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The 5th Biggest Enemy to Homemakers

The 5th biggest enemy to homemakers… what do you think it could be? Let’s explore in today’s video.

Welcome back to The Daily Connoisseur. The world of homemaking is deep, complex, and fraught with enemies. In the previous episodes of this series, we have examined the various enemies to homemakers. When we identify these enemies, we are able to isolate them and not let them take over our homemaking, which is a powerful tool, indeed.

Today, I’m going to share with you the 5th biggest enemy to homemakers. Are you ready?


Yes, double-mindedness. What does it mean to be double-minded? Well, here’s the dictionary definition: ADJ. wavering in mind : UNDECIDED, VACILLATING.

Here’s how I see double-mindedness… your heart’s not in it. You’d rather be doing something else. Even if you’re slightly enjoying what you’re doing, there’s still something in the back of your mind wondering, “What if? Could I be having more fun doing… xyz?"


Let’s see how that affects us as homemakers. We inevitably have a list of tasks to do each day. Sometimes this list is dreadfully long, sometimes it’s delightfully short. We have to start somewhere, so we choose where to begin and commence our work. The minute we start, we begin to question our choice. Is this really the best way I could be spending my time? We have the urge to do something else… either another task on the list, or scrap it all together and go have fun doing something else: online shopping, watching television, revising that draft for work, going to work out, everything else suddenly seems more appealing.

Double-mindedness. We are undecided. We vacillate. We do not rest easy in our choice and, thus, we leave half-finished projects all over the house. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to commit to a task from start to finish? Think of the time wasted and the mental exhaustion from being double-minded about our housework?

So my fellow homemakers, eliminate this fifth enemy to homemaking, double-mindedness, by resting confident in your choice and decisions. After all, there is a season for everything. Rest and refreshment are just around the corner. And, oh, it is so much more satisfying after completely a task well done.

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Thank you for joining me for today's video.

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Comment of the Week
Laura writes, "Thank you or this interesting topic. I had to think where I spend the majority of our money and I've come up with food and furniture.

Like you, we rarely eat out. I cook all meals at home but I always buy organic produce (local if I can) and locally raised grass fed meats, locally made sausages and local eggs, organic dairy and locally roasted coffee etc. It is significantly more expensive but it is something I really believe in and I truly believe there is no comparison in the quality and taste.

Our other splurge is furniture. We will buy high quality furniture that will last. Case in point, my brother and I bought houses the same year. In 15 years, he went through 3 inexpensive couches and we bought and still have our high quality couch. We recently moved and that 15 year old couch is now in the office and looks fabulous."

I agree, Laura! And I love your point about furniture... it really does save in the long run to buy quality there.

Thank you for watching. I would love to know what you think about the fifth biggest enemy to homemakers. Do you struggle with double-mindedness with your homemaking? Let us know and your comment could be chosen as comment of the week on the blog.

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