes, apples, blue cheese, on romaine lettuce with champagne dressing.

We had beef enchiladas for dinner tonight packed with veggies and topped with salsa, sour cream, and avocado. We usually have one night a week where we have tacos, but this week we had enchiladas instead. I love these pretty antique plates from Ben's mother. They are similar to my favorite Spode Blue Italian.

Tuna pasta salad is a staple in our home and is easy to make when we are low on fresh food. This has pasta, tuna, olives, pickles, cucumber, and caramelized onions (chopped apples are great with this too) mixed with mayonnaise and garlic salt. So yummy. The French blue napkins are from Amazon.

The kids had pasta bolognese tonight and I didn't feel like having a heavy meal so I had heaps of the side salad along with garlic bread.

Beef pot roast is a regular dish in our family. I make this in the slow cooker. First, I layer chopped onions in the slow cooker, then I coat the beef chuck roast with salt and pepper and flour and sear it in a hot pan with oil. I then add the roast to the slow cooker (on top of the onions). I then put about a half cup of water in the pan along with onion soup mix to make a little gravy and pour that on top of the beef. I cook this on slow for 8 hours in the slow cooker.

Tonight's dish is vegetarian. Cabbage, carrots and other veggies are mixed with brown rice and sautéed with a miso sauce. I bought this kit from Trader Joe's.

For Valentine's Day, Ben and I had steamed crab with lemon butter sauce, potatoes au gratin, and asparagus. We had chocolates for dessert. I promise there was a lot more crab to eat for dinner... I just wanted to take a picture of the dish so we could move on to a nice dinner :) The buffalo check napkins you see here are from Amazon.

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I hope you enjoy today's video. Please let me know if you enjoy these types of posts and I will do more...

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Comment of the Week
Gloria C. writes, "Hi Jennifer - Greetings from OK (cold and rainy)! I was wondering what to make for dinner tonight and thought of your recipes. Yes! Turkey Shepherd's Pie. I went to store for the ingredients I didn't have and made it. Rave reviews all around! I served it with cranberry sauce. I seem to want cranberry sauce any time there's turkey. Thanks for a great recipe. I made just enough for a 9" square pan for my husband, son and myself. There are some leftovers."

Hi Gloria, that is wonderful. I'm so glad that your family enjoyed the Shepherd's Pie! Thank you for letting me know.

I hope you enjoyed today's video. Let us know what meals your family has been enjoying lately. I love getting new ideas. Your recipe could be chosen as comment of the week. See you next time for The Chic Assignment check-in.

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Rebecca said...

This was fun to watch! I like to see what others are eating too.

I was noticing how shiny your hair is. What is your secret? Could you do a video on your hair care routine?